Starting with Free Hosting Sites is a Bad Idea

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August 9th, 2012

When you think that using one of the free hosting sites is going to be perfect for you it is necessary to know why it will not be. Free hosting like the Google web hosting that you can get is not all that good for many reasons. If you start off with free hosting you are making a big mistake and you are not fully committing to your own success.

You need to make sure you understand what free hosting is and what it can do to you. It may not cost you any cash, but the tradeoffs that come with anything that is free can be worse than spending a few dollars for better hosting. Getting the right foundation put in place for your business is something you really need to do and it is a true necessity.

Knowing the type of hosting and the budget you are working with is where you want to start when you are looking for hosting. After you have a budget set you will know what kind of hosting you can afford. There are options that are as cheap as $3 a month that are much better than what free hosting sites offer for you.

If you can’t invest $3 a month and $15 up front for a domain name, then you should not be trying to make money online with a website or a blog. This is only a matter of a dime a day each month and you really need to be able to make this very small investment in yourself before you start trying to make money online.

Remember you are trying to run a business and many businesses have very high overhead. However, putting up a website is not an expensive thing, but you still have to spend a little bit of money and get the hosting you need and a domain name. These are very minor costs, but they will make a huge difference for you.

The Top Reasons why Hosting Sites are Terrible

Free hosting sites are terrible for many reasons, but there are a few that stick out more than others. If you are trying to put up a blog or a website and make money from it you need to understand what you will not get when you choose free hosting. Here are the top reasons why free hosting could be a huge mistake for you.

1. Lack of space

The first thing you will notice when you look into free hosting like Google website hosting is that you are given a very limited amount of space. This means you will get to a certain point and you will have no space left to grow your website or blog. You really need to make sure you have enough space for your entire project.

2. Tradeoffs

There is always a way that you will lose money with free hosting. One of these ways is all the ads they will throw up on your sites to help them make money. This is a tradeoff and these ads will steal some of your profits. They may also allow you to use things like Google AdSense, but then they take a cut of your commission.

The tradeoffs can easily cost you more than if you had hosting and a domain name of yours. If you were to lose $40 a month, and that is being very conservative, it would cost you $480 a year for your free hosting. That could have bought you a very large package of VPS hosting or one of the best types of shared web hosting for the year.

3. No Speed

Free hosting sites use very overcrowded servers and this means you will just not get very much speed for your site. This is another thing that can cost you money because every time your site loads too slow someone will leave your site and go to another one. You want to at least get cheap hosting that will allow your site to load fast.

4. No Ownership

Sure if you save your content, blog posts, and webpages on your hard drive you will still own them when the free hosting site shuts you down, but you will no longer own the sub domain name you worked so hard to get traffic to. If you have your own domain name and your hosting account gets cancelled you can move it all to another hosting company without losing your hard work.

You have to get your own domain name and you have to have hosting that you own. This is vital to your success and you don’t want to lose all your hard work because a free hosting company decided they don’t like your website or blog anymore. You want to make sure you are doing things properly and you are set up for full success.

5. Slow Support

Sometimes with free hosting you don’t get any support, but when you do it is usually not very good or very fast support. You really need to make sure you get the right support and this is something you should test with any hosting company that you are considering. Support is very important and with free hosting it is not going to be very good.

The Best Alternative to Free Hosts

Most likely if you are looking for free hosting sites you will not be able to afford expensive hosting, but you can still get very good hosting from one of the best web hosting companies that is out there. You need to know what you are looking for, what options you need, and where you can find it for a price you can afford.

You are going to be looking for shared hosting because it is the cheapest website hosting package that the top web hosting companies will offer. This is not the best web hosting you can get, but it is quite a bit better than free hosting. It is a great place to start and later on you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting if it becomes necessary.

It is very important that you set the foundation in a way that will allow you to do everything you need to do with your hosting and website. You have to get the options that are going to allow you to customize your site properly and finish your project properly. This is not going to be found at any of the free hosting sites.

Is Free Site Hosting Even Worth Using to Learn about Hosting?

