Free Web Hosting Sites – Enough For You?

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August 7th, 2012

The term free web hosting sites refers to an internet service that allows individuals or other organizations (businesses) to place their websites online using their services. Hosting will ensures that your web page(s) is visible to individuals that utilize the internet.

There are two different types of web hosting providers available on the internet, free and paid. Some of these companies are willing to list your web pages at no cost to you, while others will charge a monthly fee for listing your site. You see, when you create a website the site has to be stored on a server somewhere so that people can visit your site and pages.

Some Free Hosting Sites

Examples of free web hosting sites, would be Google Sites, Squidoo, Blogger, free WordPress, and so on. These are free but there are a lot of drawbacks to using these free sites, as you’ll soon see. For many people using free hosting just won’t cut the mustard, in our opinion it’s fine for someone who’s just beginning or for doing a “test”, but for the overwhelming majority of people — you’ll want paid hosting. It gives you a level a control that free hosting cannot match, and a shared hosting plan is extremely affordable. Once you progress, a VPS, or dedicated package may lie down the road, but not in the beginning.

The information that you put on your site will be saved onto a large server (with both free and paid hosting), and individuals will have the opportunity to visit your site as they please via the search engines or by directly typing in your URL.

But, the difference between a free hosting company and a paid hosting company is actually a lot more complicated then the monetary part of the arrangement, and paid hosting blows free hosting out of the water.

While,we would all love to have free hosting for our sites, but there are so many advantages to paid hosting, advantages that many people new to hosting neglect to realize.

With free hosting, you are given a limited amount of space for your website. With this limited amount of space, you may not be able to include everything that you desire onto your page, high resolution images, and videos will exceed your storage quotas. And often times the pages will be filled with Ads that you can no control over! Ugh.

On the flip side, with paid web hosting services you will be given a lot more space to design your site accordingly. The paid hosting will also give you the opportunity to obtain your very own domain name (that you own). A domain name is a name that you select for your site. Typically, domain names are simple and are great for branding your site and perhaps your business. And when you own the site and domain you control ALL the content, ads, everything, as well as being about to analyze important data.

There are thousands of hosting companies available on the internet for you to use, it’s hard to know which paid company to go with, that’s why we created this site, check out our top 10 web hosting picks, one of them will be right for you. Remember, free web hosting sites are for the birds.

Free cPanel Website Hosting – Is It really Worth Much?

Free cpanel hosting is abundantly available today, and while many people may be attracted to the offer, it is only right for your website depending on the purpose of your site and the conditions the host has set for the use of the free hosting.

The Cpanel application in a hosting plan is made up of several software components, and is the state of the art in control panels in the hosting industry today. Cpanel provides a user-friendly graphical interface that makes it very easy to perform complicated website tasks such as the creation of databases, subdomains, email addresses, and the forwarding of those email addresses, the installation of WordPress on domains where the Fantastico script is installed, and many other tasks.

The managing of the tasks in cpanel is easily achieved by someone who is not technically knowledgeable, and all it requires is the click of the icons in the panel area.

Facts to Consider with Free Hosting:

Free hosting is ideal for a webmaster that needs the hosting environment to experiment with different techniques on the site. After the experimentation and testing period has completed then he can switch to paid hosting to establish his site.

Free hosting may work very well for a webmaster whose reasons for the site is entirely non business, such as a hobby site or a family site that is used to share information, photographs and stories between friends and family.

Although the hosting is described as free, it will not cost you money but it will be offered at a cost. In exchange for free hosting space, the host will place ads and banners on your site in order to generate income and you will have no control over those ads.

Attempting to start a business on free hosting possibly because of lack of adequate funds is not a good idea since the availability of adequate desk space and bandwidth is severely limited, and later expansion of the business would be impossible.

Even if the resources available to the business on the free hosting site was adequate for a while, the banners and ads on the site would prove to be a distraction to customers who may not return resulting in a loss of revenue for the site.

Free hosting sites would severely restrict the use of certain software that may be needed for a business such as MySQL and FTP scripts. These restrictions may prevent the creation of forums for communication with customers.

Another very real consideration against free hosting is the possibility that the host may close the website for reasons that may have nothing to do with the site itself. The host may be acting purely out of its own business needs.

The prices charged for paid hosting these days are quite low because of the high competition in the hosting market. This means that it is easily possible to have your website hosted for just $3-$7 per month by a reliable hosting company.

Advantages of Paid Hosting

You will be provided with reliable and stable service, while the management and support of the servers will remain with the hosting company. You will be able to count on receiving a rich assortment of quality features and services.

Also, the standard uptime offering is 99.9% guarantee for your server, and when issues arise you can rely on a technical support team that will be available 24/7/365 and reachable by phone.

Free cpanel hosting is not worth the sacrifice of quality reliable services and a rich assortment of features for free disk space. The competitiveness in the hosting market makes it unnecessary to make such sacrifices because of the affordability of reliable hosting.

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