What Exactly Entails Cloud Solutions?

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August 10th, 2012

With growing internet usage, cloud solutions are gaining in popularity. Cloud hosting and cloud computing are leagues ahead of any other similar technology in the market. It is the right choice not just for big businesses but also for medium and smaller ones due to its increased efficiency and low costs. ‘Hosting’ essentially means that you will buy space on a server for your website. There are numerous hosting companies which offer space on their servers. Getting you website online is what ensures that it will be visible to other people on the World Wide Web.

Hosting is of many types but the most common types are shared and dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting, you get an entire server for your website but the costs are higher. Shared hosting means that your website will share a server with other websites and the bandwidth you get will be smaller. Big businesses usually go for dedicated hosting because it is more reliable and it matches their disk space needs. Luckily for everyone, a third type of hosting is now gaining in popularity. Cloud solutions offer to host your website on multiple servers. The costs are controlled and efficiency enhanced.

Are Cloud Hosting Solutions Suitable For Your Company?

Cloud solutions have plenty of advantages which make it the right choice for all website owners. One advantage is that you can scale up your server usage if the traffic on your website exceeds the normal limit. Usually what happens with conventional hosting packages is that you get limited disk space. Since traffic varies with time, that disk space is either too much or too little most of the time. Big businesses have to buy much more disk space so they can cater to the brief occasions when traffic peaks. It also takes a lot of time to change your servers to match the traffic. Cloud solutions allow you to scale up or down whenever the traffic demands. The changes are made within minutes of your request because it is all virtual. If you get more traffic con your website than the server can handle, the host will divert it to other servers.

A very important feature of all hosting companies is their customer support service. When you buy a new technology, you will require plenty of assistance. Websites can go down at any time. In such emergencies, the customer support service should be available to you. Before you sign up with a company, drop in an email or call them up to register a problem and see how long it takes for them to fix it. The quicker the response time, the better the support service.

A Guide to Cloud Hosting

Cloud solutions are extremely cost effective for a number of reasons. Since the servers are virtual and the resources available to you are acquired from a resource pool maintained by one host, you do not need to spend on hardware updates. Technology advances pretty quickly and innovation demands that you update your system every now and then to stay abreast of the competition. With cloud hosting, your host does all the updating while you enjoy its benefits. The host charges you a monthly fee without hidden costs and you pay according to usage. Considering all the advantages of cloud solutions, there is no surprise that it’s slowly becoming a norm.

Is Cloud Hosting Server Suited To Your Business?

The cloud hosting server is leagues ahead of the rest when it comes to efficiency, security and competitive costs. Cloud hosting essentially entails many servers huddled together and connected so that services and data can be shared across servers.

Hosting means that once a website is designed, it requires a server to go online. Unless your website has an address on the server, it cannot be accessed by other people on the web. Thus, without hosting, a website cannot function. There are many hosting companies out there who offer to put your website on their servers for a certain cost. There are many types of hosting available to web designers. The most common hosting plans are dedicated hosting and shared hosting. ‘Shared hosting’ means that you share a server with other websites, while ‘dedicated hosting’ means that you get one server all to yourself. This gives you more disk space and bandwidth to accommodate extra traffic. Cloud hosting server is slowly gaining in popularity because it combines the advantages of both shared and dedicated hosting.

How Does Cloud Server Work?

In cloud hosting, there is usually one expert who provides servers to customers. The host is the only one who requires hardware updates and needs to maintain multiple servers. The end user who signs up for cloud hosting gets access to these multiple servers without the need to update their own hardware. They get their own dedicated space on the server but the server is also shared. That is how you get best of both worlds.

Cloud hosting server is efficient because the end user does not need to update his hardware and software to keep up with competition. Usually big businesses buy a lot of hardware to accommodate extra disk space and bandwidth. Website owners know that the traffic on a website does not remain stagnant. On some day of the year, the traffic peaks and it becomes hard to handle, leading to slow browsing. At other times, traffic falls and the server is relatively free. This leads to a lot of wastage because all the extra bought hardware is not used most of the year. Cloud hosting is efficient because it allows you to scale up or down according to demand. When the traffic is peaking, you can inform the host and within a limited amount of time, the extra traffic will be transferred to a new server.

Cloud Hosting Technology Is Green

Cloud hosting server has been termed environmentally friendly technology for a number of reasons. Cloud hosting means minimum wastage without compromising IT growth. Technological innovation renders most technology as obsolete within a few months. This leads to a lot of wastage. It is thus better to use cloud hosting where only the host has to continuously update his hardware. The end user can reap all the benefits.

Cloud hosting is also green because it is sort of resource pooling. Big companies spend a lot on big computers in order to keep their websites running smoothly. With cloud hosting, all the resources can be shared by multiple users. All the data is available on the servers and can be accessed by anyone in your company from their own computers or a public computer. Cloud hosting server is definitely the future of website hosting.

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