Is A Free Web Host Truly Free or Does it come with Strings?

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August 7th, 2012

Free web hosting is a free service offered by many different hosting firms today. There is no shortage of companies that say their hosting is free to get you to pay for another one of their services. Sometimes a free web host provider will charge you for your domain name. This fee is typically very high when you compare it to the free domain name you receive from many paid web hosting service providers. The sites that do typically offer a free domain name, will definitely charge you for hosting.

In some cases you will find that your lovely home page is littered with banners. And where you find banners pop-up advertisements are soon to follow. We have all seen this at one point or another in our internet adventures. This is another way that a free web host company makes their money. Yet, furthering still the need for a paid web host instead, of a free web host. Companies like Eleven2 and HostRocket to name a couple. While there may be some contempt for these types of practices “a fella’s got to eat”. This should only deter you if you are opposed to the advertisements in these banners and pop-ups. One can only expect there to be some sort of catch when we get something for free.

Can I Rely On My Free Web Hosting Provider

Most free web hosting providers can provide a very reliable service due to their advertising income. This capitol is generated primarily via banners and pop-up ads. Often these banners and popups are beckoning you to “click here”. Without this aspect of their hosting business they would most likely not offer a free web host plan as a service. This will also help insure that your host stays up and running. This is very important if one expects to have a functioning and visible web site for all to see. Though there are other ways for a free web host provider to generate income, these are the most popular.

If we expect a reliable free web host experience, we need to expect the free web host to earn an income in some form or fashion. The best part of them earning money from advertisements and pop-ups is that their earnings did not in come from your pocket. This income will also help the host to afford security upgrades for their partitioned servers. This can help avoid spamming and hacking for their subscribers. This will help keep your web site safe and any private information private. Accessible only by registered users and legitimate new visitors .It is for this reason; most free web host service providers usually provide somewhat reliable services to small blog and forums. But if you have an e-commerce site in mind or business web site of any kind you would be better served to use a paid web hosting service instead. This is due to the enhanced security and web site creation tools they have to offer.

Can Everyone Use Free Web Hosting As Opposed To Paid Web Hosting

Free web hosting is perfect for the novice user. If you do not need all the bells and whistles of a paid hosting contract? If the information being posted on your web site does not need to be absolutely secure. If the primary use of your web site is blogs or forums. You may find that free web hosting is exactly what your new web site is in need of. This way you can get your site off the ground for free or next to it.

If you are attempting to run a business site or e- commerce site a free web host may not give you what you need. Conducting business over a less secure free web host based web site can be detrimental to your profit margins due to hackers. It is this lessened security being the prime reason for such events as hacking and spamming. In many cases a free web host account provider can’t afford to secure their servers like their high end, monthly fee charging counterparts. So make the decision to switch to a paid service if in fact you do use a free web host to help avoid the onslaught of security issues waiting to bare down on you.

Free Blog Website Hosting and why it is a Mistake

Beginners often make many mistakes when they first start out online trying to make money and one of those mistakes is choosing free blog website hosting. There are many reasons why free hosting simply is not good enough when you’re trying to make money online. You need to have the proper tools in front of you or your ideas will never see success on the Internet.

Making money online does not have to be a difficult task you have a thorough plan and you follow it until you see an income. However, to put together this plan you’re going to need to do some research on the different marketing methods you use and on the hosting, that will provide the platform for the entire project.

Choosing the right hosting is the first step towards success online. If you don’t take the time to get the right hosting and you just choose a free blog website hosting company you may find that you never achieve the success you set out for online. Here are some of the reasons why free hosting simply won’t cut it.

Why Free Blog Website Hosting is Horrible

There are many reasons why free blog website hosting simply is not good enough for those trying to make money online. We can simply start with the lack of control free hosting sites and you when it comes to your website or your blog. Sure, you can edit things however, you want, but you are stuck with their templates and their subdomain for your project.

This means, you are not able customize the design the way you would like, you cannot use your own domain name, and you are at the mercy of the company you choose for your free blog website hosting. You want to have full control over your project and that means using your own domain name and pay for hosting.

Another reason why free hosting simply is not good enough has to do with the ads they place on your website or your blog whether you like it or not. These ads will distract from the message you are trying to get out to all visitors of your website or blog. If you are promoting a product these ads could cut your profits in half or even worse.

Probably the most important thing you don’t get from a free hosting company is the necessary technical support to make sure your project is a success. By paying for hosting, you will always have a professional support team ready to answer your phone call or your e-mail and help you with any issues you may have.

Simply put, free blog website hosting does not cut it for those meeting the necessary tools to make money online. You need the ability to customize your design, the control of owning your own domain name, and the ability to contact the support team whenever there is an issue. In addition, there are many paid hosting packages that are not expensive to start.

Our Recommendation for an Alternative to Free Blog Website Hosting

For under four dollars per month you can start with a shared hosting package from FatCow hosting. Now, you will have to pay for at least a full year of hosting with them upfront however, they are much better than choosing a free hosting company. If you cannot afford to pay for a four-year upfront with FatCow hosting, then we have one more recommendation for you.

You can get started with a package from HostGator hosting, which is one of the few companies still allowing for a monthly plan to be paid on a monthly basis. Their basic package will out you to host one website or blog will start around eight dollars per month on a monthly plan. You can get an unlimited plan and host more domain names for just a couple dollars more per month.

Is much better to have a plan set out your marketing efforts and for everything you need to make money online then to be the victim of failing to plan. Start by choosing the best hosting for your needs and avoid the free blog web hosting companies and you will be on the path towards online success.

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