Are You Considering Dirt Cheap Web Hosting?

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August 8th, 2012

Before we get into what dirt cheap web hosting is good for, we must first define what it is. Dirt cheap web hosting is any web hosting that is sold for under $5 a month. This is super cheap compared to all the other packages out there, but is it the right hosting for your project?

Every website, every blog, and every hosting account are unique. You may be putting up a blog that will have thousands of posts or you may only need a few posts to achieve the success you are after. Either way, you have to match up the right hosting for what you are trying to do. If you don’t you may struggle to make the most out of your project.

Dirt cheap web hosting is not going to be the best choice for each and every project out there. It is good for some things, but the quality is not always the best and the company you end up with is not always the top choice. You need to be aware of what you are getting into or you could struggle simply because of your hosting.

What Dirt Cheap Hosting is Not For

1. Internet Marketers

If you are going to try to build an income online, then dirt cheap web hosting is not a good choice for you. With internet marketing, you will need the ability to host many domain names along with many other features that are not found in the cheapest hosting packages out there. You will need to at least upgrade to a better form of shared hosting if you plan to be successful with internet marketing.

2. Small Businesses

Even though you may be trying to cut costs anywhere you can, you cannot afford to choose dirt cheap web hosting if you run a small business. Profits can be lost, customers diverted to competing businesses, and many other things can cause you issue if you choose to go with low quality hosting for your business website.

3. High Security Projects

When you need a large amount of security for your blog or website, choosing dirt cheap web hosting is not a good way to go. Usually the cheaper type of hosting will not provide you with what is necessary to move forward with your goals and protect your data at the same time. Most projects requiring high levels of security will need to look into dedicated server hosting.

4. Online Stores

If you plan to open an online store, getting the cheapest hosting will not cut it. Usually you have to upgrade to the highest level of shared hosting to get the shopping cart software you need and the security to allow customers to trust your website. This is a non-negotiable thing with an online store and dirt cheap web hosting will not do the job for you.

What Situation is Cheap Hosting Good For?

Dirt cheap web hosting is perfect for personal websites and beginners. If you are just starting out you can get your feet wet without spending a large sum of cash on your hosting. This is the only time the cheapest hosting is recommended and once you have a handle on what you are doing you will want to upgrade your dirt cheap web hosting to something better.

What are Normal and Expected Web Hosting Rates?

The normal and expected web hosting rates of the industry will vary a little bit depending on the type of hosting, the package you choose, and a few other factors. You want to make sure you choose the package that is right for you from the top company, but you also want to make sure they fit into the expected web hosting rates and are not overpriced.

Shared hosting will vary anywhere from $2.50 per month up to $30.00 per month. The best shared hosting will have web hosting rates between $5 and $15 per month. Usually the packages that cost a bit more will give you a dedicated IP address, private SSL certificate, and a few other advantages you don’t get with the lower priced packages.

VPS hosting varies mostly due to the size of the package and the resources included. It can be as cheap as $5.95 per month and as expensive as $600 or more a month. The larger package you purchase, the more you will pay, and the more bandwidth you need, the more you can expect to pay with VPS hosting. The major benefit of VPS hosting is you can start of small and cheap and expand, as you need to.

Dedicated hosting is by far the choice with the highest web hosting rates. This is when you rent or buy the entire server and it can start as low as $59.95 per month and get as expensive as a few thousand dollars a month. The price is determined by how many servers you need, how much space they provide, whether you manage them or not, and what type of servers they are.

The Top 5 Ways to Get a Discount on Your Hosting Rates

1. Coupon Codes

You can find coupon codes with an easy Google search and they can provide you with up to 50% off your hosting or they may give you a free month. Nearly every hosting company has coupon codes out there you can use.

2. Referrals

Some companies offer the opportunity for others to refer you and for you to refer others. You can get a discount both ways and sometimes this is a way you can get your hosting paid for, if you refer enough people to the company.

3. Holiday Specials

Usually around the holidays (not just Christmas, either) you can get a special rate by taking advantage of a sale that the hosting company will have. These happen on Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and many other holidays.

4. Pay Yearly

An easy way to get web hosting rates is to pay for your hosting yearly or even for more than one year at a time. Many hosting companies will give you a significant discount if you pay for one year, two years, or three years up front.

5. Ask for a Discount

If you find a hosting company you really like, but you want a discounted rate, sometimes all you have to do is ask. Send them an email and see if they will offer you a discount on your hosting package. Most companies will be happy to.

Paying Your Web Host Rates

One final tip about getting the best web hosting rates is to be sure you are not making your decision based on what you pay for your hosting. Make sure the package fits your project and gives you everything you need. It does not matter if you pay $1 or $1,000, if the package is not right for you, the web hosting rates are a waste of your money.

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