Finding the Best WordPress Hosting 2011 for Your Needs

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September 5th, 2012

Are you searching for the best WordPress hosting for 2011? WordPress is the number 1 used software in the blogging world. The success of WordPress is mostly due to the ease of usage, the simplicity, and how easy it is to manage your blog and all its contents with WordPress. In addition, the support for the software has been incredible.

Since WordPress is an open source project, thousands of plug-ins are developed by freelance developers to do specific tasks. It is now into its 3.0 version, which means most every bug has already been worked out. This should make you excited to find the best WordPress hosting 2011 and get started with your blog.

To start a blog you need to buy hosting from a hosting provider first. It is a very critical decision to make because even if you have wonderful content and a huge fan base it will be of no use if your hosting provider can’t keep up with your demands. Bad hosting can lead to the loss of your advertise revenue and disappointed users.

Important Factors of the Best WordPress Hosting 2011

1. Automatic Script Install

Most of the hosting providers are giving their users the power to automatically install popular software, like WordPress, directly into their site with a single click. If your hosting provider does not support this, please run as far as you can from them. You don’t want to find yourself wasting hours trying to install the software.


You should also know if the hosting provider is running the most recent version of PHP/MySQL. This may seem technical but it really is not complicated to understand. If they are not running the latest version, then there may be some compatibility issues because WordPress is updated regularly.

3. Downtime

This is the most dangerous aspect of them all. Even if everything is running fine, if the server is experiencing downtime due to whatever issues, you may lose out on sales and profits. Choose the best WordPress hosting 2011 provider that has more than 99% uptime.

The Best WordPress Hosting 2011 Are Here

Considering the above points, we have listed out best WordPress hosting 2011 that give the best bang for your buck.

BlueHost Hosting – BlueHost is one of the most reliable choices and they make using WordPress easy. They are certainly the best WordPress hosting 2011 had to offer. – HostGator, started in 2002, is one of the largest hosting providers now. It is currently hosting more than 5 million websites. They have an excellent customer support. They upgrade their servers regularly. They offer cPanel that is one of the best among all other competitors.

Inmotion Hosting – Inmotion is another good choice because they are very professional. Even though they cater a little more to the small to medium business, they can provide you with great hosting for your blog.

WebHostingHub – They started providing hosting in 2001. Due to their continuous efforts and top of the line hosting plans services, they are now one of the most respected companies in web hosting business.

There are hundreds of other WordPress hosting providers that do a great job in providing hosting to their customers. However, before you spend your hard-earned money please keep the above points in mind. This will help to lead you to one of the best WordPress hosting 2011 choices.

The Best Web Host for WordPress can Really Help

If you are reading this article then my bet is you are a beginner in WordPress or WordPress development, and now you are researching about which web hosting service is the best web host for WordPress. There are lots of options for web hosting with WordPress out there, there is lots of cheap web hosting, some are free, and some are expensive.

So, which one to choose from so many options, it is really a big deal to choose the best one for ones requirements and it is tough too as there are so many options, truly speaking no one can really specify one single best web host for WordPress, a few can be talked about and it is up to you to choose that best fits your requirements. To choose the best web host some things should be kept in mind, they will be talked about in the following lines.

The Prerequisites of the Best Web Host for WordPress?

WordPress is a very lean and lightweight script that runs almost on every web hosting package, but there are few prerequisites like PHP 4.3 or greater, the mod-rewrite Apache module, and MySQL 4.0 or greater. If your web host has these requirements, then you are good to go with WordPress. Another thing to keep in mind is, most Linux web hosts have WordPress preinstalled with them.

Okay, so it is up to you to choose the web host that best suits you, because each and every individual web host offers different products and services at varying prices, so basically it’s up to you. However, there are few web hosts that we can discussed here, and they have earned their reputation as best web host for WordPress.

BlueHost: Starts at $3.95 per month, with setup and domain free of cost, an unlimited amount of space, and bandwidth. Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby. Databases: MySQL and PostgreSql. We have rated them as the top blogging choice for your hosting.

If you truly want total control of your blog, the free sites will not make it for you because of all the liminations that they have. WordPress is a great one but there are some things that you should also know about it before you decide to use them. You are only permitted so much space to upload pictures, you cannot install plenty of the truly helpful enhancements out there, and you can not post your own HTML feedback forms. There are so very many walls you can hit, maddening any person who would like to do a little more with their blog.

That is when it is time to think about getting paid website hosting for your blog. There are so very many web hosts out there, it’s tough to know which is the best one to go with. Answering that query needs a little research.When you read up on web hosts and what they have on offer, you do not need to just accept reading what they have to supply on their internet sites.

One of the things which you can do is read up on web hosts with just looking online. It’s full of reviews and suggestions from real folks who’ve had both bad and good experiences with different web hosts. You could have a tricky time finding an internet host that has got a wonderfully clean record, but if there’s much more bad reviews than good, you wish to take that into account. If you would like to read viewpoints from some of the people who’ve paid hosting for their WordPress blogs, you may wish to explore the forums online as well and interact with them to get your questions answered fast. You can try looking terms and phrases like good internet host or counseled hosting.

After you have a good list of web hosts you are seriously considering, you can help narrow things down rather more by making contact with these corporations and posing questions. It’s a technique to test the standard of their service before you commit. Do they get back with you speedily? Are they mannered? Do they answer your questions obviously? Would you be pleased with this service standard after you have joined up with them?

If you continue to read below you will find some highly recommended ones for hosting on your site and you can determine which one is the best for you to have according to your needs. Sometimes it is also all about how much money you have to spend as to what kind of hosting package you should get when you are first starting out on the web.

HostGator: HostGator is really one of top and best web hosts available. They have hosted over two million domains with many different plans to suit your needs. Prices starting at $3.96 per month. Setup and a domain name are free. Languages: PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python. Database: MySQL. Disk Space and Bandwidth are unlimited.

FatCow: FatCow comes at $3.67 per month and setup and a domain name are free. Languages: PHP and Python. Database: MySQL. Unlimited e-mail accounts, bandwidth, space, supports unlimited FTP users, and unlimited space. They also have a free website builder and shopping cart.

JustHost: JustHost comes at $3.75 per month. Domain and setup are free. Languages: Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python. Database: MySQL. Unlimited e-mail accounts, space, and bandwidth.

MochaHost: MochaHost is quite cheap and this is one of the best web hosts, it comes at $1.95 per month. Languages: PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Ruby. Free setup and domain along with unlimited space and bandwidth.

Making your Decision for the Best Web Host for WordPress

These web hosts have earned their reputation as being the best and top web hosts for WordPress. However, as I mentioned earlier it is up to an individual to choose what is best for that particular needs is. Choosing one of these would mean choosing one of the best web host for WordPress available on the market and you will have to make sure you get the one that is right for you.

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