What is Free Web Hosting with Cpanel?

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August 9th, 2012

When you start thinking about a blog host you may be considering free web hosting with cpanel. Cpanel is a very important element of your blog hosting, but when you start getting into hosting that is free you have to understand what you are really getting. Many things that are free just don’t cost you cash money, but there is still a tradeoff involved.

You may think that getting free web hosting with cpanel is a good idea, but even the cheapest website hosting that is not free is better than using any type of free hosting. Some of the free hosting that you will find is just garbage and you will not get enough space or be able to put up a website that does not include a ton of ads.

This is the trade off and even if you use Google website hosting, which is free, you still will pay the price over time. These types of hosts are not making any money off of you upfront so they have to get their money from advertisement that they put on your site. This is how they cash in and in exchange you lose money because you are not willing to spend a little money on the cheapest website hosting out there.

Free Hosting with Cpanel is not the Best Hosting

When you want to set up a blog and you are looking for the best blog hosting you have to understand that any type of free hosting, even free web hosting with cpanel is not going to fit in with the top ten hosting account at all. This means that it is not only bad for bloggers, but also for webmasters that are putting up any type of website.

The top web hosting you are going to find will work great as a blog host and it is not going to be free. This is because when you start getting into things like free web hosting with cpanel you are going to trade space, functionality, customization, and other things to keep your hosting free. This is not good and can cost you sales and cash over the long run.

You really need to be willing to treat your website or blog as a business, which means you have to spend a little money. Even if you start off with the cheapest website hosting you can find, which will be about $4 a month you are going to have a better chance of succeeding than if you go with any type of free hosting for your blog or website.

If you want to find the best blog host, then you need to read the FatCow reviews and the BlueHost Review. These are two of the top choices for hosting and neither one of them are expensive. They are certainly included in the top 10 hosting companies and they are both great for bloggers and webmasters.

What you will find with paid hosting is that you are going to have more control over your site along with more options for what you can do with your blog. As long as the hosting company you choose is reliable, provides good support, and has the WordPress platform for blogging you will have one of the best blog hosts you can find.

Making Sure you Get Better Hosting Than Free Hosting with Cpanel

Free web hosting with cpanel only has one good thing going for it and that is the free part. This however does not mean you are getting something that is going to allow you to do what you want and make the cash you want to make. Many internet marketers will put up more than one site or blog and very few of them ever even consider a free type of hosting.

You will not find a list of the top ten hosting companies and see any free options included. This is simply because free hosting, like Google web hosting, is not good. Just because it has a good name with it or a name you know does not mean it makes sense to use it for your business. You need the best blog hosting you can find and that does not come for free.

What you should really be doing is figuring out which option is going to be best for you and choosing the hosting company that you are most comfortable with. Bloggers should find hosting with WordPress so that they will have the most powerful platform for their blog and anybody trying to put up a website should avoid free web hosting with cpanel at all costs.

Why is it So Important to Compare Blog Hosts?

When you start looking for a hosting company for your blog it is very important that you compare blog hosts properly or you may end up with a host that cannot provide what you really need. You will want to spend some time doing a full comparison of everything that is out there before you decide upon a hosting company for your blog.

Hosting may be the single most important part of getting a website or blog up on the internet for your business. If you do not have good hosting, then you may just end up with a blog that does not produce the type of income you want it to produce. This could be due to the lack of space from your host or maybe the hosting company is not all that reliable for you.

You have to compare blog hosts so that you are confident that you are getting exactly what you need to host your blog and make it profitable. This is very important and without a good host for your blog you are going to set yourself up to fail right from the beginning. Below you are going to find 3 things that can help you to compare blog hosts better.

The Top 3 Tips to Compare Blog Hosting

1. Check the Reputation

The first thing you want to do when you think you have a hosting company that you can use is to check the reputation of the company you are after. This is a very important thing to do because when you look for reviews that others have written on the company you will find more of the honest truth and more of what you need to know.

When you compare blog hosts you should search for reviews in the forums and on different blogs about the hosting company. Some will tell you their own experience and others will tell you someone else’s experience. As long as it is information about that specific hosting company you want to seek it out and read it.

2. Compare the Packages

You also want to look at the different hosting packages when you are trying to compare blog hosts. This will help you to see whether one hosting company is offering more than another. Most will have a few different options that you can choose from and you need to compare all the options that you may be interested in.

3. Check your Budget

When you are trying to compare blog hosts you also have to consider your budget. If you cannot afford to spend much, then you will want to find a good hosting package that is within your budget. This will help you to make sure that you get the hosting you need for your blog without over spending on the package itself.

Making the Final Decision After You Compare Hosts

When it is time to make the final decision you need to do one more thing to compare blog hosts before you make this decision. You need to check out the support and customer service that each option gives you. You will want to come up with about five good questions to ask the live support through chat or on the phone.

Do this with all of your potential hosting companies and this can easily separate the best hosts from the ones that are not as good. Support and customers service are very important and you want to make sure you are going to get fast and reliable service and support from your hosting company. This is why you have to compare blog hosts before you choose one.

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