What Is A Google Cloud Web Host?

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August 13th, 2012

The Google cloud web host is currently leading the IT industry. These industry giants have entered the cloud market and driven up the competition. Now cloud computing and cloud hosting are being offered not only by Google, but also by Apple, Amazon etc.

Cloud technology has taken the world by storm and it is being termed the future of web hosting and computing. In cloud hosting, different websites are stored on many virtual servers. All these servers are connected together so that data can be transferred from one server to the other. All these servers are maintained by a host which can be located anywhere in the world. These servers represent a pool of resources which includes data, tools, licensed software etc, which can be accessed by anyone. Since the servers are virtual, there is no limited to the amount of data that can be stored in a cloud. The greatest advantage is that these services are being offered for very little costs. Even the larger companies, like the Google cloud web host, do not charge too much for the efficient and reliable services they provide.

What’s So Special About Google Web Host?

The Google cloud web host offers reliability, scalability, security and a completely hassle free hosting plan. Cloud hosting is a pretty reliable service in itself. Reliability means that your website will not experience down time at all and the website will be visible to visitors 24/7. Cloud hosting offers 100% uptime because of the presence of numerous servers. If a problem occurs in one server, you can always shift your website to another in no time. Added to this is the reliable brand name that is Google. Put them together and you have a hosting service that will never fail you.

Scalability is possible with cloud hosting because of multiple servers. If your traffic peaks for a brief period, you can always shift the extra visitors on another server. Thus, you can scale up or down your server usage whenever the need requires. The best part is that the host charges you according to the server usage.

A lot of people consider security an issue with cloud hosting. Since data is floating from server to the next and every other website owner has access, unauthorized personal could get access to your sensitive data. The security of your data is in fact guaranteed because good hosting companies encrypt the data on the servers so that hackers cannot gain access to it.

The Advantages That Cloud Web Host Offers

The Google cloud web host offers cheap rates for efficient hosting. The basic package offered includes unlimited server space, email addresses, licensed software. There is a monthly charge without any hidden charges. You only pay for what you use. The host keeps a track of all the server usage and at the end of the month, charges you accordingly. You also don’t have to invest in extra hardware for server space or hiring IT professionals to maintain those servers. All the expensive hardware and software updates which are required every few months are the host’s headache. Web hosting thus has become quite hassle free. In order to take advantage of this new technology, try out the Google cloud web host.

How Will Google Cloud Server Benefit You?

If we compare hosted, on-premises and technologies of software plus services we come to know that Google cloud server offers way faster access to security, innovation, reliability and maximum economies of scale due to the multi-tenant capabilities of Google. Let us have a look at various advantages that Google offers to its users.

For more than ten years, Google has been operating and approaching the technological boundaries of cloud computing. Even today, the feedback it gets in return for the online internet facilities it provides and the usage figures from millions of its users portray and help us in bringing about the stress-tested improvement to our business customers at an exceptional speed. Consumer feedback and user base helps the company to learn and create new features and refine them to make them accessible to the customers without minimal delay.

Google’s multi-tenant communications and infrastructure is intended to improve and be available to our customer base in a short time and it proves that web is an epicenter of new ideas and innovations. New functionality is delivered faster mostly on weekly basis. The credit goes to our efficient system that successfully distributes updates. Over one hundred improvements were launched by Google cloud server alone in 2009. And the customers were not required to manage any patches or upgrades. On the other hand, every 5 to 7 years, businesses need to upgrade traditional server software. This is due to long discharge cycles from various sellers and the complexity or cost that business has to face while implementing updates.

Immense Innovations In Google’s Cloud System

Other rapid innovations in the Google’s cloud include browser-based applications. When new features are launched in our web applications, just by refreshing browsers our users can automatically get these upgrading and improvements. However, without any software updates our mobile browsing applications get more features. With “software plus services” and the old traditional technology, the client software is a new blockade. Usually users do not receive new functions in such environments unless the software is upgraded and even after back-end system is able to support new features. However, it can be a labor-intensive and expensive project.

Another advantage provided by the rapid innovation which is further powered by the Google’s cloud is the traditional technology cycles. They include the adaption of a continuous stream of improvements by the employees and better than troublesome batches of change. Employees are on the other hand, subjected to a re-learning cycle which is quite painful and occurs each time when a company updates their traditional software.

Web-based applications which are powered by Google’s cloud provide users with an infrastructure that empowers workers to get complete access to the information across devices. Their data is securely stored in the cloud and particularly not in a single computer. It helps the employees to connect with their information and can do their work from any internet connection available. The cloud server of Google has an infrastructure that provides the users with flawless access to their information at home, on the road, at work or from mobile devices. Important information can be easily trapped in software which is available on limited devices only which prevents employees from being more productive with the help of traditional technology.

Multiple users can have an access and contribution to different projects at the same time without worrying that they have to use the same browser, operating system or software because Google cloud server stores data in the cloud rather than in an employees’ computer. For example, documents are stored in the Google’s cloud along with Google Apps instead of collaboration with a document by simply sending revisions as attachments. Coworkers have an access to the web-based document at the same time in their browsers, and thus they can even make any required changes that other certified users can see in time. Storing data in the cloud actually saves time and reduce aggravation for teams working efficiently together and this is done by eliminating attachment round trips.

Score Higher Reliability Through Google’s Cloud

Through synchronous duplication, user and data actions in Google’s cloud are portrayed in near real time and across multiple data centers. The system is designed in such a way that if one data center is not available due to any reason, the systems will immediately connect to a secondary data center and no interruption of service is visible to the users. Gmail, Google talk, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google sites have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and its actual reliability is significantly higher than this assurance. Attempting to duplicate this level of efficiency and reliability with hosted technology or on-premises technology is very costly and also very complex. Even very large enterprises having various delicate disaster recovery systems usually have a recovery time of 1 hour and they only accept the loss within 1 hour’s worth of data.

The cloud server of Google buys unprocessed computer parts in large quantities, and then they assemble custom servers along with some unnecessary apparatus. We minimize overhead through consolidation a small number of server configurations and also we tend to save costs on hardware. These server configurations can be managed in large amounts globally at a very efficient and reliable ratio of staff to machines. Google Apps are operated at high level efficiency allowed by economies of scale on a per-user basis and it can easily accomplished by customers themselves. Customers can save their money and time because there is no specialized or specific software to patch and periodically replace. Thus keeping in view the above mentioned advantages provided by Google cloud server, we can easily can an idea how efficiently Google Apps operate.

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