Cost Of Cloud Computing Is Minimal And Benefits Are High

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August 14th, 2012

Talking about growing technology influence, cost of cloud computing has played an important role in it. We see every other business apart from individuals, going online every other day, which has only become possible with the process being cheap enough and hosting is even cheap these days. All of us understand how important it is for firms to have web presence that not only benefit them but are a major help for the consumers too.

If we see what consumers demand in this fast paced world is to have access to their favorite goods and services whenever they want World Wide Web is the only one stop shop, though a virtual one, that is available for the general consumer at any time of the day. Moreover, this is one market that customers can visit from any and every part of the world if they have an internet connection. Life has never been this easy but every comfort in this world comes with a price tag. If we see cloud computing this way, the cost of cloud computing is not as high compared to the long list of benefits it provides.

Cloud Computing Helps Businesses Expand

As we know that cost of cloud computing is not as high as compared to the services it is provides, it is just phenomenal and the business world has been clever enough to understand the importance of such cost efficient deals. Seeing the bounties offered by cost of cloud computing, small and medium enterprises, micro and home based firms have been very active in the online world. These entities start up with lower amount of capital but have immense potential. We have seen so many firms of such kind, getting overnight success by registering online.

This cost effective deal makes their journey in trading even smoother and beneficial. With company costs going low, consumers also get some share by experiencing reduction in the final product price. In a way, this has created a win win situation for all parties involved in a business transaction. The best part here is that quality of services being provided is only upgraded and not degraded in any sense. This is because cloud computing is one of the most efficient hosting services available at the moment. They are not only reliable but also help firms manage their web space, bandwidth and other maintenance related issues without hiring any new IT personnel. The end result is nothing but better service for the customer, which in turn enhances their satisfaction.

Added Benefits Of Cloud Computing Other Than Lower Cost Of Cloud Computing

As mentioned earlier, businesses today look out for total IT solutions that are not only cyber-active but also reliable. Talking about cloud computing, it has impressed a lot of entities with its additional benefits like the environment friendly aspect. This happens to be one IT related service that uses minimal computer components, resulting in every company’s carbon emissions reduction by at least thirty percent. Its robotic mechanism is one of its kinds that help clients function to their best even if too many visitors are on the same page. All in all, cloud computing is a complete solution and the best part is that the cost of cloud computing is low.

Get The Benefits Of A Personal Cloud Server

Personal cloud server has taken the IT world by storm. All website owners want to host their websites on clouds. The reasons for its success are numerous. It has quickly taken the lead when it comes to different hosting packages. The greater reliability that cloud technology offers for much cheaper prices is hard to ignore.

So what is so great about this cloud technology? Cloud technology offers two services; cloud computing and cloud hosting. In this article, we will focus on cloud hosting specifically. Hosting provides your website with server space so that it can go online and be visible to anyone browsing the internet. Before cloud hosting took centre stage, there were only two options available to web designers. They could either go for dedicated hosting of shared hosting. Either way, there was little chance of easy expansion. A huge amount of investment had to be made to maintain the servers.

The packages available were very expensive. If they were cheap, the services they offered were limited. A need was felt for a more hassle free hosting plan which doesn’t eat up all your capital. Cloud hosting filled this void. Cloud hosting is a network of virtual servers, in layman’s terms. The end user shares server space with other websites, much like shared hosting. However, cloud hosting is much better than shared hosting because the server space you get is not limited. You can increase server space as much as you like and when you desire. In this way, you have a personal cloud server without having to pay as much. This private cloud server allows you scalability so that you can increase server space when traffic on your website demands.

Cloud server hosting is a reliable form of hosting because of the fact that multiple servers are available. Reliability means that your website will remain online and accessible to the public. Most of the time, websites experience downtime because the servers are not working properly. This can also be the case if your website gets too much traffic at one point in time. Cloud hosting is as reliable as a hosting plan can be. It promises 100% up time because if one server goes down, you can always shift to another. You lose no traffic because this shift is done in no time. All you have to do is inform the host that you wish to shift your website to another server and the host will respond within a few minutes. You will have your web site up and running in no time.

What Benefits Can a Cloud Server Provide You?

Personal cloud servers are extremely cheap because you only pay for what you use. Usually, hosts charge you a fixed monthly fee, regardless of your computer usage. With cloud hosting, you pay according to the server space you use. If in one month, you experience more traffic and thus use up more server space, you will be charged more. If, on the other hand, the traffic drops in another month, you pay much less. In this way, you save valuable capital. You also save money by not having to invest in hardware and software updates. The servers are managed wholly by the host and he is the one who buys the license software and hardware to provide efficient service. You do not need to maintain your own servers.

You do need expensive infrastructure to store servers or to hire professionals to maintain those servers for you. You also save costs because the basic package offered by cloud hosting is very cheap. You pay a little more than your average shared hosting package but you get all the features and services one would normally get in a dedicated hosting package. Dedicated packages are extremely expensive and also cause hindrances if you wish to expand. Usually, when you wish to expand your website, you have to make another deal with the host or change your hosting company all together. In cloud hosting, all you have to do is send your host an email, asking him to increase your server space. The host will provide you with that extra space within minutes. This is possible because all the servers are connected together and since they are virtual, you do not require hardware updates.

Cloud Hosting Can Really Help You Out A Lot In Many Ways

Cloud hosting prevents wastage which is a crucial point in today’s world. Cloud technology has been termed green technology and for good reason. The IT industry has been criticized off and on concerning the huge amounts of wastage it creates. Technological innovation is so fast that any piece of hardware is rendered useless within a few months because something more efficient replaces it.

At the end, you have a huge amount of IT related waste which technically still works perfectly well but is out dated. This problem is solved by cloud technology because it has removed the need of buying hardware. Everything, from data to servers has gone virtual. One huge computer located at the host’s office contains all the servers and data that people use from all over the world.

Instead of thousands of people maintaining servers with air conditioners etc, there is only one big server. The best part about this green innovation is that efficiency is not compromised. The service is actually faster than the conventional hosting methods so there is a win-win situation. Considering all the benefits cloud technology offers, it’s only logical to own an individual or personal cloud server for your website as well.

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