Why Someone would Choose Google Free Blog Hosting?

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August 6th, 2012

When you are thinking about putting up a blog you may be considering the Google free blog hosting that is out there. This is usually because of the word “free”, but most people don’t understand what this four letter word really means. It could be grouped with many other four letter words simply because it is a bad word, in many cases.

The only time free is a good thing is when it is exactly what you are after. If you were to go to a garage sale and they had the perfect pan or cup you are looking for and it is free, then this is a good deal, but in the world of hosting the word “free” is not good. Here are a few things that free usually means when referring to a blog host.

First, free will mean that you are not going to get all the options you can get with even cheap hosting for your blog. This could mean that you cannot customize the look, feel, and function of your blog in the way you would like. In this case the word “free” is certainly a bad four letter word.

Second, when you get free blog hosting you will typically be looked over for support as well. This is not a good thing because support is very important when you are trying to make money online. If you don’t have good support you may end up with a large amount of downtime and that will cost you money. This means that your free blog hosting is no longer free.

Last, the word “free” nearly always means you just don’t have to turn over any of your cash to the company you are getting the hosting from. However, they may put ads on your blog that distract from your visitors and take away from your profits. This is a tricky way for the blog host to make money and for you to lose out on cash you could have made.

Basically the word “free” means lower quality and less money in your pocket. Nothing in the hosting world is really free and if you think about it Google free blog hosting is still set up so that Google can make money in one way or another. You need to be careful and understand there are some things you simply don’t get when the hosting is free.

The Top 5 Things You Need and Don’t Get with Google Blog Hosting

1. The Right Platforms

The top bloggers use either WordPress or Joomla hosting for their blog. With the Google free blog hosting you are going to be using Blogger, which is not horrible, but is not nearly as good as WordPress or Joomla hosting. You need to have the best platform for your blog and if you use free hosting from Google you are not going to get either of the top rated blog platforms.

2. Full Monetization

With Google blog hosting you will not be able to monetize your blog the same way as you can with WordPress or Joomla hosting. This is because you don’t have the options you can get with these two blogging options. WordPress will give you the ability to do much more with your blog than using any free blog host that is out there and so will Joomla.

3. The Proper Speed

The worst thing that could happen is if you put up the right type of blog up and you have great content, but because you have slow hosting your visitors don’t stay on your blog when they find it. The average person will leave your blog if they don’t see what they are looking for within 8 seconds. This means if it takes 8 seconds for your post to load they are probably already gone.

4. Enough Space

Could you imagine if you built a blog and all of the sudden you were no longer able to post to it? This would not be a good thing and you really want to make sure you have enough space for your blog. With the free blog hosting from Google you will not get all that much space and you will get to a point where you run out of space.

5. Good Support

Have you ever tried to contact Google about anything at all? Typically they either give you a generic auto response or they simply ignore you. By the time they get back to you it is too late and this is the biggest issue with Google free blog hosting. This type of hosting just does not give you the support you need, which is a problem for sure.

The Cheap Hosting Alternative to Free Hosting

The best cheap hosting alternative to any free blog host is to get shared hosting from a top web hosting company. This will cost you from $3 a month up to about $20 a month, which is not very much. You will get many different benefits that you really do need if you want to make money with blogging from cheap hosting.

There are many good choices for you to consider when you are looking for one of the best blog hosts. You can get VPS hosting if you have a bit more money to spend or you can just stick with shared hosting that has the Fantastico script. This script will give you the WordPress and Joomla hosting platforms that you need for your blog.

Choosing the right hosting for your blog is very important and the last thing you want to do is find out that your free blog host is just not that good. This may cause you to use some other adult four letter words because of the lack of options you get from it. If you avoid the Google free blog hosting and you at least go with the cheap hosting alternative you will have a much better foundation for your blog.

Why Google Web Hosting Plans are the Worst

There are many choices when it comes your hosting, and Google web hosting plans are simply not a good choice. Many reasons will show you exactly why Google is not a good choice for your hosting company. Google is a great search engine and they offer many products that can help you in many ways for marketing and many other things, however, they are not a good hosting company.

Google web hosting plans are typically free, which means they are going to make their money off you one way or another and it won’t be from the fee you pay for hosting. They will show ads on your website, they will not allow you to use your own domain name, and you will be stuck hosting that is very limited if you choose one of the Google web hosting plans.

If you have read any other blog posts here, you already know our stance on free hosting sites like Google. They simply don’t provide enough the person trying to make money online for the person trying to be very successful with the website or blog they are trying to build. Even though they are free, does not make them a good choice.

Alternatives to Google Plans

There are many cheap alternatives to the Google web hosting plans and even the cheapest one is a better alternative than Google hosting. Many of the best web hosting companies out there charge less than $10 a month for their services. Of course, these are shared hosting accounts; however, they are much better than any free option you may find.

The best hosting you can possibly get comes in the form of dedicated server hosting. However, this is very expensive hosting not everybody is going to be able to afford to spend $150 a month more for their hosting. This is why the shared hosting option is available. For those just beginning and those trying to make money online, it is necessary to have hosting support you in the proper ways.

Free hosting will take away from your profits with slow load times, the possibility of ads being displayed on your website, and the lack of space they give you for your website or blog. Another problem with free hosting, like the Google web hosting plans, is the fact that you don’t have any control over your hosting or your domain name.

When you use a free hosting account, you are usually limited on the amount of space you get, and you are stuck using a sub domain name instead of your own domain name for your website. This means, at any time a company like Google can shut you down and you will lose everything you worked for. This is not something we want to happen and it is better to have even the cheapest hosting possible then use one of the Google web hosting plans.

Our Recommendation for Hosting Other than Google Hosting Plans

We recommend FatCow simply because they offer one of the cheapest plans you can get and we have rated them as our top hosting company. They offer a plan for under four dollars per month and they give you unlimited hosting, unlimited space, and the ability to host more than one domain name. The best part, you won’t be stuck with the hosting company doesn’t give you any type of control.

So, instead of choosing one of the Google web hosting plans we recommend shared hosting plan from FatCow hosting.

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