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August 7th, 2012

The key to finding and reading Fat Cow hosting reviews is to know what you are looking for first. It is a necessity to find the right hosting company for your needs and reviews can help. There are many very positive Fat Cow hosting reviews, but just like any other large company they are not all positive.

FatCow is a private web hosting firm, which was founded in 1998. In those years when the websites were approached widely to be connected, and stay updated, FatCow has made serious attempt in providing efficient service to the customers. They offer very reasonable and economical web hosting plans that the majority of the web community can afford.

FatCow is among the best website hosting firms which has made a recognized name for itself in this niche, and offers a substantial number of features that are usually favored by most users. Particularly , FatCow is providing a tough twenty-four / seven client service, accessible cPanel that provides users with a characteristic benefit in comparison to the more primal method of web creation and development. Nonetheless there’s a massive difference between what many web-hosting firms are promising and what they are really delivering to their customers.

It is recommended that before you take any kind of possibilities on any web hosting service supplier, you need to actually consider some vital facts, which are debated below. The question remains, how are you going to know what these service suppliers are essentially providing unless you try their services? In an effort to answer this, FatCow has supplied info about its services which will supply you with a better idea about what you ought to be expecting before proceeding to make a deal. Almost all of the web hosting service suppliers can be judged on the standard of their services by simply understanding how their servers are performing with the uptime. In that case, FatCow is offering an uptime of 99.9 %, fundamentally guaranteeing an immaculate service. From the other perspective, in the event that anything fails, FatCow supplies the user with a complete refund. Overall, users of FatCow appear to be happy with the performance of the uptime and the money-back guaranty.

Multiple channels can be employed while the user wants to access consumer service, which is available 7 days each week full time. Irrespective of how heavy your issue is, all you’ve got to do is make a call to the correct departments or contact the department through e-mail or web chat. The executives at FatCow are devoted to helping their users right away with any issues they are going through. The cPanel offered by FatCow is understood to be one of the best and most convenient in all of web creation and development. It’s been designed particularly so the user can simply use it, even if you’re not an expert, while you are considering making any alteration to your internet site. The cPanel is a very good tool to help manage your business effectively and efficiently.

Last though not the least, all users will be supplied with different coupons and discounts. FatCow has presented itself as a big disciple of client appreciation, whether for current or future customers, and likes to supply its users rebates on its goods and services. Here are some more things to think about with FatCow hosting online.

Why the FatCow Reviews Is so Positive

Since they started providing service right from 1998, FatCow focuses on basic requirements and support that people needed in the time of rapid web growth. Organizations and small scale business groups have started to realize the value of reaching a wider audience through websites. Even individual feel that it’s better to keep their presence on the web and have started their own blogs.

The FatCow motto is about providing basic support with satisfactory response from the web developers, but in the earlier times, there were only small scale of web hosting providers. Among them only few had affordable plans and FatCow was the one, which provided the most affordable and cheapest web hosting service with all the technical support needed to start a website, which made beginners feel comfortable.

There were many aspects to consider when it comes to selecting a service provider and obviously, people had many choices. Most companies provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, a free domain name, and more. FatCow announced various plans and packages that any customer would be able to get everything that is required along with their web hosting.

It really came helpful for the non-technical customers, who then started to get all the basic requirements in one package without any hassles. Currently, FatCow has become a major player in the web hosting industry and the choice of many, who look for excellent service and support in cheap prices. This is why there are so many positive Fat Cow hosting reviews out there.

Many web hosting providers do promise customers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, but in reality, it may not turn out to be so good. However, FatCow tries to make its service plans much more reliable and reasonable and finally came up with a package, which offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with a free domain name, unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, and Plugins.

Reading all the Hosting Reviews Yourself

In addition to all of this, FatCow also provides a website builder, which will have pre-installed themes and can be used to build your own web layouts and designs with no core technical skills needed. This makes the process of website hosting even easier and more affordable due to low cost.

The efficiency in the tools provided has helped FatCow in gaining popularity and resulted in a large scale of subscriptions. Customers can easily get the package and configure it accordingly by a single step sign-up process on the website This move helped even overseas customers to get the service.

There are many benefits of enrolling in FatCow services because it provides free Google Adwords credits, Facebook credits, Yahoo credits, Google web master tools, web applications, Simple Scripts, a Backup policy, and more. Take the time to read through a few of the Fat Cow hosting reviews and you will find out how good the company is for yourself.

The Fat Cow Hosting Review will Make a Difference

If you are like me and are looking for a good hosting company, then look no further because the Fat Cow hosting review is one of the best of its kind. This review will introduce you to one of the best companies out there and will give you many benefits. You can’t go wrong with the best and FatCow certainly provides the best.

It can be hard to find a website hosting company that you can rely on. Most of those companies are often inexperienced in handling good solutions for servers, and therefore your website will be offline quite often. Even if you find a decent hosting provider, it will probably cost you a fortune.

I was looking for good web hosting provider, because my last server was often offline. For my company it was a critical to stay online with our website. After few days of looking, I’ve found some good deal by reading the Fat Cow hosting review and using the coupons offered by FatCow.

The Rest of What the Hosting Review will Give you

As a standard in Fat Cow, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts, and one domain name for free with your plan. All of this is available for only $3.67 per month. There are hosting companies that charge at least $10 per month for fewer features, so I was more than happy when I saw the low costs.

Let’s look deeper into the functions available for Fat Cow hosting users. The first major feature that stands out with Fat Cow from the others is that Fat Cow is using a CPanel as a standard to your basic plan. CPanel is a website manager that contains tons of ready to use scripts (shopping carts, rotators, image galleries, etc.), as well as ready to construct site engines (WordPress, Joomla, PHPbb, etc.) and all managing tools you need to prepare your site.

Often CPanel is all you get, but with Fat Cow hosting you also get a built in free site builder, which you can use to create your own website from scratch. Let’s say that you need to build a site for small company, you can use the site builder and do this much faster. A website should be able to have regular news updates, as well as some constant sub-pages and one page with shopping options.

With the Fat Cow CPanel, you can easily create this scheme by building a WordPress blog. After that, you can choose one of hundreds of ready to use templates (they are also editable if you would like to change something). When you are be ready to add a shopping cart script, just head back to CPanel and from list of shopping scripts, choose one that suits you the best.

A Few Final Things to Include in the FatCow Review

Sometimes there are problems that you cannot handle by yourself. In those situations, you have to contact hosting support. One time I messed up in MySQL databases so I had to contact the support. I was more than happy when after I wrote an email to Fat Cow’s support, they contacted me in few minutes, with a full explanation how to solve my problem. This is why there are so many users that have posted a positive Fat Cow hosting review.

Overall, I have to say that Fat Cow Hosting is a good hosting company that I can rely on. Server uptime is more than 99.9% and the only problem that I had, was caused by me, and even so- support provided me with a solution to my problem within few minutes. This is a top company and you can find out more by reading our full Fat Cow hosting review.

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