The Advantages of Dedicated Web Server Hosting

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August 14th, 2012

Even though using a shared web hosting service could have been enough for businesses some years ago, things have change today. There is now a lot more competition between e-commerce websites these days. Furthermore, those who operate an e-commerce site have an increased need for certain features, like better security, more bandwidth and increased speed. All of these things have become actual necessities, rather than simply nice things to have on a site.

Because of this, the demand for dedicated web server hosting has grown a lot. Dedicated web server hosting will provide a better option for an e-commerce site that operates in today’s marketplace, which is very competitive.

Medium and large companies have a lot of benefits to going from a shared hosting plan to a dedicated hosting option. The advantages of making the switch greatly outweigh the increased costs that using dedicated web server hosting will entail.

When using dedicated web server hosting, the client leases and pays for a whole web server that only them will use. He will have full control of the server and will be able to manage it depending on the needs of his website.

Advantages of Using Dedicated Hosting

  • Better control – Clients who use this type of hosting can decide which software they will run on their server without any restrictions.
  • More resources – Your business will not be slowed down by other users of the web host like in shared hosting, due to the fact that the entire server and its CPU power, bandwidth and memory are not shared with others and are for your exclusive use.
  • Root access – The dedicated web server hosting clients gets sole access to the server through a login that only he can use.
  • Increased stability and reliability – The stability and availability of your business website is greatly increased when it is running in a dedicated hosting environment. You will have better uptime and fewer issues of your web site loading slowly or experiencing errors or other kinds of problems.
  • Better security – In a shared web hosting solution, you never know if the other sites on the server could be attacked by malicious hackers or infected with viruses. If a site running on a shared server is compromised, this could affect the security and stability of all the other sites hosted on that server as well. When you use dedicated web server hosting, this is not an issue at all, as your site is the only one that is running on the server. All you have to do is to ensure that your own site is secure, rather than worrying about what other users could do.
  • A unique IP address – When you use dedicated web server hosting, your website gets an IP address that is only used by your site. This means that all traffic is routed directly to it. This translates into increased speed, reliability and fewer interruptions.

Using a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan for all Your Needs

Your choice of a dedicated web server hosting package should be given a lot of thought and attention. Obviously, it is not a good idea to go with the host who has the coolest looking advertising material, but to actually compare various hosts, their service, features and reputation before you make that important decision.

Only then will you be able to make the best choice when it comes to a dedicated hosting package that suits the needs of your business. A good dedicated web server hosting plan will be a great asset for your business and will allow you to conduct electronic commerce without worries.

Are You Searching For cheap Windows Dedicated Hosting?

You may want to take a look around and see all the offers for cheap Windows dedicated hosting before you make a decision about a host. It can sometimes be quite difficult to make a decision between various hosts and what they have to offer. This is a common problem that website owners and webmasters alike face, but there is a simple solution to it. It consists of looking for the host that gives you the features that your website requires right now and will require in the future.

It is no secret that when compared to all the other operating systems out there, Windows is the most popular of them all. Windows systems have a 70% market share of all operating systems in the world. This has also made it to be the most popular operating system that is used in both shared and dedicated web hosting.

What to Look For In Cheap Windows Dedicated Hosting

  • Overall quality. The first thing that you need to look for is the actual quality of the hosting that is given by the web host. The quality is measured by the level of the uptime guarantee. The guarantee should be as high as 99.9%.
  • You should examine customer reviews and feedback before making a decision, so that you would know what other clients of the web host have had to say about them
  • Low price. Now that you have found a few web hosts that you may want to do business with, you can then look at their prices and see if they seem fair when compared to other competing web hosting places.
  • Good rates for Windows dedicated hosting will usually be found in the range of $170 to $400 per month and they will vary depending on which plan you are on. If you stay within that price range you will find many hosts that give you excellent value for your money. It may just take a bit of looking around and comparing.
  • Technical support. One advantage of Windows based servers over those based on Linux is that the Windows platform makes troubleshooting issues easier than with Linux based servers. The technical support team of your web host needs to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you out with any problems that you may experience with your server. They should also be reachable by a variety of methods, like telephone, email and live chat.

Final Thoughts About Windows Hosting

There are plenty of good Windows dedicated hosting providers available on the market today, however you still need to do proper research before you make a decision on using one web host over another. Running an e-commerce site can sometimes be a challenge in itself, so you should not have additional problems with your web hosting providers that will simply serve to complicate things even further for you.

There is a great amount of Windows dedicated hosting plans currently available on various hosts so you should select the one that has the best features that will suit your needs better. The Windows dedicated hosting provider also needs to accommodate your future growth without any problems.

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