Cloud Web Hosting Price Includes Payment For More Uptime

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August 12th, 2012

Recently, a website by the name of IX Hosting Review announced that cloud web hosting price had plummeted and was officially cheaper in cost as compared to a virtual private server (VPS) plan. This had online business owners jumping of off their seats in enthusiasm and joy. Initially and for a very long time it was VPS that was the cheaper option of the two because it not only simulated a dedicated web server but also allowed individuals to split costs amongst other users in stark similarity to a shared hosting plan.

VPS also conveniently offered greater redundancy, much more efficient control, a lot of power. Cloud hosting was always one step ahead of VPS and was always considered as a step up in the technological world. This was mainly due to the fact that it allowed the website owner to run his site from more than just one server. Although the initial infrastructure was more costly, prices have now started to spiral downward enabling more people to be able to afford these services and favor cloud web hosting services over VPS.

Just because most cloud web hosting services are considered to be more technologically advanced than their cheaper predecessors does not mean that cloud web hosting price is going to be exceptionally high. There are no hidden costs and no added ones either for services like more available uptime. Cloud web hosting price includes greater uptime for your online business enabling you to have a safe and secure backup plan in the event that something goes wrong with one server. This is very important as it assures your clientele that you are capable of pulling up your site in case it malfunctions and reduces the chance of frustrated customers. The more in control you are of your website the more traffic it will attract and since cloud hosting allows you to manage your site from multiple servers you cannot go wrong with this backup feature.

Cloud Hosting Price Worth The Faster Content Upload

With a VPS the usual and most dominant complaint would be that a website would get sluggish and begin to lag if the content on it was heavy or plentiful or perhaps consisted of high resolution imagery. When using VPS, most people would have to pay attention to their content not just in terms of its quality and relevance but also in terms of its quantity as too much information would slow the website down and annoy customers. This lag is usually attributable to the fact that the server experiences difficulties and with the VPS you have no choice but to wait for the server to operate soundly once again.

With cloud hosting and this is a great addition and fantastic bargain to the newly decreased cloud web hosting price, your content loads faster because you have more than just one server and other servers are carrying the weight of your website. All these servers are spread out and so users from all over the world can browse your website efficiently without facing much difficulty.

Web Hosting Price Incorporated Public Cloud and Private Cloud

You also have the option to be able to choose from two categories with cloud web hosting under the decreased cloud web hosting price. This includes the Public Cloud and Private Cloud. The basic difference between them is the location and they do not differ on much else.

All that you should happily consider for now is that the high cost that rendered these services into an almost prohibitive choice for many, can now use without any cost restrictions. The decreased cloud web hosting price reaps benefits for all.

What’s Great About Cheap Cloud Web Hosting Services?

What makes cloud technology suitable for small and big businesses are the cheap cloud web hosting services it offers. Cloud technology has been making headlines all around for its many advantages. It provides great services for cheap prices. It’s also being hailed as IT industry’s answer to green innovations. However, before you jump into finding out cheap cloud web hosting services, you should know what exactly is cloud web hosting.

Hosting simple means that you buy server space where your website is uploaded. This makes your website accessible to other internet users. There are many hosting companies out there who provide this server space. You register your domain name with them and buy their hosting plan. From then on it’s their responsibility to make sure that your website runs smoothly. If you expect your business to yield profits for you, you should choose your hosting company wisely. Do not just go for cheap companies because they rarely fulfill their many promises.

A great website which experiences a lot of down time is no good at all. If you have designed a website for a company or business and want to take it online, you will go look for an appropriate hosting plan. There are different hosting plans for you to choose from. The one we are focusing on in this article is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting involves shared resource pools owned by the host. You gain access to this pool to retrieve data, software, disk space etc. You will find that cheap web hosting services are comparable to none in the IT industry today.

Why Go For Cheap Cloud Hosting Services?

Cloud technology is providing people with cheap cloud web hosting services without compromising on quality. This is possible due to a number of reasons. The biggest benefit of cloud hosting is that it allows scalability. This means that you can easily increase disk space only when traffic peaks and scale down when the extra traffic subsides. This leads to minimum wastage and a quick and efficient service. The service is reliable because you are promised almost 100% up time. Some industry giants have entered the cloud market so now the competition is driving quality ever higher.

Companies like Microsoft and Google provide maximum up time. The company name is enough to ensure a reliable service. Cloud hosting companies offer great customer support services. If you experience any difficulties concerning the new technology, you can drop them an email and they’ll fix your problems for you. The best part about cloud hosting is that all the above mentioned services and features are offered to you with cheap rates. Cheap cloud web hosting services free up capital to be invested elsewhere. This can be crucial for small businesses which have limited capital to begin with.

Are Cheap Web Hosting Services Right For You?

Cloud hosting is chosen by most big companies because of how hassle free and efficient it is. You basically pay for what you use; not a penny more, not a penny less. The host charges you according to the server space you use.

If you experienced more traffic on your website in a month, you will be charged accordingly. There are no hidden costs. You save money on hardware updates, licensing, and new software. All this is handled by the host. All these features ensure that cheap cloud web hosting services are what you opt for.

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