Many beginners think that free site hosting is a great way to go if they want to learn about different types of hosting, but this is simply false. You have to learn about hosting if you want to be successful online, but you don’t want to use free hosting as your way of learning. This just is not a good way to learn anything about hosting.

You may think that because the hosting is free that you are actually saving money, but when you don’t get good hosting you may end up losing money. If your hosting is slow, does not have enough space, or is of low quality you will lose visitors and experience downtime that will cost you money. This is not a good thing even if you are trying to learn about hosting.

There is nothing good about free site hosting except that it is free. However, if you were told that you could get something for free, but you were going to lose money that you could have made chances are you would choose to go with a better option. This is exactly how the hosting world works and there is always some type of trade off with free hosting.

Below you are going to find the five things you simply don’t get when you decide to go with free hosting for your website. These are all very important things and these things can help you to make the money you are trying to make online. If your goal is to have an online income, then you need hosting that has all five of these things below.

The Top 5 Things You Don’t Get with Free Hosting

1. Space

With free hosting you are going to get a little bit of space, but it will not be very much. This means that you can’t put up much of a website and there is very little chance you can host any video, music, or very many pictures. It is not good to be limited when you have a project to accomplish and you need the space to accomplish it.

2. Speed

You are certainly not going to get speed you can get from a hosting company that you pay for. Even cheap hosting will be faster than the free site hosting options that are out there. Without a fast hosting company you will have a site that loads very slow and you will lose visitors that are not patient. In the years of dial up internet you could have had a slower load time, but you can’t get away with that now. If you remember, years ago when we had dial up you should remember how slow it was and should really make you grateful for how fast it is now. If you don’t know then just research a video online and find a video that goes over how slow dial up was and to what the internet is like now and you’ll be amazed at the difference between the two.

3. Ownership

Probably the worst part about a free hosting company is that you will not get to put your site up on your own domain name. Your domain name gives you ownership of the actual site and of the information on the site, but when you are stuck on a sub domain of the hosting company’s main domain you will not own the site or the content.

If the free hosting company decides they don’t like your site they can take it down at any point and you will lose all your information and all your hard work. This is not a chance you can take and you really need to own your domain name and your hosting. If you were to lose your hosting and it was a paid company you wouldn’t lose all your hard work because you own the domain name.

4. Support

Why would a company give you great support when you are not paying them for hosting? This is something that you have to get with your hosting and if you don’t have great support you are going to struggle to make any money online. This is very important because if your site goes down and it takes you forever to get your site back up you will lose money.

However, if you pay for hosting from one of the best web hosting companies out there you will get great support whenever you need it. This will help you to make sure your site gets back up and running very fast. The faster the support is the quicker you can get your site back up and online. You need to have great support for your hosting.

5. Reliability

With free site hosting you will miss out on the reliability that you deserve for your website or blog. This is vitally important because servers that are not all that good are used for free hosting and they are not reliable. If you don’t have hosting that is reliable you will struggle to keep your site up as long as much as you want to.

How to Get Better Hosting than Site Hosting

Now that you know free site hosting is not going to benefits you very much you need to consider what the other options are. Many of the hosting options that are not all that expensive are much better than the free hosting you can find, but you do need to keep a few things in mind. You have to shop around and make sure you get the right hosting for your project.

Figure out what type of hosting you really need and find a top 10 web hosts list to help you find the right choice for your hosting. This will help you to do everything you need to in order to get your project up and running. You need to have good hosting and if you start with the top ten hosting companies you will have a better chance of getting great hosting for your website or blog.

After you know what type of hosting you need and you find a top ten hosting list you will want to read some of the web hosting reviews that go along with the list. These will help to introduce you to what many of the top web hosting companies can do for you. You will find out whether or not a hosting company is good for you or not with the reviews.

Make sure you take your time and choose the right hosting company to fulfill your hosting needs. This will help you to do everything you are trying to accomplish with your website or blog. Having top hosting to help you instead of free site hosting is going to give you a much stronger foundation for a successful project.

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