A Comparison of the Best Blog Hosts – Things that You Should Look For

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August 10th, 2012

The best blog hosts compared will help you make the right decision with regards to picking out a web hosting company that can host your blog. There are various things that you need to have in regards to blog hosting. We will take a look at many of the best blog hosts compared so that you can see the options that you should be looking for, as well as be aware of quality web hosting companies that you as a webmaster can use.

When having the best blog hosts compared, we need to see various options with regards to blogging platforms, monetization, as well as the kind of hosting which will give you the best security choices. Also, you will see how it is possible to customize your blog well. After you go through all of this information, you will quite easily be able to make a comparison of various blog hosting companies as well as the options that they offer to their consumers.

When looking at the best blog hosts compared, we will also take a look at a web hosting companies which many bloggers and internet marketers consider to be an excellent choice when it comes to hosting.

What to Look at When Doing a Blog Hosts Compared List

The blogging platform

The top choice that you will need to make would be selecting the actual blogging platform that you would prefer to make use of. The platform is something that you will need to consider quite carefully when making your choice, as it will have an effect on which web hosting companies you can use.

The top platform that you will see when looking at the best blog hosts compared is called WordPress. The reason that it is offered at the best of the best blog hosts compared is because it is easy to use and many webmasters have stated that it is the best content management system that they have seen online as of now. Even though WordPress themselves also offer a web hosting solution which allows you to host your blog for free, it is not really recommended that you make use of it. Rather, you should look at the best blog hosts compared and then use a paid host which lets you install WordPress by using Fantastico.

Monetizing your blog

A lot of us will be using things such as Adsense ads, Amazon products, Clickbank products, as well as various affiliate programs in order to make the blog create some revenue for us. It is very easy to monetize a blog that is based on WordPress, which is a platform that is accessible on all of the best blog hosts compared. You will see, with WordPress you will get access to a full suite of plugins and various tools that will allow you to monetize your blog quite easily.

Secure blog hosting

As you are looking at the best blog hosts compared, you also need to keep security in mind. You will want a host that is very secure, especially if you are going to be using a blog for commercial reasons. One hosting option that you may want to consider instead of using shared hosting would be to get a VPS host. Sure, it might be a bit more expensive than the other web hosting options, but it will be much more secure.

The web hosting in itself

When you are searching for best blog hosts compared, you need to know that there are three basic options that are available for hosting choices. These options are shared web hosting, VPS hosting, as well as free web hosting. You should not use a free web hosting option if you are serious about making money from your blog, as it will simply end up causing problems for you and your business. Rather, you should stick with one of the reliable paid hosting companies that you will be able to find in the best blog hosts compared.

If you are just starting out, you can elect to go with shared hosting and use WordPress as a content management system and platform that will be powering your blog. There are plenty of hosting companies that will offer you instant access to WordPress with the Fantastico script. These of the best blog hosts compared will make installation of WordPress very simple for you. But if you want a hosting option that is slightly more powerful, then you should however consider going with VPS hosting instead.

Customizing your blog

When you do the best blog hosts compared, you will want to be using a platform and web host which will allow you to add various widgets, change the script as well as add some plugins. By doing so, you will be putting up a blog which is very functional but also quite attractive to your readers. Not all the blogging platforms are so customizable, but WordPress is.

The Best Blog Hosting – The Winner

After we do all of the best blog hosts compared, we have made a decision that BlueHost is the top choice. The only negative issue with BlueHost is the fact that you need to pay for either one or two years of hosting up front, however they do give you a free domain name when you sign up for a hosting plan with them. Many webmasters and bloggers in online communities consider the to be one of the best and most reliable web hosts that you will ever find, and they also give you access to the WordPress platform.

Sure, there are many choices that you will find regarding hosting and many hosts are different for various things, but a lot of bloggers prefer BlueHost. The second choice would be HostGator, however a lot of webmasters find them not to be as reliable as BlueHost after we do a best blog hosts compared that takes into account their features and service.

