Using a Free Joomla Hosting Review to Your Advantage

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August 15th, 2012

Many people wonder as to whether a free Joomla hosting review will be useful for them. After all, no one wants to waste time reading something that will not help them make a good decision regarding their hosting choices. A good thing about a free Joomla hosting review is that it will help you learn about Joomla and what it can do for you. You will see that Joomla is not a type of web host, but rather a content management system which will help you design, build, update and maintain your entire site. Basically, it is a powerful back end system for your website.

Another piece of important information that a free Joomla hosting review will provide for you is whether a certain host will include Joomla or not, as well as some more information about the webhost, such as pricing, support and how much disk space and bandwidth you will receive. These are all important things that you need to know when you are thinking of choosing a web host.

Things that a Free Hosting Review will Include

1. Your choice to make use of Joomla

When you go through a free Joomla hosting review, it will tell you which hosting companies offer Joomla as a choice of content management system. The majority of top web hosts include Joomla these days, but it is always a good idea to make sure.

2. Customer service and support

You should look for a free Joomla hosting review that will give you information about how a host handles questions and problems from customers. Are they responsive? Do they work hard to fix any issues, or do they simply try to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist? These are all things that you must consider when selecting a web host, and any good free Joomla hosting review will address those.

3. Disk space and bandwidth

The amount of disk space and bandwidth that you get are important factors in a free Joomla hosting review. Many hosting companies give unlimited space and bandwidth, but not all of them. A free Joomla hosting review will help you make a comparison.

4. The cost of web hosting

Of course, everyone wants to get hosting at a competitive price. The price that you will pay will depend on the features that you choose and which type of hosting service you are going with. For example, a shared hosting account can cost as little as $4 a month, while a dedicated server could cost around $200 a month.

What you also need to know when you read a free Joomla hosting review is that free web hosting is not a good choice when building an online business. Free hosts will put many limitations on your site, such as little disk space and may also put ads on it. Therefore, it is better to focus on a free Joomla hosting review that compares paid web hosting options, rather than focusing solely on free hosts.

Is it Worth It To Take a Free Joomla Hosting and Domain Offer?

When you see a free Joomla hosting and domain offer, it is very important that you have an understanding of what you will actually be getting. Joomla is nothing more than a simple content management system which allows you to build your website. It also lets people collaborate on the design of your site. Some people that could help you put your site together include content writers, web designers as well as SEO experts.

With free Joomla hosting and domain plans, many companies require you that you take a commitment of 1 or 2 years. You will also need to pay in advance for your hosting. But remember, domain names are not something expensive to get. In fact, it is now possible to register a domain for around $10. All in all, an offer for free Joomla hosting and domain is not always the best choice for a webmaster.

Why is a Joomla Hosting and Domain Name Offer Not a Good Thing?

The majority of hosting companies include Joomla in their plans and they are also not expensive. Therefore, it is much better to use a reliable and reputed hosting company, rather than simply a site which promises free Joomla hosting and domain offer.

Companies which offer completely free hosting are not a good choice either. If they offer you free Joomla and domain without paying anything, chances are that the hosting will be of low quality, have severe limitations in terms of bandwidth and disk space. Furthermore, the domain name that you will be getting for free is unlikely to be an actual .com or .net domain, but will rather be simply a subdomain off of the webhosts’s main domain name. This will make ranking your site on search engines and branding your site very difficult or impossible.

Selecting an Alternative to Free Hosting Offer

Once you have made your decision on which domain name to use and have purchased it, you will then need to select hosting options which are superior to the free Joomla hosting and domain offers out there. This simply involves looking around various quality webhosts and comparing the offers that they make. There are a lot of good web hosting companies out there, such as FatCow, BlueHost and Hostgator. All of them provide their customers with reliable and affordable hosting, so you should definitely go with one of these companies rather than attempting to cut down on costs by taking up a free Joomla hosting and domain offer.

You can get a domain name for a small fee, varying from $10 to $20 a year. Web hosting is not expensive either and a shared hosting account will cost you from $3 to $10 a month. Again, it depends on the web host that you deal with, your choice of package and the duration of the commitment that you have signed up for. All of these choices are much better than simply using a free Joomla hosting and domain offer.

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