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August 18th, 2012

Hosting WordPress blogs has become the top way to host a blog, however there are many different reasons as to why you would choose hosting WordPress instead of other types of blog hosting like PHP hosting, Joomla hosting, simple Windows hosting and of course free blog hosting. Using hosting WordPress is the best way for you to get quality web hosting for your blog and you are about to see some important information on some of the top hosting choices.

One of the top reasons as to why WordPress is the best system for blog hosting is simply due to the fact that it is the easiest blog hosting platform that you can use. Joomla hosting can be a bit more technical to use and PHP hosting would require you to write scripts. However WordPress is the most popular blogging platform that you can find in the whole world and there are some easy to understand tutorials for every part of their system.

The second reason as to why you should be hosting WordPress blogs instead of some of the other solutions out there is the fact that you will get to use many other custom options for it. It becomes very easy to find a good hosting theme that you can upload onto your blog. You will be able to use the widgets as well as plugins to have you make the necessary changes to your blog that will leave it looking and working just like you wanted it to.

Another main issue that you need to consider about hosting WordPress is that this type of hosting is not free. While there are some free hosting WordPress solutions, they are quite limited and do not give you much control over your blog. You will also not get your own domain name to use.

Here you will find some of the options that you get for hosting WordPress blogs. A couple of these hosting options are best avoided, but some of them are also considered to be among the best in the web hosting business. Having the right type of hosting is a very important thing and you need to make your research no matter what kind of hosting that you are using, whether it is Joomla hosting, or hosting WordPress blogs.

Your Choices for WordPress Blogs

The Cheapest Website Hosting

This is a kind of hosting that many beginners will look to when it comes to hosting WordPress blogs. However it is not the right way to go, as choosing a web hosting company based only on price could result in you simply finding web hosting that is not adequate for your unique needs. Very often, you will see that the cheapest website hosting services will not provide you with the best blog hosting that you need. It is much better to stay away from these kinds of hosting solutions from the very beginning, rather than to learn a lesson later on, the hard way.

Google Website Hosting

Some people believe that the best blog hosting could come from a well known name such as the Google web host. However, this is wrong. Google web hosting is not the best way to start hosting WordPress blogs, as it is a type of free hosting. Google is very controlling and does not give you that many options with their free web hosting package. This is why when you are looking for the best place to begin hosting WordPress blogs, it is much better for you to avoid all kinds of free hosting, even those who come from a big name in the industry like the Google web host.

HostMonster Hosting

HostMonster is a web hosting company that is part of the top ten web hosts list. They are one of the most popular web hosting places on the internet and you can even find a HostMonster review on this site. By reading some of the HostMonster reviews that you can find all over the internet, you will rapidly see why this hosting company is considered to be truly one of the best hosting solutions according to webmasters.

FatCow Hosting

FatCow is also one of the big players in the field of web hosting services. One of the best advantages of using their web hosting solutions is that they are quite inexpensive and that they are also perfect for hosting WordPress blogs. FatCow is one of the top ten web hosting companies and you can learn more about them simply by reading one a FatCow review that you can find on our website.

BlueHost Hosting

If you want to have a very reliable web hosting provider for your blog, then you definitely cannot go wrong by using BlueHost. When you read the BlueHost review, you will find that this company is an excellent choice for hosting WordPress blog as it has been in the hosting market for many years and there have been very little complaints from users who have used their web hosting services.

Some Final Thoughts About Hosting Blogs

Since you now know that hosting WordPress blogs is a better solution than using Windows hosting, Joomla hosting and especially a free hosting provider like the Google web host, it is also important that you have an understanding of how to make the correct decision when it comes to web hosting. While reading reviews is a great way to educate yourself about the numerous web hosting companies out there and to see what features they offer to webmasters, you should not make your decision about a web host simply based on what others have said about it.

If you want to hosting WordPress blogs, it is much better for you to compare several of the reviews, such as HostMonster reviews, FatCow reviews and of course a BlueHost review to see which one of these web hosting providers would be better suited for your needs in the online world. It is also an excellent idea to compare their hosting packages and see what they offer you in terms of services. Remember that choosing the right blog hosting is something that is very important if you want to make some money online from your blog and if you are hosting WordPress blogs, then you will need to have the absolute best in terms of blog hosting.

