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How To Host A Website can assist you in getting web hosting for almost free. Free web hosting isn’t sustainable because web hosting is technical and support is always required. You may be surprised to find out that servers and bandwidth are actually really cheap. However, it isn’t free if you want a strong support team that’s ready to assist you when things go wrong. Before you insist on free web hosting you should consider just how valuable your website is or may become. If it’s a business website and it goes down it could easily cost you $1000+, which would pay for web hosting for over 16 years! The average price for cheap hosting for your website is only $5/month – and it’s well worth the investment.

A Year Of Hosting For Practically Free

At How To Host A Website we have secured a special promotion for new website owners. This discounted offer applies to you if you’re just starting out and your concern is whether you are ready to spend money on a new website before it’s proven. ITX Design has agreed to provide new clients with one YEAR of web hosting for just $1.00. All you have to do is use the promotion code below and your first year of hosting is only a buck!

Instructions on how you can claim this deal:
Web Hosting Provider: ITX Design
Promotion Code: 1buck
Copy the promotion code above. Then visit:
ITX Design – Order 1 Year for 1 Buck

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of almost free hosting and it provides you with a full year to test or develop your website without taking any chances. There are no cancellation fees and after the first year it’s only $4.95/month or $59.40/year.

* Note – this is a special being offered by ITX Design for visitors of How To Host A Website. This promotion does not appear on their website and you must use the link above along with the promotion code when you place your order.


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