Free Search Engine Optimization Analysis for your Business

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September 13th, 2012

It is very possible to make an analysis of what your competitors are doing and to find out what it would take in order to surpass them in search engine results. This is basically all what doing a free search engine optimization analysis is all about. But, you should be aware of the fact that there are various elements that have a role in determining the ranking of each website and therefore putting together an SEO strategy to outrank competitors will take some time and effort on your part.

However, by doing a free search engine optimization analysis you will be able to find out the principal elements that have more influence in determining a website’s ranking and thus focusing on improving these elements on your own website.

Some Elements of a Free SEO Analysis

  • The page rank of a website – The actual page rank of a website is calculated by an algorithm that Google keeps well secret. They use a score system which varies from 0 to 10. Of course, the better the score, the higher chances your website has of being featured in a good position on search engine results on Google. The rank of a web page can be verified by using a free tool. One such free search engine optimization analysis tool can be found at
  • Webpages indexed – This element is a measure of how many different pages on a website have been included in the Google index. But it can also be applied to other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo as well. The more pages are indexed, the better a website’s overall rating will be. When a website has many different pages found in a search engine’s index, it will thus become much easier to find in search engine results.
  • If a website also provides useful and quality content to its visitors, then the site would be called an authority site. In order to see how many pages of a website are indexed, there are various free search engine optimization analysis tools that can do that. However, you don’t really need a tool to do that. All you have to do is make a query on Google with “site:”
  • The date of creation of the site – The older a website is, the better it is viewed by search engines. The age of a website is determined by the date where the domain was first registered as well as when the first page was added to the search engine’s index of websites.
  • Number of backlinks pointing to a site – Links play a major role in determining how search engines view a website. You can see the number of sites which link to a website by using a free search engine optimization analysis like Yahoo site explorer.
  • A website’s Alexa ranking – There is a free search engine optimization analysis site which can let you see an estimated amount of how much traffic a certain website gets. You can access this easy to use tool simply by going to, which will show you a number that represents the site’s Alexa ranking. The lower the ranking, the higher the amount of traffic that the website receives.
  • According to information collected on Alexa, Google is the most popular website on the internet and currently enjoys the rank of #1. Facebook is close behind with a #2 rank. YouTube is in 3rd position and Yahoo has the #4 ranking.
  • Dmoz entries – is a web directory that shows links to various web pages on the world wide web. Search engines often use data from DMOZ to determine the ranking of a website by looking at how many links a website has on this online directory site.

Performing your Analysis

Doing a free search engine optimization analysis is a great thing to do for any webmaster. It will allow you to learn about the various factors that are affecting the ranking of your website in search engines and will indicate what you need to do when you deploy a SEO campaign so that your website can get a higher ranking in search engines and thus leave the competition behind.

While doing a free search engine optimization analysis is an excellent thing to get to understand the factors that are affecting your website’s search engine position, there are times where you may think about getting some professional assistance to understand the results. If you want a company that can help you interpret the results of your free search engine optimization analysis and put you on the right track to getting an excellent ranking on various search engines, you can ask for some help from SEO experts at

Some Helpful and Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are various free search engine optimization tools that you can find online which will help you optimize your website for certain specific keywords and thus bring more traffic to it. These free search engine optimization tools are mainly designed to help you out with analyzing and evaluating your website to let you know whether you have not forgotten to do certain things which will help with the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process.

The main goal of SEO is to let potential customers who would be interested in your business to find your site quickly and easily, as well as obviously to generate some business for you. When someone who is shopping online for a product or service is looking up information on a search engine, he will be doing it by entering in the keywords that he wants to get some more info on. It has been demonstrated that in the majority of cases, web searchers will seldom look past the first few results on a search engine.

Because of this it has become extremely important for you as a webmaster to optimize your website as much as you can so that you can receive a very high ranking on the SERPS. This will bring many potential customers to your website. Recent estimates show that 85% of searchers will only look at the first page of search results on Google. This is where the big traffic is coming from and obviously, this is where you want your web page to be listed if you want to benefit from this traffic. However, you will be very happy to know that free search engine optimization tools are there to help you achieve just that.

You will find that there are plenty of SEO tools that you can find online which will make optimizing your website an easy job for you. Some of these are tools that require payment in order to use, but there is a large selection of free tools that are available for you to use. By using these free search engine optimization tools, you will be spending less time on your SEO activities and more time on improving your website.

Some Useful and Free SEO Tools

Google Analytics – This is an extremely powerful tool for any webmaster, as it gives you with some detailed stats regarding activity on your website. It will help you find out where you traffic is originating from, as well as some other information on what visitors are doing on your website. It is very easy to use and install, all you have to do is to insert a few lines of code that are provided by Google onto your website. By looking at the statistics collected by free search engine optimization tools, you can get a better understanding of what you need to do to improve your overall marketing strategy for your website.

