The Downfall of Free Web Hosting Sites

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August 7th, 2012

When a new affiliate marketer, internet marketer, or business person tries to put up a website, they often choose one of the free web hosting sites. They do this because they want to keep costs down, they are not completely confident in what they are trying to do, and they feel if they can make money online without spending any, then they will have the proof they need to move forward with their business.

Free web hosting sites are simply the worst choice anybody can make. If you are not willing to invest even a few dollars a month into your online business, then go back to your regular job right now and stop wasting your time. This shows a complete lack of faith in what you are trying to do and this also means you probably don’t have a plan of action.

A Web site is amongst the attractions you may have for your business. Engaging a hosting web site supplier can become a difficult challenge for you as there several them on the web. Much of the time you are to select between inexpensive hosting plans and free hosting web site service. Prior to starting with any of this sort rigorously weight the advantages and drawbacks of each hosting plans. Free internet site hosting is indeed free meaning you aren’t paying anything so its a bonus factor for you particularly when you’re only starting. But mostly free hosting sites will need you to permit certain advertisements to be shown at your internet site.

Do not expect intense features with free hosting routinely you can only enjoy limited drive space, limited e-mail access and bandwidth. There are possible downtimes and slow loading of files and pages which make it extremely tricky for you to force traffic. With the fast changing web trend today buyer support from hosting provider is extraordinarily required. This is one of the issues that you’ll encounter in a free hosting plan. You cannot reach them quickly if you happen to have any issues about your site. Remember that you cannot afford to be off the beaten track because any minute your site is inaccessible it can bring you possible losses.

There are many more reasons as to why you should not go with a free hosting website online. If you do your research and read on you will see as to why you should avoid a free host. There are plenty of hosting sites online to where they are cheap and affordable. These seem to have higher ratings and even though they are cheap can help you out in many ways. Just make sure that you do your research and find out what is best for you to have and see if you should go with a free domain or a domain name that is cheap and affordable.

Many people start an online business and expect to make money very quickly, but if you choose one of the free web hosting sites as your foundation, you might as well go build a house on a foundation of Jell-O. There are many reasons why free hosting is not a good choice and they are listed below.

The Reasons to Avoid Free Hosting

1. No Domain Name

Many of the free web hosting sites will say they are giving you a domain name, but what you really get is a sub-domain name. This looks like,, instead of a real domain name that looks like, The search engines don’t rank sub-domains very high and this gives you very little power with the search engines.

2. No Ownership

When you open a free account with one of the free web hosting sites you won’t have any ownership of the work you do. Sure, you can save it on your computer, but if the hosting company decides they don’t like your content or your website, they can shut you down. Often they will do this without any notice and the free Google hosting is well known for this.

3. No Property

If you went and bought a house, then you own that house, but if you go and stay in a house for free, you don’t own it. The same goes with hosting. If you pay for the hosting and the domain names, then you own the rights to the domains and you own your hosting. However, with free web hosting sites you don’t own anything and this means you cannot sell it for a profit, if you decide to.

4. Lack of Space

With the free web hosting sites, you typically get a very limited amount of space and you really cannot upgrade once you reach that limit. This can make it very difficult to put up a blog or website and grow it over time. The limit will be something very small and you will hit it very fast if you are trying to grow at a normal rate.

5. Lack of Speed

Free web hosting sites also don’t give you much speed because they are free. The company is not going to use the best servers or maintain them in the best way in order to give away hosting accounts. This lack of speed will cost you money when visitors click away and go to competing websites.

One Final Nail in the Coffin For Having A Website Host That Is Free

The final nail in the coffin for free web hosting sites is the ads they make you display. These profit them and this is the reason they want you to use their free hosting. The more people that use their free hosting, the more money they can make from their ads and that is what it is all about with free web hosting sites.

Why Free Website Building and Hosting is Horrible

When you choose anything for free there is a tradeoff and it is no different with free website building and hosting. You want to make sure you have a powerful website for all your online needs, and this usually does not come for free. There are some very bad things that you may experience with free website building and hosting and you need to be aware of them.

First, if you choose to have a website built for free or you do it yourself for free, you may not have all the design options you get when you pay a professional or use professional design tools to build your website. If the design of your website is not clean and professional, you may struggle to keep the visitors on your site.

Second, with free website building and hosting chances are you will have to display ads on your site for the company providing you with the hosting and website building tools. This means, that you will lose visitors to these ads that will not buy from you or will not read the content you put up. The ads they use can be very distracting and are more of a benefit for them than you.

Third, free hosting is always very limited and you will not have much space. You can put up a website or blog with a free host, but as soon as you hit a specific size limit, you are done. You can no longer grow and you will not be able to add any more information to your site. This will not take long considering they don’t give away much free space.

Finally, the time it will take for your site to load may drive away visitors. Free hosting is not known for speedy load times and anything over about 5 seconds is considered very slow. This hurts your search engine optimization and will drive away impatient visitors that will not wait for your site to load.

Why People Choose Free Hosting

The major reason why people choose to go with free website building and hosting is simply because it is free. They don’t want to invest any more money than they have to in order to achieve success online. This is fine if you are not trying to make money online, but if you are, you need to pay for hosting and web design.

If you were to go into business for yourself and it was not going to be an online business, would you have to go out and lease or buy a location? Of course, you would and the same goes with running an online business. Your location is your domain name and the foundation of this domain name is the hosting you use to allow others to access your website.

Achieving success online is not going to come for free, but it does not have to cost you a fortune either. There are many alternatives to free website building and hosting that you can get for under $10 a month for the hosting and under $20 a year for the domain name. Most of these hosting accounts will include free access to WordPress, Joomla, and other potential design tools to help you put up a professional website very easily.

Instead of rolling the dice with free website, building and hosting you can spend a very little amount of money and get all the tools you need. You will have plenty of space, most of the time it is unlimited, and you will have the necessary speed to become successful. The best part is you don’t have to display any distracting ads when you pay for your hosting.

Avoiding Free Web Building and Hosting

If you are not willing to invest $150 a year into your online business for hosting and a domain name, then you might as well quit right now. That is a very small amount of overhead and it will give you the foundation you need to achieve success online. Of course, you will probably need to spend more money for marketing, but without a foundation that includes a domain name and hosting, you might as well forget it.

Avoiding the free hosting options is the best thing you can do. Even though it sounds great because it is free, it is not and you really need to have the power of a real hosting account and a domain name. The design part is not all that hard with WordPress and you won’t have to worry about the downfalls of free website building and hosting anymore.

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