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August 30th, 2012

If you are a beginner and you want to understand how to host your own blog, then you have come to the right place. You will be introduced to a few options you can use for hosting your blog and how each one of them works. Sit back, relax, and take this journey as you discover how to host your own blog.

Blog hosting is very easy to find and it comes in a variety of different types. You can use shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated server hosting. Each of these are a bit different and they range in price from $2 a month all the way up to thousands of month. Shared hosting is the cheapest and dedicated hosting is the most expensive, with VPS filling the gap between the two.

Most beginner bloggers will start out with shared hosting because of the price. If you fit into this category, then you need to understand that the company you choose is more important than anything else is when it comes to shared hosting. A bad company can make the idea of how to host your own blog seem impossible, whereas a good company can make it seem like a piece of cake.

How to Hosting Your Own Blog with Shared Hosting

When you get a top company to provide you with shared hosting, how to host your own blog, becomes easier. This is a great way to get the foundation you need along with the tools necessary to design and manage your blog. You will need a content management system, WordPress or Joomla is best, and a few other tools to get your blog up and running.

It is also important to get your own domain name either from an outside company, or from your hosting company. Some hosting companies will give you a free domain name with your hosting purchase and this can be a great way to get both within one package. Just be sure this is not a cheap company trying to hook you on bad hosting.

Take time to read a few reviews about the top blog hosting companies before you decide which one is right. Don’t concern yourself too much with price, as many companies offering shared hosting will offer it for a very low price. You will be hard-pressed to find a package out there more expensive than $15 and most of them are between $3 and $7 a month.

Shared hosting can give you everything you need and once you have your package, it is just a matter of choosing a content management system, learning how to use it, and putting your blog up for the public to see. You will already have the right hosting and if you get a top blog hosting company, it will be one less thing to worry about.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting for How to Host your Own Blog

Blogs that get a larger amount of traffic will need to use VPS or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting only supports about 300 visitors an hour and that is with the best possible shared hosting out there. If you choose to go with VPS hosting, you can start for under $50 a month and with dedicated hosting you will need around $150 a month to get started.

Both of these options are more secure and faster performing than shared hosting. They will give you a set of your own resources instead of sharing them with other hosting accounts. The advantages you get from either of these types of hosting far outweigh those of shared hosting and you can certainly benefit from using VPS or dedicated hosting for how to host your own blog.

Why BlueHost Discount Hosting is the Best Choice

We have rated BlueHost discount hosting as the top choice for blogs and it is also in our top ten list for overall hosting. You can do many things with such a reliable and secure hosting company. It is necessary to note that BlueHost offers shared hosting and if you are looking for VPS or dedicated servers hosting, you want to refer to our lists for those types.

However, if you are a beginner or you are looking for great shared hosting, then getting BlueHost discount hosting is a great way to go. There are many ways you can get the necessary hosting to help you move forward with your project and one of them is by using our top ten list. This will help by giving you our review and the reviews of real customers to help with your decision making.

You need to have strong hosting with great servers. This is a necessity and if you want to avoid many of the issues that you hear about with hosting, then you can simply go with BlueHost discount hosting. They will not cause you issues and if you do have an issue, then support is fast, reliable, and professional.

It is next to impossible to think of starting a business without a website in place and without thinking about what kind of hosting you would like to have. There are many reasons as to why we offer Bluehost hosting. In fact, a website can develop revenue for business from any niche. It acts as a platform to cater your business to larger audience. Further, regardless of your nature of business, you can attract a sizeable client base from all over the world. Along with business, it also helps you derive maximum exposure to your products. To begin with, you may search for attractive hosting options available for your website.

In fact, there are several hosting options available in market that you can choose from. However, before proceeding with any, you require verifying certain details that differentiates one hosting plan from other. In case you are interested in knowing them, you may read as below:

Uptime: It is one of the chief factors that affect traffic to your website. It would be disappointing to learn about clients visiting URL of your website in an error. Different hosting plans such as BlueHost offers different hosting rates. However, as a general thumb rule, services offering least quote often state uptime values such as 97 to 98%. However, the best ones provide you 99.99% of uptime assurance.

Hosting Space: Another factor that dedicates dependability of hosting site is hosting space. If you are planning for a social networking forum, then you would require enormous BlueHost space. Under such circumstances you would require large hosting space at affordable cost. On contrary, if you simply launching a website for product review and rating, then you may need a little space with an appreciable uptime rating.

Emails: For business purposes, it is quite indispensable to have more than one email addresses. Moreover, they should be registered on website domain name as provided by BlueHost services. For instance, they should look more or less like ‘‘ In case you already own one, then you may make explore email forwarding options that allows your new business mails to forward on your personal email.

Validity: Nowadays, most hosting services allow one year validity plans as their base plans. However, you always have options to invest in plans with more than one year of validity time. They can be both, economical as well as reliable as well. Sometimes, they are club with richer features that make them stand as a lucrative choice. However, if you are unsure about the reliability of the hosting service provider, then you may choose to base plans such as one year. In fact, service providers such as BlueHost do allow trail period offers using coupons for durations such as one month to a year.

Affiliate Programs: BlueHost allow their clients to make use of easy tips in order to increase traffic to their website. Such features are desired in case you are launching a product review website. Eventually, it allows you to get paid along with product promotion and marketing.

In case you become confuse while selecting between hosting options, then you consider above points to come to your rescue. Moreover, different people keep different opinions, and hence it would be advisable to try trial period offers yourself before arriving at any conclusions. Thus, finding the right hosting services may not be as difficult as initially thought and can be made easy by pondering over above points. Here are some other reasons as to why BlueHost might be the best one to get for your website.

Why BlueHost Hosting is the Top Choice for Blogs

Blogs are a bit of a different animal than a website. They can have both static pages and posts to help you market a product, an idea, or anything you want. Blogs are very powerful because they receive regular content and they are updated quite a bit. This means that you are always putting out unique and new content for the reader and for the search engines.

Getting the right blogging platform is important and when you use BlueHost discount hosting, you will have access to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and a handful of other content management systems to use as a blogging platform. Not only to you get access to all of these, but also with the foundation of BlueHost hosting, you will always have exactly what you need.

You are trying to get the right hosting for your project and it is very important to do exactly that. Take the time to compare any hosting company you are considering to at least one of the other top choices. This will help to ensure you get the right hosting, at a price that fits your budget, with the tools you need.

BlueHost hosting is not expensive, but you will have to pay for a full year up front. However, this means you don’t have to worry about a hosting bill or anything having to do with your hosting for an entire year. This can take a bit of stress off your shoulders and allow you to move forward with the project you are working on.

Discount Hosting for the Beginner

Since BlueHost discount hosting is one of the more friendly sites for beginners, we highly recommend this company for you, if you are new to hosting. They give you all the necessary tools to help you put up a blog or a website and if your goal is to make money with affiliate marketing or another type of internet marketing, they also allow you to host unlimited domain names.

With your package, you will get one free domain name for the life of your account and you can choose any extension you want, even a dot com. This means, you get everything you need to start your first blog or website and all you have to do is pay for the BlueHost discount hosting package.

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