Google Webmaster Tools – This tool is also provided by Google and all that you need to do in order to use it is to create a free account. It helps you administer and improve your website by giving you a better idea of what your visitors will be seeing when they look at your website.

There are various factors which will affect a user’s experience such as your site’s loading speed, any bad links, presence of malware, as well as how easy it is to access your site through search engine queries. Google Webmaster Tools generates some free reports that you can use to improve you search engine position. Out of all the free search engine optimization tools, it is one of the most popular with webmasters everywhere due to its usefulness and the fact that it is provided for free by Google.

Sitemap Generator – This is not actually the name of a specific tool, but rather of a group of tools that have the function of creating a sitemap. Using free search engine optimization tools is an excellent idea, as the presence of a sitemap lets search engines see a better picture of your site’s overall structure.

With regards to your ranking on Google, an important thing that they consider to determine your SERP is how well structured your overall site is. Therefore, you must do everything possible to make your site easy to navigate for your visitors. A sitemap will also help search engine robots (called spiders) index all of your pages. You can find a sitemap generator on many websites that offer free search engine optimization tools for webmasters to use.

Link Building Tools – Building backlinks to a website is very important to ensure that the site will receive good rankings on search engines. There are free search engine optimization tools that are called link creation or link building tools which will give you data on which sites you can use to build some backlinks to yours. It will tell you how valuable these links can be to you. One great example of such tools is Yahoo Site Explorer. While it offers an interesting set of features and is very well liked among webmasters, it is actually not the only tool in this category. There are other free search engine optimization tools for building backlinks, such as Link Assistant, Link Diagnosis and Backlink Watch.

Finding The Best Tools

All of these free search engine optimization tools are simply useful and automated ways of letting you do your SEO tasks faster, more efficiently and more thoroughly than if you tried to do these tasks manually. You still need to remember, that even if you are using free search engine optimization tools, SEO is a process that can take a while to achieve the results you were hoping for.

By applying best SEO practices on a consistent basis for a period of time ranging from several months to several years, you will eventually be able to rank your site very high on search results. The amount of time it takes to reach this depends on your keywords and how much competition you have. But the availability of free search engine optimization tools can definitely save you some time during this whole process.

Some Helpful and Free Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Free search engine optimization techniques are an excellent way to gain a huge amount of targeted traffic which will then go to your website. A lot of webmasters are always on the lookout for ways to optimize their site so that they can bring in more revenue from them. While some search engine optimization techniques do have a cost associated with them, it is important for you to know that you can also do many things completely free of charge.

Here are some free search engine optimization techniques that you can use to build up your business.

Some Free SEO Techniques for You

Get a Keyword Rich Domain

The domain name that you choose on your site will be very important for any SEO that you decide to do on your site later on. The best thing to consider is that your principal keyword should be included in the domain name and that it is put as close as possible to the start of the name.

Your domain name should be easy to remember for your customers. This will help them return more often to your site. You should always try to use a domain which has a .com extension whenever you can. There are certain reasons behind this. For one, many SEO experts believe that this domain extension has the potential to attract more traffic than any other domain extension. In that case, it will help you with the overall SEO work that you do on your website.

Second of all, web users are more used to seeing .com extensions on domain names and as such, they are more likely to remember a website with a .com domain extension when they go to visit it later. If you don’t have a .com extension and one of your competitor does, in that case you may be quite simply helping your competitors get traffic that normally would have ended up on YOUR website.

Choosing the right domain name is relatively simple, even if it will take a bit of thought on your part. It is actually one of the easiest free search engine optimization techniques that any webmaster can implement as it does not involve doing any technical or complicated work at all, just making a good decision with regards to your choice of domain name.

Use Articles On Your Site That Are Rich In Keywords

Article marketing is a well known technique when it comes to search engine optimization. Having the right type of articles on your site is one of the top free search engine optimization techniques that you can use. You can also upload articles to external article directories and include a link in them which will point back to your site. This method will serve to create useful backlinks for your site. Backlinks will help boost your site in search engine rankings and will thus help you get more traffic from search engines such as Google.

But in order to profit to the maximum from free search engine optimization techniques such as creating articles, you need to take care that you are doing the work properly. Having articles that are rich in keywords is crucial to this particular technique. Your main keyword should be included in the title of the article, the first paragraph as well as in the final paragraph. The keyword would need to be put as close as possible to the start of each section in the article that you have written.

