What Is A Cloud Server Purposed For

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August 12th, 2012

If you like many of us are new to the cloud server then you may have asked yourself; what is a cloud server purposed for? And simply put a cloud server is a mainframe computer tasked with hosting web sites very similar to the one you are currently visiting. They are also capable of being used as data and software storage for large companies in need of remote access to their databases by teleworking individuals such as me. This type of server or cloud server is typically preferred by large corporations as the systems are just as expensive to operate and maintain as any other mainframe or mid-range type host computer.

Thus, the advent of virtual private server hosting also known as cloud server hosting in some circles has been quite beneficial to many businesses. For those of us who cannot in fact afford a mainframe computer. Not to mention the software and associated hardware necessary to maintain and operate said computing device. And never mind completely the IT team necessary to execute the necessary daily functions to manage and maintain the server. But whether being used as a private business server, or a web hosting cloud server this type of computing solution is quite a money saver. Hopefully this helps answer the question what is a cloud server purposed for?

How Does Cloud Hosting Benefit Your E-commerce Business

How does a cloud server benefit your E-commerce based business or small e-business? One of the best things about a cloud server is that businesses with large telework forces that need to access software tools and the companies private data bases can do so with a greatly minimized cost to the company over all. Firstly and most importantly you will see these savings in software licensing fees for the whole of your employee roster. This type of cloud server can also eliminate the need for an office space for many of your highly skilled team members. Allowing them to work from home and helping you to maintain a happy and healthy workforce. Affording you the opportunity to re-invest the savings you will in turn receive back into your budding business.

The vast array of expenses incurred can be averted by the use of a cloud server due to cloud based computing protocols. This means that one private network of computers holds the licensing for all of your licensed software packages. And now the remote teleworker can access them from their terminal without ever having to license each individual computer terminal directly for authorized use of said licensed software packages. And, while being used as a shared web hosting server they may be considered less secure. A cloud server can be quite secure when used in a private business setting. So; how does a cloud server benefit your E-commerce business should now be an easier question to answer.

What Is A Cloud Server Hosting Account For Exactly

You, much like many of us have probably asked the; question, What is a cloud server hosting account for? While seemingly difficult, that is a simple enough question to answer. A cloud server hosting account is used for many different purposes. This is completely dependent on the end user and their personal needs and specifications. The typical application for a cloud server hosting account is to give prospective web site owners the springboard they need to launch their web site and post it on the World Wide Web for all to visit and enjoy.

So, whether your web site happens to be an enthusiasts’ blog, or a social site for your private or family use. Maybe even an E-commerce site from which you sell your products or services to those who are in need of them. A cloud server hosting account can be perfect for you and your web sites budget. It is because of its cost effectiveness and flexible upgradeability cloud server hosting is quickly growing in the world of web site hosting. I hope this has answered in short the question; what is a cloud server hosting account for exactly?

A Guide To Cloud Computing Advantages

The numerous cloud computing advantages are enough to convince you that it is the perfect solution to your web worries. Cloud hosting technology has gained much popularity among big as well as small businesses. It offers great profits not just as a hosting option for your website but also as a business venture of your own. Setting up your own cloud company may cost more initially but the returns are great. Since cloud computing is the hot new thing in the IT world, industry giants are endorsing it by offering their own range of hosting packages.

So what exactly is cloud computing? The host essentially has a set of small computers which he connects together to form one super computer. This super computer has a resource pool stored in it which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. You can thus get access to your data and personal settings on any computer anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. This means that you won’t have to carry around a computer in order to stay in touch with your precious data. The data will follow you wherever you go. This is just one of the numerous cloud computing advantages.

What Are The Cloud Advantages?

Cloud computing is still not as commonly used as one would expect, keeping in mind its undeniable advantages. This is the case because people still have apprehensions. Is it safe to have your personal data floating around in a virtual server which in essence any one can access? These concerns are legitimate but cloud computing deals with these concerns. The security that cloud computing provides is parallel to none. The data stored in the servers is encrypted which means that if by chance a hacker does gain access to it, he will not be able to comprehend the data. Safety is thus another one of the many cloud computing advantages.

When one starts mentioning how efficient and safe cloud computing really is, people tend to think it must be really expensive. This is not really the case. Cloud computing ensures that you do not have to invest in unnecessary hardware or software updates. The cloud host is the one who updates his hardware in order to provide you with the fastest computing and browsing. This prevents wastage and removes the need to continuously update hardware to enjoy efficient computing. There is a simple monthly bill. The host charges you according to usage instead of a fixed rate. Thus, if usage drops one month, you pay less. There are no hidden costs.

Cloud Computing For Your Business

Cloud computing advantages make it the perfect option for businesses. There are numerous big names which have entered the market of cloud computing. These companies include Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc. The advantage of having such big names in the cloud market is that they drive up competition. These companies are known to provide the most efficient and reliable services to their customers. If you wish to compete against them, you too would have to up your game. Reliability is crucial in these matters because it would be a disaster if a cloud computing company suddenly goes bankrupt and out of existence. The numerous cloud computing advantages dictate that cloud is the future.

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