What Exactly is the Best Blog Hosting Platform?

For those of you that are not sure, the best blog hosting platform is quite simply WordPress. When you use a high quality web hosting provider and use WordPress to power your blog, there are many things that you can do, such as selecting a customized theme, adding widgets, sidebars, plus a whole host of different things. These different plugins will allow you to customize your blog completely and make it look like and function exactly how you want. You can add various elements that will make monetizing your blog much easier, plus will change the way that your content is displayed to make it easier to read for your visitors.

When you are in search of the best blog hosting platform you will have various things to keep under consideration. As a webmaster, you will need to know what the actual platform is, how to use it, as well as be aware of what it can do for you. A platform that can let you do what YOU want to do with your blog is definitely the best blog hosting platform. WordPress allows you to use various customizations that will help you achieve the results that you would want as a webmaster, so you are sure to like using it as a blog hosting platform.

Secrets of the Best Blog Hosting Platform

You need To Be Aware of The Differences Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

If you go to the website WordPress.com, then you can host your blog on their servers. Of course, this is not really a bad thing, but is usually not the best solution for most webmasters, especially those that are trying to make money from their online blogging activities. By going on WordPress.org, you can then download the whole blogging platform and make use of it with your hosting plan.

With the majority of web hosts, you can use Fantastico to quickly install WordPress too. Many web hosting companies make WordPress available simply because it is the best blog hosting platform. Thus, it is very much in demand and a lot of web masters will want to use it to power their site.

It is Easy to Learn How to Use WordPress

You will find plenty of free instructional videos online which can teach you how to make the most out of the best blog hosting platform. These free videos will explain many aspects of WordPress, such as installation, adding plugins, making posts, etc.

There is also a forum that you can access and that you can use to ask any question that you have about the best blog hosting platform. Many people think that using a content management system is difficult, but this is actually far from being the case when it comes to WordPress. This ease of use is that made it the best blog hosting platform according to the webmaster and blogger community.

You Have Many Options to Monetize Your Blog

WordPress can be the best blog hosting platform when you look at the monetization aspect of your blog. You can thus profit from your blog and also there are plenty of these which are optimized for using AdSense ads or even for the web promotion of Amazon products. When you are using the best blog hosting platform, it is easy to monetize your site and thus make some money from Adsense ads or even by running affiliate offers. You will find plenty of plugins that can help you achieve your goals in terms of making money from your blog, and this is always a good thing.

You Can Use Your Own Domain Name

If you want to rank high on the top search engines, you will need to have the ability to make use of your own domain name in order to make that easier. Of course, by using WordPress, which is really the best blog hosting platform, you can do this. You can have your own domain name, which can give you the ability to rank high in search engines when doing search engine optimization techniques.

Collaboration and Outsourcing is Made Much Easier

If on your blog you want to outsource certain things, such as post creation and even some SEO work, then you can create logins for each of the people that you would like to outsource tasks to. You can give some limited access to certain areas of the blog. You can also check to see which changes have been done by which team member, to which area of your blog. This makes WordPress the best blog hosting platform as it makes collaborative work and outsourcing much easier for you. Many webmasters have chosen the best blog hosting platform simply because of this reason.

Making Use of these Secrets of a Hosting Platform

Of course, this is not all of the features and advantages of WordPress, the best blog hosting platform. There are plenty of other things that you can do to customize your blog and truly make it look and function the way you want it to. There are plenty of online instructions, as well as various plugins and widgets that you can use which will make the task of customizing the best blog hosting platform very simple. As a webmaster, when you select WordPress as the best blog hosting platform, you will definitely not be disappointed in your decision.

Learning how to make use of WordPress is an excellent way of getting started in the world of blogging and using this best blog hosting platform is a lot more simple than many of you may think. By using WordPress, you will have plenty of opportunities to make money and to use your blog to send out a message to your readers. When you select to go with the best blog hosting platform, you will not see any of the problems that some people could have with other tools, such as platforms provided by free web hosting companies.

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