Getting Free Search Engine Optimization is Great for Beginners

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August 23rd, 2012

When your budget is low, you need to get free search engine optimization to help you with everything you are trying to do. This is the old adage of trading time for money instead of money for time. Right now, you don’t have the money to pay for a company to help you with your SEO and, instead you have to do it on your own. This will cost you time, but it is the key to building your online business.

It starts with your hosting and you will have to spend a little money for this part. Hosting and your domain name are the only things you have to pay for, however. If you want to get the most out of this strategy start with a shared hosting package with a private SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address. This will give you the SEO benefits you deserve.

After you have the hosting and your domain name, it is time to start working on your free search engine optimization. This is a great way to go about getting the SEO you need, the targeted traffic you need, and the profits you need to grow your new online business to the next level. It will help you in ways you cannot even imagine.

The Best Free SEO Tips

Good SEO starts with your content. It must be high quality content, which means your readers can actually use the content for what they need it for. This is important and you have to be sure you are putting up the best possible content on the subject of your website or blog. If you don’t have good content, the rest of this strategy will not matter much.

Now, within the content you want to target a keyword phrase. It is best to choose keyword phrases that are at least three words long. For example, this post targets “free search engine optimization”, which is perfect for high quality traffic and gaining ranking on the search engines. You have to use this keyword phrase properly within the content, as well.

Start by using it in the title, any headers you put within the content, the first sentence of the first paragraph, and the last sentence of the last paragraph. You also want to bold it one time and put it in italics once. If you have more than one page or post, you should also link your keyword phrase to another post or page on your website or blog.

This will give you the on page SEO you need. Now, the most time consuming part of the process is building backlinks to each page and post on your site or blog. You want to build a few every single day and these can come from submitting articles to directories, commenting on other blogs in your industry, guest blog posts on other blogs, opening profiles with forums and other sites, and many other strategies.

Try to build 10 to 15 backlinks each day for your site or blog and you will be in good shape. You have to do this for a little while before you will see higher ranking and it is always a good idea to throw in some social media backlinks to help, as well. This will help you gain ranking faster and you will be able to get the traffic you are after.

The Final Tip

As you are building your backlinks, you have to use one more free search engine optimization tip to help you get what you need. You have to build these links with your main keyword as the anchor text whenever possible. Getting a backlink will always help, but whenever you can use your main keyword as the anchor text it will give you even more power.

You also, need to get some high and low quality links from different methods. Don’t just comment on blogs and don’t just use article directories. Choose a few methods of building your backlinks and make sure you get a variety going to each page and post on your website. This will give you the best free search engine optimization you can get.

Finding the Right Search Engine Optimization Hosting Company

Getting search engine optimization hosting will ensure you can find your site at the top of the search engine rankings. This step will be the first one you take towards a larger amount of traffic and more money in your pocket. If you are chasing the top ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other searching engines, then you must understand, it starts with your hosting.

Some hosting companies don’t offer the speed you need or the options to help you gain this ranking. Sure, it takes more than just really good search engine optimization hosting and you will need some other things to help you get the top ranking. However, if you put up great content and use proper backlinking, you may still find your site buried because of your hosting.

Many companies can help you gain top ranking on Google, but without top hosting, they cannot help you. You may need a professional SEO service to help you with backlinking and getting high quality content, and these things provide the other keys to great SEO. However, without search engine optimization hosting you won’t make it to the top of the rankings.

Why SEO Hosting Makes a Difference

Google and other search engines look at many things when raking your website. How fast it loads will make a difference in your overall SEO score. If your hosting causes your site to load slower than others do, you may never get the ranking you want. This does not mean you will spend a huge amount on dedicated hosting if you want top ranking.

Yes, dedicated server hosting will give you the highest performance, but you can get high ranking with shared and VPS hosting. These types of hosting don’t cost as much and you can still get great SEO hosting from them. You just need to get the right options with your shared or VPS hosting to ensure the speed will be there.

Typically, you must get options like a dedicated IP address and a private SSL certificate to help. Another one of the features, a content management system (CMS), can speed up your site. For example, using WordPress as your CMS and the plugin in WP super cache can speed up your website or blog. This will help you rank higher in the search engines.

Not only does speed help you rank higher, but it also helps to keep you from losing visitors to your competition. Think about how you react when a site you want to see does not load fast enough. Do you click away and find another similar site? Most people do as we all want everything instantly and you cannot afford to lose out because of your website’s speed.

Our Recommendations for Hosting

We recommend one specific company for search engine optimization hosting. They offer all three of the top hosting options, shared, VPS, and dedicated. They also give you the ability to get all the features necessary to rank higher due to faster load times and the security your visitors need. Our recommendation is HostGator and you can use our exclusive coupon code to save on your hosting package below:

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We recommend HostGator because they offer a shared hosting package (the business plan) with a private SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, ability to use many different content management systems, and more. With one of the best shared hosting packages for SEO, you cannot go wrong.

If you want even better hosting or your company outgrows shared hosting, you can use one of nine VPS hosting packages or you can choose a dedicated server. HostGator provides these options making upgrades much easier. No worrying about transferring your sites and files to a new hosting company. If you want the largest and one of the best search engine optimization hosting, choose HostGator hosting,

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