Cloud Storage – An Introduction

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August 13th, 2012

Google Docs and Amazon S3 services are two principal online players that have demonstrated time and time again the efficacy of using cloud storage and following this a number of other players have jumped on board and the list of users too, has increased over time. Having excellent hosting also really helps when you use cloud storage.

It was, however, these two services that helped cloud storage get more attention and gain more popularity. Initially it was only considered somewhat of a luxury and its benefits were not properly highlighted. Now it has become an inherent staple and its importance is undeniable. Although the trend is catching on fast, there are still a number of businesses and other people who are interested in it, but not enough to try it firsthand or those who perhaps have not heard of it at all.

Cloud storage is online storage and is but one feature available in what is known as cloud computing. It entails storing all your information and data in the hands of a 3rd party vendor that will be stored off site. It is mainly due to this reason that people who have heard of cloud storage are perhaps hesitant to actually use it as they have safety concerns. This is however not the case in reality. Cloud computing and storage is perfectly safe. When using cloud storage, businesses and individuals no longer have to worry about their hard drive space falling short as a remote database and separate internet connection is used to access all of the data and information that needs to be stored. This is in essence virtual storage.

It may take some warming up to the idea but once you begin to use it you will instantly recognize the multitude of benefits it has to offer. One of its biggest features is that large companies especially, might find particularly useful is the fact that there is no limit to how much date you can store. This also significantly cuts costs for many companies such as large financial or law firms who have an infinite amount of data to store as no hard copies will have to be stored and no additional hard drives will have to be purchased. There are no additional costs involved in cloud storage and everything can be stored online without having to worry about security or transportation of data.

How Cloud Works

There is no one set up for cloud storage. There are hundreds and hundreds of different ways to set up cloud storage. It varies from data to data with some storage only storing specific kinds of data while others are made to be more flexible and carry different sorts. The one thing in common amongst all these storage systems is that a single data server is needed to connect to the internet. Furthermore, a subscriber can send and receive copies or files over the internet as well.

Cloud Storage Security And Reliability

As mentioned earlier, these two aspects are the key things involved in cloud storage systems. You must always be vary of hackers who can pretty much seep in from anywhere which is why a lot of people are hesitant storing their valuable information with a third party they do not completely know. Physical security is also an issue. Most cloud companies rely on redundancy which entails storing your information on several different computers so if something happens to your data on one, it can easily be accessed from another. This is yet another defining feature of cloud storage.

Why Buy Expensive Serves When You Have Cloud Computing Servers?

Many people are known to the term cloud computing and cloud computing servers but have no clue whatsoever about what it is and how beneficial it is for any business. Cloud computing refers to a scenario when computer resources from outside the company are used in order to provide hardware or software systems for the company. Also, these are cheaper compared to other systems and are easier to use.

If you have cloud computing systems in your company or office, then you do not need to install an expensive server. This is because the system that you use will provide you with a cloud computing server and other applications. The company will not own these services however they will pay for these on monthly basis. Since the company will not have to buy the server or the extra application, they will be saving up a lot.

Dedicated Server VS Cloud Server

Dedicated and cloud computing server are two very different things. In case of a dedicated server, you get to own your own server for your website. This way you get to use all the disc space, the bandwidth and all the domain names. This in turn will provide the user with security and flexibility from their website. On the other hand, in case of a managed dedicated server, you get to hire a professional from a web hosting company to manage your website. This makes hosting service very expensive for the user or owner and only those companies are able to do this that are well established and can gain profit from this.

Cloud computing server is very different from a dedicated or a managed dedicated server for that matter. This hosting service provides different users with a set full of resources and different types of services. Since websites require different kinds of maintenance services every day, the company or user in this case will be required to only load his or her website and add different files and applications to it. This way, they would only have to pay for the applications their website has used. Moreover, they would not have to predict their traffic from their websites to know how much bandwidth they need to add to their website. This makes webhosting a lot easier for people as it provide them with a lot of elasticity and it is cheap to use as well. Cloud computing server enables technological advancements and increased efficiency in any work environment.

What Does Cloud Computing Do For Your Business

In a business or a company, a cloud server can prove to be very useful. Firstly, they are much easier to use. As the applications run on the servers placed within the office, they require little maintenance also the cost of keeping things running smoothly and upgrading is quite low. These servers tend to be more efficient as the company doesn’t spend a lot of money on licensing fees, updating, etc. This all gets done without the company being concerned about it.

Lastly, there are no such expenditures that you will incur on a computing server and the services grow as the needs of the user or company grow. Therefore, along with the several benefits of cloud computing server, you will also be able to save costs and increase revenue.

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