Is Free Joomla Hosting and Domain Worth it?

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September 3rd, 2012

When it comes to free Joomla hosting and domain you have to understand what you are getting into. Joomla is simply the content management system that you will use to give others access to your website. These could be writers, designer, or SEO experts that need access to make the proper changes to your website.

The domain name is the carrot that hosting companies dangle in front of you to try to get you to commit to a 1 year or 2 year hosting contract. It is an alright carrot, but you can get a domain name for less than $1 a month if you want to buy one on your own. This means that free Joomla hosting and domain may not be the best idea.

Why is Joomla Hosting a Waste of Your Time?

Free hosting of any type if not good for you because if you go with a free option there is going to be a tradeoff. This is something you have to understand and you better know what to expect if you want to use free Joomla hosting and domain. This is not going to give you the full access you need with Joomla.

It might seem like a good deal because it is all free and the domain is included, but it really just is not that good of a deal. The domain will cost you as much as $20 a year, but most are around $12 a year. Then, if you get better hosting you can get it for around $5 a month and up depending on the type of hosting you choose.

Many of the top web hosting companies include Joomla and they are not very expensive. You can start with the lower level of VPS hosting or with shared hosting until you know you need to upgrade to a bigger and better hosting. This is something you need to consider and all the best hosting companies will allow you to do this.

All of the top hosting companies will give you the option to use Joomla if that is what you want to use. Plus most of the hosting companies will allow you to host many more than just one domain name. This gives you quite a bit of versatility. You need this if you are a business and especially if you are an internet marketer.

Free Joomla hosting and domain is not your answer and you need to take the first very big step in becoming a successful internet marketer. This step is to get a domain name of your own and preferably one that ends in .com, .net, or .biz. The rest of them are not as good and the .com is the best. You also want to get at least a shared hosting account.

Choosing an Option Other than Free Joomla Hosting

Once you have purchased your domain you need to choose a hosting options that is better than free Joomla hosting and domain. This means you need to compare about three to five different hosting companies like FatCow, Bluehost, or HostGator. This will help you to find the one that will work best for you.

After you have done your comparison you can sign up for hosting and if you use one of the hosts that allow you to pay monthly you can get your hosting for under $10 a month. If you pay for a full year in advance it could be under $4 a month and that is not much more than using free Joomla hosting and domain.

Using Free Joomla Hosting Review to Your Benefit

The free Joomla hosting review will include what to expect and look for when you are going to use Joomla for the backend of your website. This is necessary because it is a content management system and Joomla is one of the easier ones to learn. Joomla is not actually a host for your website, but it is a CMS that is going to help you with the back end of your website.

What you need to know and what will be included in this free Joomla hosting review is whether or not your host will include Joomla as a choice for you, how they service is, how the support is, how much space you get, and of course the cost of the actual hosting account. Here is what you better know about your host.

The Free Hosting Review Decision Guide for Hosting your Website

1. Including the choice to use Joomla

When you are reading this free Joomla hosting review and you want to get the hosting you need for your website you have to start by checking to see if the hosting company you are considering has Joomla as a CMS option. Most of the top hosting companies do have Joomla, but you should check just to make sure.

2. Service and Support

Typically the final decision to go with one host over another comes down to either price or service and support. You should read reviews about the hosting company you are considering before you decide to go with them. You may find that their service and support is great or that it is not.

3. The amount of Space

You also have to consider how much space you are going to get. When you read other free Joomla hosting review posts you will find that free hosting does not give you much space or many benefits. This is not good considering you could get all the space you need for under $10 a month from a top hosting company.

4. Other features of your Host

When you compare hosting companies you will want to look at other things like whether you will get unlimited add on domains, subdomains, space, email addresses, and other things. With shared hosting you will get about the same from most companies, but with VPS hosting this can vary greatly.

5. The cost of the Hosting Company

Another thing that is very important is how much your hosting is going to cost you. Of course other free Joomla hosting review posts might tell you to go with free hosting, but that is going to hurt you more in the long run than you may believe. You need hosting that is better than free and you can go from $4 a month all the way up to $200 or more a month depending on what you choose.

The Conclusion to this Free Joomla Hosting Review

The final thing that is necessary to discuss in this free Joomla hosting review is why free hosting is a waste of your time. Typically free means that you are going to make some type of trade off. With hosting this means that you may have ads displaying your page or you may not get all the back end options you need.

Instead of going with free hosting that will cost you money in the long run you really need to spend the few dollars every month and run your business from a proper host. This will give you the base you need to make sure that you avoid all the mistakes that are mentioned in many other free Joomla hosting review posts.

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