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August 13th, 2012

In the ever expanding world of web hosting, Cheap Hosting is becoming more and more widely available. However, it still remains tricky to a) find the cheapest hosting, and b) get good value for money from Cheap Hosting.

In this article we will present you with some tips and tricks to help you find the best cheap web hosting that will really get your web ventures off to a financially successful start. From coupons, to Google to customer service, cheap hosting is out there – if you know where to look!

Firstly, you need to harness the power of the web you get Cheap Hosting. Many people make the mistake of going with their default host, without realizing there is a world of other good quality, good value for money web hosting providers out there. So, open up Google, and get started! A simple tip is to type in the amount that you want to spend on hosting – for example “Cheap hosting $5”, this will return only results that the host’s website specifies has a cheap package.

You will also want to harness the power of the location search feature, as you will surely know, many developing countries offer some of the fastest growing and financially friendly technology services – so type in “cheap web hosts India” and you will be very pleased with the results.

The power of the phone

Do not make the mistake of just going with the prices on the website of the Cheap Hosting company, ring up customer services! Tell them you are looking to move/purchase some Cheap Hosting and you may find that they are prepared to offer you a variety of deals and extra services if you buy their services then and there.

Do not be afraid to tell them your budget, although maybe suggest a price just below (to leave some negotiating room, allowing you to make it seem like your sacrifice is even greater when you increase your price) than your actual budget.

The Power of Coupons and discounts

You will also want to make use of vouchers and coupons on your quest for Cheap Hosting. Simply typing “cheap web hosting vouchers” into Google will produce a multitude of relevant search results, although check for any special requirements of the deal (e.g. having to sign up to a certain contract length).

You can also improve your search results by searching for a specific company’s vouchers – you will often find yourself taken to a page on the actual host’s website that they use to give out deals (that just does not appear on the normal homepage).

You can also ask any people you know who own/run websites, whether their host gives them any deals for referring on new customers – if they do, ask for a recommendation! There will almost certainly be benefits for the person who recommended you to the host too.

Cheap Hosting: quality of customer service

Everybody likes the idea of Cheap Hosting, what could be better than getting all your files stored, traffic connected and sales made on a website than costs less than $10 a month to run!?

Well, actually, there are several things you will need to bear in mind when you are looking at discount services, from customer services, to extra charges, there are a range of extra things to consider when cutting costs – for those not as technologically competent, it may be better to go for a premium service and just take the extra costs.

There will always be a trade off between customer service and hosting costs, the more you pay a company, the better service you can require from them in the future. With Cheap Hosting, you have to consider whether you are able to sort out minor technical problems (such as issues with domain name servers) by yourself, or if you will require a lot of technical help.

For people comfortable with technology, the Cheap Hosting – minimal service option may be worth the saving, for those who are less so, in the long term the saving will be vastly outweighed by the cost of professional support.


Depending on your bandwidth requirements, Cheap Hosting may not be the correct choice. For anyone considering running a website where any type of media is streamed, Cheap Hosting is definitely not the way forward. However, for those looking to run a small, possibly community based, website, a Cheap Hosting service may be exactly what you need.

If you are expecting less than 150 visitors a day, you do not need to be paying extra for large amount of bandwidth you will never use. Also consider whether you will be looking to expand your website, while you initially aim to start off with minimal visitors, if you later want to expand it may be worth investing now so that you do not need to mess around changing hosts and servers at a later date.

Extra services and charges

As you would expect, Cheap Hosting is the most basic service going – you do not get all the extras that premium hosts provide such as WordPress installation, SQL server installation etc. If these are services you think you might need, it may be worth increasing your budget a bit!

Similarly to low budget airlines, you literally have to pay for what you get. When it comes to Cheap Hosting, companies will look for any opportunity to spring an extra charge on you.

If you are worried about expanding too quickly and getting a fine for going over your allowances, you will need to make sure that you do not go for Cheap Hosting. Similarly, if you want free tech support, domain transfers etc, you need to be prepared for any extra costs you host might incur.

In conclusion, although Cheap Hosting can be a great way to save money, you need to remember that it is not always cheaper in the long run.

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