Can You Really Find a Good Web Host Reseller?

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August 11th, 2012

When you are in search of a web host reseller, then you are looking for a way to make some money on the internet. The way the top web host reseller account will work is that you buy a hosting plan and you use a part of it to host your website or websites. You then resell the rest of the package to others in order to make profits. There are certain ways to become a web hosting reseller which are good and some which are not so good.

A lot of internet marketers will be quite hesitant to use a web host reseller even if that reseller provides the best quality of hosting. The main reason for this is because using a web host reseller for your hosting is not as good as going directly with the web hosting company. There are certain potential problems with reseller hosting and you should be aware of what these potential problems are.

If you want to make money by participating in the web hosting business, then you must be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of reseller hosting. This, as a web host reseller will help you acquire plenty of customers and most importantly of all, retain your customers so that they keep using your services and will not hesitate to recommend them to other people as well. Remember that a web host reseller can get plenty of customers simply through recommendations made by existing ones if they run their business well.

How to Be a Good Host Reseller

Those who want to run a quality operation and be a good web host reseller will need to be aware about certain things, such as how to give the best reseller hosting that they can. To do this, you will need to start by selecting a web hosting company whose services you will be reselling. A good web host reseller must always deal with a hosting company that gives reliable service and that also provides excellent support. The need for good support is a very important one, because if one of your customers has a problem with their hosting, they will contact you and you will be then required to contact the web host in order to resolve the issue.

If as a web host reseller you truly care about your clients, then you are much more likely to be able to make the profits that you are after in this business. You will need to understand that your priority should first be to take care of your existing clients. If you do not take this seriously, then quite simply you will not be able to make the profits that you are after in this industry.

Those who become a web host reseller and only worry about how much money they can make from the business are often not as successful as those who care more about the satisfaction of their customers and put it as a top priority for their business. By being a web host reseller that provides excellent support and attractive plans, you can count on your customers staying with you for a long time and also recommending your web hosting company to others. The bottom line is, as a web host reseller, you should provide your clients with the web hosting quality that you would expect from a web host for your own sites.

Because you will be facing a lot of competition from other hosting companies and resellers in the market, you will also need to make your prices very attractive. By doing so, you can become the web host reseller of choice for plenty of webmasters. One of the main selling points of reseller hosting is that it is often much less expensive than going directly with the web hosting company. But you also should not sacrifice customer service and technical support just because you are charging affordable prices for hosting.

How to Provide Great Support as a Web Hosting Reseller

When you are dealing with a hosting company and your site goes down for whatever reason, then you will obviously want to be able to get in touch with their support department right away. So as a web host reseller, you will need to be able to respond to inquiries from your customers by email in a very timely fashion.

In order to provide excellent support for your web host reseller clients, you will need to be available all the time. One of the ways to achieve this is to use a smart phone, which lets you check your emails wherever you are. This will let you forward the inquiry to the main web host right away and also respond to the customer and acknowledge that you are working right now on resolving the issue that they are having.

One thing to avoid doing is to use an automated reply to respond to inquiries to your customers, as it sound way too “robotic” and can give your customers the impression that you don’t really care too much about providing them with the personalized support and service that they deserve. It is a much better idea to personally respond to every message from your customers to show that you are a good web host reseller. But if you don’t always have the time to do this, then you can even hire an outsourcer to do this for you and then simply pay them $0.50 or so for every support inquiry that they handle. This is actually an excellent idea if you have more than a few dozen customers, as then you will be a web host reseller that truly provides 24 hour support to webmasters.

Getting a Free Unlimited Reseller Hosting Account – Is it a Good Idea?

You may believe that locating a free unlimited reseller web hosting account actually means that you are going to be reselling the web hosting for a profit, however this isn’t really true. If what you want to do is to become a web hosting reseller, then you will need to invest some money into a reseller hosting package. Thus, it will not be free in any case and you will indeed have to pay for it.

To prevent any confusion regarding this, a free unlimited reseller web hosting account is an account that you will be getting for free from a reseller that will allow you to host your website. Sometimes, this can be a good choice in terms of hosting, however in the majority of cases, it will not be a good decision to use this kind of web host. It is actually not that difficult to find one of these free unlimited reseller hosting offers online. Most of them come when you buy a generic website that is created by using a template and sold by various business people on the internet.

Sometimes, the website will be sold as a ready made money making site, complete with a guide to make money on the internet. However, it will be quite difficult to make a decent amount of revenue from such a site, because it is not customized enough and has not been optimized for SEO. You will thus need to make a lot of efforts in order to actually turn this into a profitable websites. Usually, the free unlimited reseller hosting that you get will last only a limited amount of time, such as one month. After that, if you want to continue to host your website with them, you will be required to actually pay for the hosting.

Why Free Reseller Hosting is Trash

Whenever we receive something for free, many of us simply go ahead and assume that it must be a good thing simply because it did not cost anything. But this is not really the case when it comes to web hosting. When you make a comparison between a free product and a paid one, you should take into consideration that there will very often be a tradeoff with regards to the free product.

When you look at hosting, you will find a few different free unlimited reseller hosting companies doing business online, but almost all the time what they are offering is simply junk. These companies will give you just enough so that your website can be functional, however their real goal is for you to upgrade to a paid hosting plan and thus spend some money with them. But even if you do so, you should know for a fact that reseller hosting is simply not a good choice when it comes to web hosting.

If you do this, you might be able to find some reseller web hosts that actually provide decent service, however you should know that in the majority of cases, reseller web hosts will not be able to provide you with the support that you will need. Many reseller web hosting providers and especially free unlimited reseller hosts only provide you with web hosting by email, which is much slower than what would normally be offered by a quality web hosting company.

By dealing with a reseller web host, you will be simply putting a middle man between you and the web hosting provider. Remember that the reseller doesn’t actually own the server space that your website is hosted on. So if they do not pay their hosting bill for the reseller account, or they simply decide to cease operations overnight, your site could disappear. This is obviously not good if you are doing business on the internet and need a web hosting company that will provide you with hosting that is stable and reliable at all times. Therefore, these are even more reasons as to why using free unlimited reseller hosting accounts is a bad idea.

Some Options that Are Better Than Free Unlimited Hosting

You can select from many different web hosting options which will range from $0 to thousands of dollars each month in costs. The hosting option that you will go with actually depends on whether you will want to use a shared hosting plan, which costs from $3 to $15 per month, or whether you will need a web hosting solution that is going to be more powerful than what a shared hosting account can offer you.

In that case, you have another option and that is to use VPS web hosting, which can cost anywhere from $15 to $100 per month. This kind of web hosting is known to be far more secure and customizable than shared web hosting and then price will depend on how much web space you will need for your websites. With VPS web hosting, you are getting a portion of a server reserved for your use only. Therefore, you will not be competing for resources with other websites on the server. Obviously, this is much more stable and reliable hosting than what a free unlimited reseller hosting plan could ever offer you.

The biggest hosting option that you can get is to use dedicated server web hosting. The prices for a dedicated server begin at around $150 per month and can climb up rapidly depending on what kind of server you will be needing. Since you will be basically renting a server, this is the most advanced and secure hosting option. It will provide you with unmatched reliability and security, which obviously is something that will be quite difficult to find if you choose to only use free unlimited reseller web hosting.

All in all, you get many options for hosting your website which are much better than using free unlimited reseller hosting. Remember that in the online business world, you will need to use a web hosting company that can give you exceptional quality plus exceptional support. These are all things that free unlimited reseller web hosting cannot give you and this is why you should avoid using it.

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