Can you Find Free Reseller Web Hosting?

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August 7th, 2012

When you are searching for free reseller web hosting you have to understand that free does not always mean better or even worth it. Many things are free that are really not free or are a complete waste of your time. There are not very many free options for hosting that are actually good in any way at all.

The worst thing is that there are so many people that market things like free reseller web hosting in order to get you to sign up for crappy hosting and get you to upgrade with their service. If you know this up front, then you need to compare all your hosting options before you ever sign up for anything that is free.

With hosting that is free of any kind you typically have to either trade some of your site space for ads that will take away from your own promotions or you have to give up resources like the speed and downtime of your site. Sometimes you have to give up both and this is how a free host makes money from you.

Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

With any type of free reseller web hosting you are going to get a very limited amount of space to host your website. This will hinder your growth online and will not allow you to do very much with your website. If you are new to internet marketing, then you are probably trying to save money, but hosting is not an area to scrimp on.

Hosting is vital to your online business and without it you will not have a website, blog, or a combination of many websites and blogs that are making you money. This makes it very difficult to become successful with any online marketing strategy and the worst is when you think you have beat the system because you found free reseller web hosting.

It is inevitable that anything of free hosting will cost you money sooner or later. It could be because of downtime that has caused your site to stop making you money until it is back up or it could be that you have to display ads for someone else and you are losing money every single time someone clicks on one of those ads.

Either way it is not worth your time or your money to use free reseller web hosting or any other type of free hosting that is out there. You are better off spending the money to get good hosting that will not cause large amounts of downtime or take away from your own online promotions by displaying ads on your site.

The Better Alternative to Free Hosting

The best alternative to free reseller web hosting is to use BlueHost and let them be your hosting company. By doing this you are cutting out the reseller, which means you are dealing directly with the host and you do not have to go through a reseller every single time you have an issue with something.

You will also be able to upgrade to more space whenever necessary so you do not have to worry about downtime when it comes to getting bigger than you expected. This will also allow you to build more than one website and continue to grow your business until you have reached your income goals.

The bottom line is that free reseller web hosting is not good for your business or your website and you really need to think about dealing directly with a web hosting company like BlueHost. This will give you a more direct route for any issues you have and will guarantee you more space than free reseller web hosting will ever give you.

Can you Really Find Free Reseller Hosting?

When we speak of free reseller hosting you have to know right away that finding it is not easy at all. Sometimes you can find someone that will offer you free hosting, but nothing is really free. With reseller types of hosting it is very different and finding it for free just is not going to happen.

So, what do we need to discuss about free reseller hosting, then? Well, you do need to be aware of what you are going to be dealing with if you do find this type of hosting. Free is not always a good thing and when it comes to your hosting you have to understand that free is nearly always bad for your websites.

The Things You Need to Know About Reseller Hosting

The first thing you have to know about free reseller hosting is that any time your hosting is free you are going to make a trade off of some sort. This could be that you agree to allow ads to be shown on your website or you agree to a domain name that will probably never get you ranked in the search engines, at least not high enough to get traffic.

When you make the trade off to show ads on your page you should know that this will take away from your message and if you are trying to make money from your site this will steal some of it away from you. This is a pretty big trade off just to get free reseller hosting or another type of free hosting.

Reseller type of hosting is when someone purchases a large amount of space with a host like HostGator or BlueHost, and then they rent some of that space out to you for a fee. If they are giving it away for free, which would be free reseller hosting, then they are going to want something in return to cover their costs and make a profit.

They are not running a charity hosting company so they are not going to be just giving it away to you out of the goodness of their heart. When you agree to show ads these are typically for products they are promoting or they are selling this space to cover the costs of the hosting and to make a profit.

This is why getting free reseller hosting is not good for your site. Even just reseller hosting in general is not good because the person selling it to you is not the host and they are more concerned with making money from their new clients than maintaining the server space and making sure your website does not have much downtime.

You really should not waste your time with free reseller hosting or paid reseller hosting because it is not as good as regular hosting. It will cause you to have more downtime and the free version will only help you to lose money. This is just not the way to go and you really need to consider using a different type of hosting like Shared or VPS hosting.

One Final Thought About Free Hosting

If you do not already question something whenever you hear the word “free”, then you need to start. Anytime you hear the word “free” when it comes to hosting, marketing, advertising, or anything that has to do with making money, then your ears should perk up and you should start to question exactly what you are getting.

This is because free typically means you are trading time or benefits for whatever you are getting. Sometimes you are just getting a smaller version of what you could get by paying because they want you to try what they have. However, with free reseller hosting you are just going to end up with problems and not solutions for your hosting needs.

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