Using one of the Top Ten Hosting Companies Which is a WordPress Host

There are various choices with regards to a WordPress host, however you need to compare several companies in order to find the one that will be good for you. Sometimes finding the right WordPress host first means understanding which kind of web hosting is not good for your blog. You should be aware that there are certain types of blog hosting which are much better avoided, as they are no good.

To begin, the worst kind of web hosting that you can use for a blog would be free hosting such as Google web hosting. The main issue with Google web hosting and plenty of other hosts is that they will not give you the control that you need for your blog. You can also have problems with the reliability of their servers. Free web hosting providers such as Google web hosting do not give you your own domain name to use.

Another kind of hosting that is better avoided if you would like the best blog hosting would be the cheapest website hosting that you can find. In many cases, cheap hosting would not be a good choice due to the fact that it will simply not give you all of the options that you need from the best blog hosts. So avoiding the cheapest blog hosting is a good decision to make for any blogger.

If you do what is right and avoid these kinds of blog hosting and instead look for a WordPress host which is part of the top web hosting options, then you will have a much bigger chance of getting a blog host that will provide the solution to all of your needs. This is something very important and if you want to have success in the online world you need to get the best blog hosting that you can manage to find.

Some Tips That Will Help you Find a Great WordPress Host

Begin by Looking at the Top Ten Hosting Options

The most intelligent thing that you can do if you want to locate the best WordPress host is to look at the top ten hosting options which you can find on many different websites. Not all of the companies listed there will be the same, however you will find many hosting companies that are present on the top ten hosting options list from site to site. This gives you the chance to find a great WordPress host which you will enjoy using.

When you look at the top web hosting companies you will find many of them that are a WordPress host. Using a WordPress host is important for bloggers as it is the top platform that is used to host online blogs and can be customized to make the blog look exactly how you want it to. The Fantastico script that a lot of blog hosts make available to you will let you install this blogging platform very quickly and easily.

Make a Comparison of a Minimum of 3 Blog Hosts

If you are seeking to find a quality WordPress host, then you need to compare various web hosting options. A lot of bloggers fail to do this and simply choose the WordPress host that has a nice looking website or advertisement. This is not the way to do things when you are serious about your online success. You need to comparison shop instead.

Find at least three different blog hosts and compare them with each other. By doing so, you will have the chance of finding out which of these WordPress host providers will be the one that is best suited to your needs as a blogger.

Don’t Simply Compare the Price

Obviously, when looking for a WordPress host, the price is an important factor that will guide your decision. But the price of web hosting should not be the main issue. Quality service, support and the right features are all more important things to consider than simply the price when you are out there looking to find a good WordPress host.

You should definitely get a web hosting solution that will fit nicely within your budget, but at the same time avoid using hosts that are too cheap. Because chances are that if their prices are cheap, their service will simply not be up to par and it will be your website that will suffer in the end. It is better to pay a bit more per month and be guaranteed to have quality hosting rather than going with a cheap host and ending up constantly having problems with that hosting company.

What You Should Expect from a WordPress Blog

If you are trying to find the best WordPress host, then you will need to know what things you can expect to get from your hosting provider. Those who are seeking out the best blog host need to have some high expectations. By looking at the packages that the WordPress host is offering, you need to have enough web space, bandwidth, speed and quality tech support for the blog that you will be putting together.

Support is an important consideration for anyone that is looking for a WordPress host. You would need to test out the support offered by the blog hosts that you are thinking of doing business with to see if they are caring and responsive when you contact them to ask a question. But if you go with a WordPress host that is on the top ten hosting options list, you should have no problem at all getting the good support that you as a webmaster and online entrepreneur fully deserve to receive.

The last thing that you will need to do is to signup with the blog host that looks the best for you and to start putting up your blog on the internet. The fun part is really getting your blog going and you will enjoy it if you chose a quality WordPress host that won’t cause you any problems. Be sure that you are confident that the WordPress host you chose is good and things will probably work out very well for you.

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