Domains That Point To Your Dns

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January 22nd, 2012

It happens all the time, web hosting clients terminate their account but they leave their domain pointing to your dns.  Unfortunately this can cause a burden on your servers because their domain still points to your nameservers even though they aren’t hosting their website with you.  This can be a little controversial, however if you’re going to host their dns and answer requests then you should benefit from the responses and traffic.  This command works well in cpanel, however you may have to adjust it for other systems:

cat /var/log/messages | grep named | grep denied | cut -d “‘” -f2 | cut -d “/” -f1 | sort | uniq -ci | sort -nr

Basically what this does is search the messages file for the terms named and denied and then it sorts through the results.  This should provide you with a list of domains that are no longer in your DNS, according to cpanel, however the domain still points to your nameservers.  If a domain has a lot of results I would suggest adding the domain back into your DNS and pointing it to the IP of your website.  This will allow you to profit from the traffic and links that are still active.

Note – you have to run this command as root from your nameservers.  If you fail to run it as root or if you run it from a server that doesn’t handle DNS you won’t receive usable results.


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