Why Free Website Hosting is Usually Not a Good Choice

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August 6th, 2012

Free website hosting is out there and it is something that many beginners are sucked into. This is not a good choice for many and it is necessary to be aware of what free hosting does and does not provide for you. If you are considering a free hosting package for your website, then you need to be sure this is the right choice.

Hosting is not expensive, to start, and you don’t have to go with free website hosting just because your budget is very small. You don’t need to feel like this is your only option or is even an option at all. There are too many top hosting companies with great shared hosting packages that nearly anybody can afford.

Free website hosting is not going to help you with search engine optimization, marketing, or with managing your content. They will give you a very limited amount of space and once it is filled, you cannot get any more. The worst part is, you will be using a sub domain instead of your own domain name. This takes away your ownership of the website or blog.

If you want to be at the mercy of your hosting company, then free hosting is exactly what you want. However, if you want to have the ability to move your website when you want, actually own the website you put up, sell it if you decide to, and you want the benefits of real hosting, then free is not the way to go.

Alternatives to Free Web Hosting You can Afford

Most of the cheapest hosting companies offer shared hosting you can get for under $5 a month. However, many of them will require that you pay for at least a full year up front. This means, you have to shell out around $50 or more for your hosting, but the good news is, you don’t have to pay again for a year.

Usually you get a free domain name with your yearly hosting package and you will also get everything you need to put up your website or blog. This is a great way to go about getting super cheap hosting, but if you cannot afford the upfront cost, you need an alternative. Here is one that you probably can afford.

HostGator hosting company offers a monthly payment option and you can get your hosting for under $8 a month. You will still need a domain name, but they range from $2 a year to about $12 a year for the basic domains with nearly any extension. Therefore, you can get started for under $20 up front and you only have to pay $8 a month from there on out.

If you cannot afford to invest this very small amount of money into your website or blog, then you probably are not taking your internet business seriously enough. Re-evaluate your plan and find a way to actually pay for hosting if you are trying to make money online or put up a website for your business.

The Only Situation Free Hosting is Good For

The only time free website hosting is good for anybody is when you just want to put up a website for your family or for a personal reason. If you have absolutely no desire to make money from your website, then using free hosting may not be a bad idea. However, you still won’t have the ownership and control you may need.

Before you decide on the hosting you are going to commit to, take the time to look into a few of the top ten hosting companies. This may help you to see how cheap hosting can be and even the cheapest shared hosting package is going to be better than any free website hosting you can find.

Getting Free Unlimited Web Space is not Possible

Do you know what it would really take to get free unlimited web space? It would take an infinite amount of servers that have more space than we can find on the entire planet. Sooner or later a server gets full and the space is gone. There is always a limit and the free unlimited web space that is advertised it a marketing tactic.

Go ahead and try to get unlimited space from your hosting company, then put up 100 domain names with 100 pages on each and get a ton of traffic coming to your site. Within a short amount of time you will crash the server and they will ask you to either upgrade to a different type of hosting or they will move you to another server until you crash that one too.

There are always limits, but that does not mean companies advertising free unlimited web space are not good. As long as the hosting itself is not free, you will be able to find many top companies that will give you what they call unlimited space. This is a good thing for those looking for shared hosting because you don’t need to be limited with shared hosting.

What They Really Mean by Free Unlimited Space

What hosting companies really mean by free unlimited web space is that they have more resources available than they think you will ever use. This is good and you want this type of hosting if your project calls for shared hosting. If you get unlimited space, then you don’t have to worry about how large your website will get.

It is better to have free unlimited web space than to be given a limit that is so small that one site fills it up in a hurry. Regardless of how much space you get, you still want to be sure you are getting the right type of hosting and the right hosting company for your needs. This is more important than anything else.

With VPS and dedicated server hosting you will not be able to get free unlimited web space because they have limits on the size of package you can buy. However, you can find packages that are so big you will probably never use all the space that comes along with them. It is very important to get the right hosting and if shared hosting will not cut it, you should avoid free unlimited web space.

However, if all you are doing is putting up a few websites or blogs and they are fairly simple, then getting free unlimited web space will benefit you quite a bit. You will be able to do much more than if you decided you wanted to put up a website that is going to take up a large amount of space and get a large amount of traffic.

Choosing the Right Company for Unlimited Web Space

Not all hosting companies are equal and it is necessary to get the right one for you. Some will give you everything you need for your website and give you the right amount of support along with it, while other really lack on the support part of the equation. You need to be aware of how good the company you are using is.

Reading reviews will help to give you an idea of how good a hosting company is and it will also help you to figure out exactly what it is you are getting. You can also, test the support of a company by contacting them and asking a few questions. This will help you get exactly what you need from your hosting with or without free unlimited web space.

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