Are Free Hosting Sites No Ads Displayed a Good Choice?

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August 10th, 2012

The simple truth is that free hosting sites no ads are still not a good choice for your online business. These may be something that you could consider using if you are simply putting up a website for your family or for fun. But in any case, remember the fact that free hosting sites no ads displayed are not a good option if you want to make some money online. There are some far better alternatives out there and there is also the fact that shared hosting packages are now very cheap and only cost a few dollars per month. Therefore, using free hosting sites no ads is simply not worth the problems that it will bring you in the end.

When you think about free hosting sites no ads, you must be aware that even though they do not display any ads, there are some other issues with these types of web hosts that make them a really poor choice for online business. It is often the case with free hosting sites no ads that they are small organizations, sometimes owned and operated by just one person, which means that reliability will simply not be there.

What Makes Free Hosting Sites a Poor Choice

Limited Options

When you get hosting from free hosting sites no ads, you will get very little in terms of options for your website. You will also not get an actual domain for free, but very often it will simply be a subdomain, rather than an actual .com or .net domain like you would get with a paid host.

Security Concerns

When dealing with free hosting sites no ads, consider the fact that these web hosting places often have very poor security practices. They take only rudimentary steps to secure your site and your data. If you are running an online business, you will not want to have your information stored in an unsecured environment like this.

Frequent Reliability Problems

Websites that provide free hosting sites no ads are often not very reliable. This means that your site could be down for several hours a day, without any warning. Plus, they often don’t invest much money into their support departments, so if something goes wrong, the only way for you to contact them is to send them an email and then wait for a response. If you use your site for business, you simply cannot afford to have problems like these, as it will cause you to loose money when customers find that your site is inaccessible.

Choices Which are Better than Free Hosting No Ads Displayed

If you don’t have much money to spend on web hosting, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck using free hosting sites no ads. There are many other options available to webmasters today. Shared hosting packages from excellent web hosting companies are very cheap. A quality web host will usually charge from $5 to $15 a month. You will get many additional features that you won’t get in free hosting sites no ads, such as a domain name, several email addresses, web development and building tools and more.

Is It a Good Idea to Use a Joomla Free Hosting Site?

Remember that there will always be a downside to anything offered for free on the internet, such as a Joomla free hosting site. True, there are a lot of websites on the internet which offer you free hosting and make you beautiful promises as to how good their hosting is. However, remember that when you are building an online business, choosing the wrong kind of web host can end up costing you a whole lot of money, so the choice of a web host should not be one that is taken lightly. Your business will depend on it, so you need to do your research and find a quality web hosting company instead.

To be honest, using Joomla free hosting site for your business is a very bad idea. You will be able to find a lot of better web hosts which will also offer you Joomla without giving you the problems that will come with using a free web host.

However, just because you are dealing with a paid host and not a Joomla free hosting site doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get quality service either. This means that you should stay away from companies that provide low end hosting solutions or are simply acting as a reseller to another, larger web hosting company. Obviously, this is not something that you should be on the lookout for either.

The Best Hosts To Use Instead of a Joomla Hosting Site

Any Web Host With a Great Reputation

There are many dozens of web hosting companies which can give you Joomla hosting without being a Joomla free hosting site. A lot of these companies have built excellent reputations in the web hosting world and have shown themselves to be reliable throughout the years. If you want a web host that you can use Joomla on, then you should definitely take some time and make a comparison of a few of the web hosting companies which can offer you Joomla. You will quickly realize that these companies can offer you far better service than any Joomla free hosting site.

Read Some Unbiased Reviews

When you look for an alternative to a Joomla free hosting site, then you will need to read some web hosting reviews that have been written by actual users who have signed up with a certain web host. But remember to avoid any reviews that seem to be written as if they were an advertisement for the web host in question, because in many cases, such reviews actually ARE nothing more than a simple advertisement. If you want some unbiased reviews from real people, you can consult some internet marketing and webmaster forums to find these. There are also many sites and blogs that you can find which deal with web hosting questions where you can find reviews. By reading those, you will be able to find a quality web host that is not a Joomla free hosting site.

Try Out Their Support Department

Once you have narrowed down your search and have found a few web hosting companies which aren’t a Joomla free hosting site, but do offer a Joomla hosting option, the next thing that you would want to do is to see how they handle questions from customers. Even though you may think that you will never have any issues or problems with your hosting, it is always very important to check out what a company’s support looks like. Prepare a few simple questions for them to answer and try contacting the web host through various means, such as live chat, email or by phone. You will then be able to see what their response time is, whether they answered your question accurately and whether they truly seemed interested in helping you. By doing so, you will be able to see which one of the web hosts offers you the best support.

The quality of the support is also one of the main reasons as to why you should not be using a Joomla free hosting site for your internet marketing business. This is because a Joomla free hosting site will often have poor quality support and it may take them a long time to answer questions from you. This is obviously not something that you would want when you are trying to run a serious business online.

Why Not Dealing With the Free Hosting Site Will Be Much Better

If you are receiving something for nothing, such as a Joomla free hosting site, do you really expect that you will receive a lot in terms of support, bandwidth or storage space? Obviously, the answer is no, since you are not paying anything to get your site hosted and as such should not expect to get excellent quality web hosting without paying a single cent.

There are, however, a few times where a Joomla free hosting site would be the answer for your needs. If you are a beginner webmaster and want to practice creating a Joomla site, then using a free hosting option can let you train without having to pay for web hosting. Some web hosts offer a Joomla free hosting site with limitations on bandwidth, storage and support in an effort to get you to try their service and then move on to a paid package if you really like it.

Or, another case where a Joomla free hosting site would be appropriate is where the site that you are building will only be used for a hobby. For example, if you want to have a website to share pictures of your dogs with the world, then you will not need to invest in a serious hosting plan, as it is just a hobby.

But for a business owner or internet marketer who is trying to earn some serious money online, a quality web host is needed. A Joomla free hosting site will simply not be the answer for them.

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