The best free search engine optimization techniques will always tell you to upload some articles to various article directories that can be found online. Try to focus your efforts on article directories that receive the highest amount of traffic as well as have the highest page ranking. However, don’t neglect the smaller article directories for that matter. These can still bring you some backlinks which will be very valuable in having your website climb up in search engine rankings.

Depending on the directory that you will be submitting your article to, you may either place the links in the content of the text or in some cases in a resource box at the end of the article. No matter how you do it, your main keyword should be used as the anchor text for link you are using. This will be quite helpful in making your rank well for the main keyword that you are targeting.

Create Many Quality Back Links

The free way to get backlinks is by having your website linked to by another webmaster, who will put a link to your site on his because he liked the site or found its content interesting. These one way links are quite valuable in terms of free search engine optimization techniques, however not everyone will be lucky enough to benefit from them.

There are some free search engine optimization techniques that allow you to create your own backlinks, however. You can get links by making posts on some good PR sites, such as related blogs and video sharing sites. However, make sure that you provide quality and useful content if you are posting comments on blogs and videos, as otherwise your comments could be marked as spam and thus deleted from the site. By including a link to your website with the comment, you will be generating high quality backlinks for yourself.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate and Use Site Maps

There are various ways that search engines such as Google use to rank your site in their indexes. While quality content and backlinks play a role in this, there are certain other free search engine optimization techniques that you will need to apply in order to get the maximum benefit of your SEO efforts.

The Best Free Search Engine Optimization Techniques

One of these free search engine optimization techniques is making your site easy to browse and navigate by your visitors. You will increase the chances of users liking your site and coming back to it. By creating a site map, you will make it easier to crawl by search engine robots who visit websites in order to add them to their index.

All of these free search engine optimization techniques can be very effective in generating a huge amount of traffic and thus bringing a lot of revenue to your website. While implementing these techniques completely may take some time to do, you will be satisfied with the results and will also be very happy to know that those free search engine optimization techniques will not cost you anything to do.

SEO Training Advice

A few years ago, it was very difficult to find a website that offers quality free search engine optimization training. Back then, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization was offered to webmasters at very high fees and online advertising was also something very expensive that only those with rather large budgets could afford.

However, you will find that getting free search engine optimization training has now gotten much easier, as there are entire forums, blogs, websites and articles that are devoted to this topic. You will be able to gain some very useful and practical information which you can then use to increase the ranking that your website has on search engines.

With these sources of information available at your fingertips, you will find that it is not necessary to pay large fees to SEO experts in order to handle the SEO aspect of your website. With all the free search engine optimization training you can find online, you can actually teach yourself how to do everything needed for your site to acquire and maintain a good position on search engines. Sure, it may take some time for you to learn the information and put it to practical use, but remember that with anything related to SEO, patience and quality work are the key to success. You do not want to rush things and end up with a poor result.

Some Free Search Engine Optimization Training Resources

Online Forums

The internet is filled with forums where users discuss various topics. There are plenty of such forums where you can find some free search engine optimization training and advice. General internet marketing forums are very helpful regarding this topic, as SEO is an important part of being a webmaster and earning money on the internet. You can also find some forums which deal pretty much exclusively with the topic of SEO and these are even better sources of information.

On web forums, you will also be able to find people who can help you out with your SEO efforts. Unlike firms of SEO experts, these people often specialize in only one aspect of the whole SEO process. For example, some write content, while others build backlinks to your site. As they are usually freelancers, they don’t have the overhead of running an actual SEO business with a physical location and offices. Because of this, the rates charged for their services are usually much lower.

SEO Blogs

You will find a lot of SEO blogs on the internet which are very helpful to anyone who wishes to gain some information on SEO. The good thing with blogs is that they are updated on a regular basis with new information, so if there are any updates that you should know about, for example Google changing the way that they rank sites or having a new algorithm, you will be made aware of this through the Blog.

Question/Answer Sites

While these sites are mainly general information sites and are not meant to be used as a dedicated SEO resource, you can still find some good answers to your questions on some of these sites. These are more useful when you are just starting out with SEO and have some basic questions that you would like more knowledgeable people to answer for you. Examples of such sites include Yahoo Answers and Google Answers.

Getting the Free SEO Training You Need

As you can see, free search engine optimization training is something that is very easy to come across online. There are thousands of blog posts, web pages, articles and forum posts which are dedicated to this topic. You can also download complete eBooks as well as video courses that deal with search engine optimization on some sites completely free.

All you have to do in return is to sometimes subscribe to the site owner’s mailing list in order to get access to the course and training materials. With all the free search engine optimization training that you will find on the internet, you will be able to rapidly master the art of search engine optimization and make your website more likely to receive excellent rankings on all the popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.

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