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August 8th, 2012

Google web hosting used to be called Google Pages, but now it is called Google Sites. This may be the reason that you are running around in circles with the search engines trying to find this free hosting. This is one of the types of free hosting that is actually offered with no ads on your website. However, you do need to know what you are getting yourself into with Google website hosting.

When you choose to go with free hosting, like Google web hosting, you are going to be limited as to what you are going to be able to do. Google sites does not have a cpanel and does not have databases either. If you are new to hosting and new to web design, then you just need to know that these two things are very important if you are serious about putting up a website.

Free always means there is a tradeoff and you have to know that the trade off with Google website hosting is simply that you are not going to be able to do very much with it compared to even the cheapest website hosting that you pay for. The space is limited and so are your options as to what you are able to do with your actual site.

Why Google Hosting is Not Preferred by Internet Marketers

When someone gets into the internet marketing field most of the time they are trying to do everything as cheap as possible. They are trying to make sure they do not invest very much money before they start making money. This is because they are skeptical about whether internet marketing works or not and this is simply ridiculous.

If internet marketing was not a successful way to market products, services, and anything else, then it would not be one of the most popular ways to market. The internet is not going anywhere and it is a great outlet for marketing. When you get into marketing other companies products as an affiliate marketer, which is what most internet marketers do when they start out, then you can make money from the sales you generate.

Since you are trying to do everything cheap from the beginning just in case this internet thing is a sham you may think that free hosting is a good way to go. Google web hosting is free and you may think that because it has the Google name with it and it does not cost you anything that it is a good idea. You might even thing that 100 megabytes is a large amount of storage for a website.

You need to know that your skepticism is going to be proven correct if you use Google website hosting or any other free hosting out there because it is not good hosting. Hosting is very important because your site is going to grow over time and you are going to need the speed of a good hosting account. Even the cheapest website hosting that is not free is better than Google web hosting.

The problem with Google website hosting is simple, it is free and garbage. Google wants you to use this hosting so that you will use other things that they offer like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These all try to sell other products that Google has and eventually they will probably make these tools paid tools instead of free tools. They just have to get enough people hooked on them first.

Just because the hosting is backed by Google does not mean it is good. Google Adwords is backed by Google and many companies used it to advertise product. Then, they decided to change the way they do things with absolutely no warning and thousands lost their accounts and they advertising in a blink of an eye.

This could happen to your website or websites if you use Google web hosting and this would not be a good thing. Could you imagine spending hours upon hours of work on a website for your business just to watch it disappear? This could make you feel like you made a huge mistake, when your only real mistake was choosing Google website hosting.

The Alternatives to Google

If you want to treat your internet marketing business as an actual business, then you better be ready to at least invest a little bit of money. Since this is an online business model and not a brick and mortar business model your overhead is going to be very low. However, you do need to pay for hosting and pay for your own domain, which you also do not get with Google web hosting.

Choosing a host for your website or websites is not always easy, but if you can find a list of the top 10 hosting companies, then you can get a good start on your research there. Some of the top 10 web host choices cater more towards certain types of hosting than others do, but they are all very reliable hosting companies that are much better than Google website hosting.

You need to do your own research and compare at least 3 different hosting companies before you choose one from the top 10 hosting companies that are out there. This will help you to find one of the better choices and one that you are very comfortable with. Even if you decide to go with the cheapest websites hosting you will be better off than you will be if you choose Google web hosting.

Why People even consider Web Hosting by Google

Web hosting by Google is a free type of hosting that many have decided to use. Just because many people use it does not mean it is good or that you should be using it at all. Free hosting can be some of the worst hosting and you need to understand why people consider using the Google web host for their hosting.

The main reason that people consider using Google web hosting is simply because it is free. This is a horrible reason to use something because when you get something for free it is usually a tradeoff that you will make other than cash. With the Google web host the tradeoff is the numerous things you don’t get for your website or blog.

You need to avoid free hosting even if it has a big name like Google because it is not nearly as good as you can get for under $10 a month. If you are not willing to invest any money at all in your online business, then you are not going to become successful anyway. You need to make sure you at least invest enough to get better than free hosting.

Web hosting by Google is not good hosting and it is important that you understand why this is. You need to make sure you get the right hosting for your project or you may not be able to achieve any success at all online. Here are a few of the things you just will not get when you choose to go with the Google web host.

The Top 5 Things you Don’t Get with Hosting by Google

1. Your own Domain Name

Sure they are going to tell you that you get your own domain name with Google web hosting, but this is not true. What you get is the same thing you get with most other free hosting companies. You get a sub domain name on their main domain. This is a horrible way to start because it will not rank nearly as well as your own domain name will.

Plus purchasing a domain name is not an expensive thing. If you are not willing to invest $15 in a good .com domain name every year, then you should really rethink why and how you are trying to make money online. This is a vital part of any online business and you need to have your own domain name for your website or blog.

2. Ownership

Free hosting does not give you ownership of your website or blog either. Sure you have an account with them and it seems like you own the things you put up, but you really don’t. You have to have your own domain name and your own hosting account to truly own the things you put up and avoid losing everything for no reasons.

The Google web host can shut you down anytime they want without giving you any type of notice. If they do this you will lose everything you had and that means you have to go back and start all over again. This is not a good thing and you really don’t want to have to do this. Could you imagine losing all your hard work without any notice at all?

3. Speed

Speed is a big deal with hosting and when you get web hosting by Google you are just not going to have fast hosting. The world is a very instant type of world now and your website or blog needs to load very fast or you will lose visitors. This is something you have to get and if your hosting is slow it will affect your profits.

4. Space

The Google web host only gives you a little bit of space to store the files and information you are going to store for your website or blog. This is something you have to be careful of because if you don’t have enough space you could end up not being able to complete your project. You can get an unlimited amount of space with decent hosting for just a few dollars a month, so free hosting is not necessary.

5. A Good Foundation

Hosting is the foundation of any blog or website that is put up online. You have to have a strong foundation or you could easily find yourself failing. This is not a good thing and when you choose to go with Google web hosting you are not giving yourself the necessary foundation to achieve success online.

Finding an Alternative to Google Website Hosting

The best way to find a good alternative to web hosting by Google is to get a list of the top ten hosting companies that are out there. If you choose from this type of a list you will be able to ensure that you get a top web hosting company no matter what type of hosting you choose. This is very important and you need to start with the best web hosting companies.

All the best web hosting companies will have some type of cheap hosting option that you can use. This is a good place to start and you can work up to a better hosting option further down the road. If you want to start off with hosting that will actually give you the opportunity to succeed you should read these web hosting reviews.

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These are some of the top web hosting choices and they all offer a cheap web hosting option you can use for your website or blog. When you start with hosting that you actually have to pay for you will be in much better shape and you will be able to get the foundation you need in place for your hosting. This is much better than starting off with web hosting by Google.

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