Why the Fat Cow Web Host is a Great Choice

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August 7th, 2012

The Fat Cow web host started offering their services in 1998 and provides a special service for those trying to put up a website. The provide many web hosting particulars with a high demand on having the best customer service and full time availability as web host for support.

Fat cow is famous not only for its best services, but also for providing a more than competitive price. It is also famous for its service and the latest technology it employs. Keep in mind the vocation of the Fat Cow web host for using efficient technology that is environmentally friendly. The FatCow hosting team is looking after your servers 24 hours a day and can solve any problem in very short time.

More Features from FatCow

Technical Support

With FatCow, if you notice any technical problem at any time whether it is day or night and need to correct it immediately they will help. The support team is available all day and night just waiting to help. You can ask for technical support 24/7 using their toll free contact number, sending an e-mail or by using the chat system. For a technical support, it is recommend to ask the questions with any of these methods.

FatCow Control Panel

The Fat Cow web host offer a control panel that is perfect for nearly all users. It is known as one of the easiest control panels to use, which means it is perfect for the beginner. The control panel is based on the popular system called vDeck. This allows users to manage files, websites, domains, emails, and databases very easily.

FatCow Guarantees

FatCow offers a money back guarantee of your money if within 30 days you are not satisfied with their service. FatCow also ensures server availability of 99.9 percent. They also guarantee technical assistance through three methods telephone, email, and chat. The Fat Cow web host is also a “Green” hosting company and FatCow is a certified supplier of Green Hosting. FatCow servers are powered by 100% wind energy.

When buying your hosting package, you will help protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions. You also get customer Service backed by a team of professionals and more than enough features for any hosting needs.

Pros about the FatCow hosting company include: very easy to use, anyone can easily manage domains, email, or whatever you need by use of the control panel. The ability to use a free web page builder and users can create and publish professional web pages without having any knowledge in PHP or HTML.

Cons about the FatCow hosting company include: Fat Cow does not offer the ability to change your web hosting package to a plan for VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. Unlimited hosting service is very nice for small and medium Web sites, but for large corporate sites, the VPS or dedicated hosting options are essential.

Choosing Fat Cow Hosting

With FatCow, there is no option for Windows package. They only offer the Linux operating system on their servers. This is actually a good thing because the Linux system is much more secure and reliable. You will have a better hosting environment with Linux.

Without the discount coupon for FatCow, the standard cost of unlimited hosting package is $88 per year. However, with the FatCow coupon discount, through our website, you can access all this for less than $50 per year. This savings is available through our website from the Fat Cow web host review we have available.

What do Fat Cow Coupons Offer?

FatCow is a web hosting company focused on simplifying the process of posting on the site, so it is natural for beginners and professionals to seek out the Fat Cow coupons. Founded in 1998, the FatCow web hosting company, without a doubt one of the few who still believe in a simple, old-fashioned service along with additional services for all.

Their approach is unique in providing a wide range of web hosting services for a fair price with the Fat Cow coupons. FatCow make its mark in providing the highest value to customers and a great experience for small businesses. The company has gone completely green and relies fully on wind energy. This means, as an owner of a FatCow hosting account, you don’t have to worry about whether they are providing you with hosting that hurts the environment or not.

Are you someone who is looking for a website hosting company that will provide uninterrupted services? If so, you should try to search around for Fatcow to learn more about it. If you are on the lookout for a professional website design, Fatcow offers services such as templates and scripts that will give you that much needed professional touch to your website. You might be think that you can search for any other hosting provider or simply said, why Fatcow? Well Fatcow provides top services at a decent price.

Along with the reasonable price, you can avail Fatcow’s services at an even lower price if you avail Fatcow discount coupons. The discount coupons Fatcow will further drive the price you pay to avail these top notch services at a lower price, enabling you to maximize your revenue to the extreme. Fatcow coupons that drive prices lower are found in different categories. Depending on the kind of coupon you get, you can get 50 percent reduction in price or a reduced monthly price of the services.

However, the discount you will get will depend on the availability of the respective coupons. People generally tend to believe that coupons are a scam as they only allow the introducer of these coupons to benefit from them. However, this isn’t true as by availing Fatcow price reduction coupons, you can avail big discounts on the company’s services. The coupons can make a big difference.

It is not just about saving money when it comes to discount Fatcow coupons but also the services that are provided by the company. Fatcow is known to provide uninterrupted services that will provide the host of the website great ease as he or she can easily operate different things on the website instead of the functionality of the website. Fatcow is very easy and simple to use and can be used by any website owner, new or experienced.

In order to learn more about Fatcow’s coupon codes, you should go on the internet. You will come across many websites that are offering these coupons. These discounted Fatcow coupons will allow you to not only save money but get your hands on the cheapest web hosting service that provides unhindered access and smooth operation of your website. To learn more about Fatcow discount coupon, hop on to the internet and search for the Fatcow coupon site and avail humungous discounts.

What the Fat Cow Coupon Gives You as the User

Here are the top 10 web hosting FatCow parameters and characteristics:

Unlimited storage space and unlimited traffic to your site
Unlimited Add-on domains and host multiple sites on one account
Unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts
Please contact customer service representatives by phone, e-mail, and Internet chat systems
VDeck powerful control panel is a good tool for consumers Simple installation scripts
Secure server e-commerce support
$150 free advertising on Google, Yahoo, Google, social community, FB, and yellow pages
100% wind-powered, zero CO2
Free website builder software.
30-day money guarantee

FatCow interface is simple and straightforward making it one of the most user-friendly systems available. After deciding on your domain name and sending your payment information, you will be redirected to the control panel, which allows you to build your website. FatCow uses a 3-panel vDeck management system, which includes a description of the image identified by the network, so that you can recognize what you need and what you are trying to do.

FatCow Web hosting also includes drag and drop integration with Weebly web design services. This makes is very easy to use one of the Fat Cow coupons and build your site with the tools provided. The downside is that some features such as a calendar, are considered add-ons and do cost a little bit more. If you want to use the services of web design, there are many other web design parameters, which can be easily integrated into FatCow web hosting accounts.


FatCow has been in business for over 10 years, and they host hundreds of thousands of accounts. Their policy is to ensure there are no hidden fees and they give you everything they advertise, and more. As an added bonus with the Fat Cow coupons, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Hosting Help

When it comes to support, FatCow is one of the best. If you use one of the Fat Cow coupons, you will find that they are at the top of their game with support. It is available 24/7 and the support staff is very professional. They respond very fast and help to solve any issues you may have very quickly.

A Little more of what is provided when you use the FatCow coupons:

* Integration with the store, WordPress and Zenphoto
* Google Webmaster Tools integration
* Customer service is a useful
* A well-designed user interface
* Drag and drop website builder
* 2GB of free backup with Carbonite
* $50 Google and Yahoo Ad Credits $25

Final Thoughts About the coupons From FatCow

FatCow has always followed their policy and provides the top customer service in the industry. You can now get a plan with FatCow hosting for under $4 a month, which is dirt-cheap. This plan will be packed with features and will give you everything necessary to get your website up and running fast. If you want the best, you need to be sure to find and use one of the many Fat Cow coupons.

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