What is Discount Website Hosting and Why is it a Problem?

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August 7th, 2012

If you decide you are going to use discount website hosting it is usually because you are trying to pinch pennies. This is never good when you are in business because usually pinching pennies means you are giving up quality or something you really need. It is no different with cheap web hosting.

Discount web hosting usually comes from a company that is simply not all that good, not very experienced, and cannot provide you with the options you really need to have. This can create problems and when the foundation of your project is cracked you will struggle to put up your business website properly.

It is very important that you get a great domain name for your website, but also a great hosting package. The good news is you can do this without spending your life savings and you don’t have to give up the quality you need. There are many top web hosting companies that can start you off with a cheap hosting package and work you up to a better one over time.

Below you are going to find some of the options you can use to get better hosting without spending a lot of money. You are also going to find the five main reasons why choosing discount website hosting could put you out of business faster than it puts you in business. Make sure you take all of this information into consideration before you choose your hosting company.

5 Reasons Why Discount Web Hosting is Not Good

1. Lack of Options

When you spend less to get hosting from a company there usually are not nearly as many options. Most of the smaller hosting companies will only offer you shared hosting and nothing else. This means when you get to the point that you are ready for an upgrade to a better type of hosting you have to completely switch companies.

2. Unreliable Servers

Typically a company that offers discount website hosting is not going to have the most reliable of servers. This is due to their small budget and the amount of money it takes to get really good servers. You don’t want to have your hosting account stuck on a server you cannot trust. Make sure you are not using a company with bad servers or you will certainly regret it in the future.

3. Slower Speed

The next thing you will deal with when you get cheap hosting is a lack of speed. Speed is what allows your site to actually load when a visitor finds you. This is very important because if your site is slow you will never be able to keep your visitors on it. Your competition will love you because you will be sending them your traffic.

4. Less Security

Since the only option you will have with a discount web hosting company is to get shared hosting you will not get the security you may desire. There are other types of hosting that can provide you with much more security than shared hosting. Plus smaller hosting companies with cheaper prices don’t always have the best programs for security anyway.

5. Poor Support

Think about it this way, if you were running a discount hosting company and your servers were constantly having issues, and then your support team would be slammed. This is the case quite a bit with cheap web hosting because they don’t have a large enough support teams and they also don’t have reliable servers.

The last thing you want to do is wait an hour or longer to get support when you have an issue. This will cause every visitor you could have gotten in that time to leave your site or not be able to load your site. You need fast and professional support from one of the best web hosting companies if you plan to be successful online.

Options that Are Better than Discount Hosting

You have two main options that are much better than using any type of discount host. You can choose to go with a top web hosting company and get the cheapest website hosting the offer or you can start with a VPS hosting package and build your business along with your hosting. Here are some details about both options.

If you go with shared hosting from one of the best web hosting companies you will be able to get a better package with more security and more resources. This is simply because the top web hosting companies know what they are doing. However, if you upgrade for a few dollars more to a middle grade shared package you can host more domain names and get even more resources for your sites and blogs.

Another option is to start with a small VPS hosting package, which is better than shared hosting, and grow as you need more resources. The smallest packages are going to cost about $10 a month, which is not very much and you can grow your hosting all the way up to over $200 a month over time. This will provide you with more security and your own resources on a partition of a server.

No matter what choice you decide to go with you need to make sure you get the hosting that will benefit your business the most. This is the foundation of your website or blog and if you choose a cheap foundation you are setting yourself up for failure. Make sure you check out all the options before you choose discount website hosting.

What can you Use Cheap Dedicated Web Hosting?

There are some options for cheap dedicated web hosting, but dedicated hosting is not cheap to begin with. This is the most expensive hosting you are going to find and if you cannot afford to spend at least $150 a month you won’t be able to get any type of dedicated hosting. Here are a few things you can use it for.

Cheap hosting that is on a dedicated server can be used for a blog or website that needs to be very highly secured. You will be able to use whichever type of security software you prefer with your server and this will help you get exactly what you need from your hosting. This is one thing you can use dedicated hosting for.

Another use for this type of hosting is for a larger company that wants to create an intranet between all their employees. This will allow everybody to have an email address and keep in contact with each other along with their customers. You will need to have a large amount of space and resources for this so dedicated hosting is about your only choice.

You can use cheap dedicated web hosting for nearly any project online, but there are some projects that you don’t need this much space for. It is important to start with setting a budget and figuring out how much money you can afford for hosting each month. This will help you to choose the right type of hosting whether it is dedicated or not.

The Benefits you Get from Cheap Web Hosting

When you are looking into dedicated hosting you are going to get some benefits you cannot get from other types of hosting. Below you are going to find a few of the benefits you get with this type of hosting compared to shared web hosting. Then, we will discuss a way to get most of the benefits of dedicated hosting without spending so much every month.

1. Space

With a full server for your hosting you will have more space than you get with most other types of hosting. This means you can build a larger blog, website, or more than just on. When the server is all for you it is easier to be comfortable with expanding your project or hosting more than one project on the server.

2. Speed

Due to the fact that you will not be fighting with anybody else for the resources of the server you will have more speed than you get with other types of hosting. You will be able to see your site load faster and get the visitors the information they are after much faster. Speed is very important and dedicated hosting will give you the most you can get from a type of hosting.

3. Security

When you share a server you could get hacked because someone else on that server gets hacks. However, when the server is all for you the only person they could hack is you. Another benefit you get with the security is you can choose the type of software you want to use for your server and customize it to your needs.

These are just a few of the benefits of having a server that is fully dedicated to you. There are many other things you can customize with your own server and there are many other things you can do to get exactly what you are after with your hosting. Make sure you understand that you get what you pay for and paying for dedicated hosting will give you so much more than getting shared hosting.

An Alternative to Cheap Dedicated Hosting

If you cannot spend $150 or more a month on hosting, then you can use a different option that will give you most of the same benefits of dedicated hosting, but without the price tag. You can use what is called VPS or virtual private server hosting. This type of hosting gives you many of the benefits of dedicated hosting and starts around $10 a month.

You will get a partition of a server instead of the full server and you can secure it however you want to. This is much better than shared hosting and will give you more speed to work with. If you start with a smaller package you can build your hosting and spend more as your site or blog is getting larger and needs more resources.

Those that can’t afford to get dedicated hosting can use VPS hosting for their project. You still want to make sure you are getting plenty of space and resources for your site along with getting the right price for your budget as well. Check out the top web hosting companies and read the web hosting reviews before you choose either VPS hosting or cheap dedicated web hosting.

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