Free Web Hosting Compared to Paid Web Hosting

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August 6th, 2012

The first thing you need to consider when you are looking at free web hosting compared to paid web hosting is what each one of these is. You should start by understanding a few things about the free web hosting that are out there. Then, you really need to understand the different types of paid web hosting and what the differences are.

Free Web Hosting

The most popular type of free web hosting is the Google web host. This is a way to get a website up on the internet without having to pay for hosting. However, there is no such thing as free hosting or free anything. This means that you have to pay for the Google web hosting in a way other than with cash.

Cash is what you would normally use to pay for something, but when it is advertised as free you will pay in other ways. With free hosting you are going to usually pay by allowing the hosting company to place ads on your site. This is how they make money and can provide you with free hosting. The Google web hosting, however is a bit different.

With the Google web host you will not have to deal with ads on your site. However, you will get very little space and you will have absolutely no ownership of your website or blog. This is a big deal because you do not want to spend a large amount of time putting up a website and ending up losing all your information and work because Google doesn’t like it.

Paid Web Hosting

Paid web hosting comes in many forms and will cost you $3 a month all the way up to over $150 a month. The major three options you have with paid hosting are shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. These are the main three that most of the top web hosting companies will offer for you and when you want to look at free web hosting compared to paid web hosting you will most likely be looking at shared web hosting.

Shared hosting is the cheapest website hosting you are going to find out on the internet, which means you really need to get it from a top ten hosting company. This means in order to look at free web hosting compared to paid web hosting you not only want to look at shared hosting, but shared hosting from a top web hosting company.

With shared web hosting you will be able to host your website or your blog on your own domain name. This means you own it and even if you lose your hosting you will be able to transfer your website and all the content that goes with it to another hosting company. There are many benefits to getting paid hosting and below you are going to see the difference in the space, speed, price, support, and reliability of both free web hosting and shared web hosting.

The Space, Speed, and Price

When it comes to the space and the speed there is really no comparison between free hosting and shared hosting. Most of the times when you get free hosting you are going to get a very limited amount of space and typically with shared hosting you get an unlimited amount of space for your hosting. This means that you can grow your blog or your website to any size you want without an issue.

Free hosting also does not give you much speed at all. Why would it considering you are getting it for free? Free hosting is basically the slowest hosting you can get and when you have less speed you will make less money. With shared hosting you will not get the fastest hosting out there, but it is certainly faster than free hosting.

so, since you know that shared hosting will give you more speed and more space, why would you choose free hosting? Well, it would be a mistake to start with or to ever use free web hosting like the Google website hosting that is out there. You will lose money and this is how you will pay for free hosting, which can me much more expensive than the cost of even the cheapest website hosting option, shared hosting.

The price you pay for free hosting is the profits you could have made if you had faster hosting and more space for your website or your blog. This means that you could be paying as much as ten or more times a month for your hosting in missed out profits if you just miss out on one sale. This is not something you want to do and this makes free hosting very expensive.

Shared hosting, on the other hand, is the cheapest website hosting that you can get and it will cost between $3 and $20 a month. That is not much to spend to protect the profits you could be getting. This is not the best hosting you can get, but it is much better than free hosting and really not all that expensive either.

Support and Reliability

Hosting is a very important part of your website or your blog and if you do not have reliable hosting with great support you will wish you did. Those that do not worry about the support until they need it are making a mistake. Make sure you understand and test the support of the hosting company you are decide to get your hosting from.

The support from a free hosting choice like the Google web host is going to be very non-existent. This is simply because it is free hosting and that means they are not making any money from you. Free hosting is not known for having good support and you are very lucky if you get any support from a free hosting choice like the Google web host.

Even with the cheapest website hosting option if you choose a hosting company from the top ten hosting choices out there you will get incredible support. Support is a very important thing and even though they are a top web hosting company that you are looking at you should still test the support. Ask them a few questions and get yourself some confidence in whether they have great support or not.

Support and reliability go hand and hand, which means that free hosting is not going to be very reliable either. The more reliable the hosting is the less support they have to do, which means the support team is going to be there to help you when you need it. Shared hosting from a top web hosting company will give you reliable servers along with the support you need.

The bottom line is that free hosting like the Google website hosting is just not worth the effort. You can spend even the lowest amount and get the cheapest website hosting package you can find and it will be much better than free hosting. This is why when you look at free web hosting compared to paid hosting you should always choose paid hosting.

Free Web Hosting No Ads – What is the Worst and Best Options?

When you are looking for free web hosting no ads involved you are going to find out about the Google web host. This is because most of the hosting that is free will have ads with it, but the Google web host does not. You need to know whether using free hosting is good, what it is good for, and whether you should choose the Google web host or not.

The Google web host is very limited and is really only good for those that are playing around with making a website, but really do not care whether they make money or get anybody to the site or not. This option is not going to allow you to use your own domain name and the speed of your site will be pretty slow as well.

When you use free hosting even if it is free web hosting no ads at all you will end up with a site that is not on your own domain name. This is something you just simply cannot have if you want to make money from your website. Even the cheapest website hosting is better than going with a free host like the Google web host.

3 Choices that are Much Better than Free Web Hosting

1. HostMonster Reviews

If you take the time to find a top 10 web hosting list you will find that there are many HostMoster reviews on these lists, but you will never find a free web hosting no ads review on the list. This is because free hosting is just not good, whereas if you read at least one HostMonster review you will find out how much better it is and you will find out that it is not all that expensive either.

2. FatCow Reviews

The FatCow reviews are another hosting review you will find in the top 10 web hosting lists and they are one of the cheapest website hosting choices when you are looking in the top ten choices. FatCow provides good support and they are a value hosting company because they are not that expensive, but they provide great value for the money you pay.

3. BlueHost Review

Probably one of the most reliable hosting companies in the top 10 web hosting choices is BlueHost. This is one of the companies that you have to check out before you choose your hosting. Even if you do not choose to go with hosting from BlueHost just reading a BlueHost review will help you to understand what you should be looking for in a hosting company.

The Final Thoughts on Free Hosting No Ads

When you are considering going with a host that provides free web hosting no ads involved like the Google web host, then you need to make sure you do not want to make much money from your site at all. You will not get much space to put your site on and this will make your site very slow when someone visits your pages.

This means that you will get hosting that is not going to perform the way you need it to and you will most likely struggle to have your visitors stay on your website long enough to purchase anything or do anything that will make you money. This is a problem and this is exactly why you need to find anything but free web hosting no ads involved.

You can go with the cheapest website hosting you can find and still do better than free hosting, however, it will not cost much money to get hosting from the top 10 web hosting options. Read one of the HostMoster reviews, FatCow reviews, and even read a BlueHost review before you decide that you want to stick with free web hosting no ads.

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