Cloud Hosting Definition: What It Is And Why Will It Benefit You?

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August 11th, 2012

Couple of years ago, people didn’t know what cloud hosting was and weren’t even aware of cloud hosting definition. However, over the course of time, things have changed and with increasing awareness, a greater number of people now know what cloud hosting is. A definition of cloud hosting in simple terms is that it is a web hosting service that differs from all other web hosting services out there.

Cloud hosting, or in other occasions referred to as clustered hosting, is a hosting service on the internet which is delivered from a series of servers that are connected with each other. Before one jumps on to the how, when and what of cloud hosting and the cloud hosting definition, it is important to know that the servers in cloud hosting are not located in the same data center occasionally. In fact, most of the times, they are located in different data centers all over the world.

If you are someone who is new to web hosting, has never heard about the cloud and if you aren’t aware of its many advantages, you probably didn’t understand what I just explained. Therefore, I am going to present a simple cloud hosting definition for you to better understand the concept of cloud hosting. The cloud basically delivers a sound hosting environment for web developers and for computing resources which have been congregated in a collective manner and delivered on the web. Cloud hosting does not restrict an application to a particular number of resources.

Cloud Hosting, The Fashionable Thing In The Internet World

Cloud hosting is now the fashionable thing in the internet world because of the many benefits it provides. However, after covering the cloud hosting definition, it is then crucial to understand how it works. So far till now, resources have been limited to the particular limitations of a particular hardware and other applications. For example, the resources you have might be restrained to the RAM of your server, bandwidth, processing power, storage and other things.

It may also be restrained to the developer’s floor space and how much of it is available, along with budget, amongst other reasons. These all factors contribute to the slowdown in the expansion of the website and affect businesses to a large extent. However, with cloud computing, web developers or customers in general can buy as much computing power they need. However, it is not limited to those who want to buy a large computing space as even those who need little computing power can opt for it. Through the cloud hosting service, users are given as much or little power they require, which then leads to the perfect balance of resources and power, which at the end of the day leads to uninterrupted connectivity.

The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Once you are clear about the cloud computing definition and its working mechanism, it is time to talk about its benefits. Cloud computing has many benefits and listing them all is near to impossible. However, for those who are new to cloud computing, a brief overview of the high number of benefits of this service is essential.

Since through cloud computing a user gets as many resources he or she wants, they are able to expand the business according to their preferences and without incurring additional overheads or costs. With cloud computing, IT has got something that is not only cost effective but reliable and an all rounder. Once users opt for cloud hosting companies, they are billed on the amount of computing power that they use. It is the same as how the mechanism of paying electricity or water bills work as consumers have to pay for the amount they use.

Moreover, cloud computing also enables users to cater to the needs of sudden advancements in traffic without requiring them to spend extra money on additional benefit when the traffic on the web site is slow. Apart from its cost effectiveness, cloud hosting offers greater flexibility, security and performance. When it comes to hosting, irrespective of the kind of website you are going to host, security is extremely important. However, when one opts for cloud hosting, he or she doesn’t has to worry about security as cloud hosting offers the maximum amount of security any web service provider can.

Those who haven’t ever heard about the term of cloud hosting, skimming the web for definitions of cloud hosting is essential. You should start by taking small steps and learn about the definition of cloud hosting to understand what it does and how it can benefit you and your business. Once you are through with the initial steps, you should then move on to the technicalities of what it is and how it works. Cloud hosting is the top choice for businesses these days because it is cost effective, redundant, provides greater flexibility and allows users to depart from the traditional dedicated or shared servers. Cloud hosting opens a whole array of options and new spectrums for web developers and it is something that all web developers should look more into to secure their future and the future of their business.

If you are interested in finding more about cloud hosting, you should head on to the internet. There are many sites that have cloud hosting reviews and other informative details that will benefit any beginner or expert. However, again it is recommended to start off by searching for cloud hosting definition and move on by taking one step at a time.

A Guide to The Cloud Technology

The cloud technology has taken the IT world by storm because of the innovative way in which it allows hosting and computing. Cloud technology offers solutions which are not only cheap but also efficient. If you are thinking of starting your own website, then cloud hosting maybe what you need to have a successful website.

Cloud technology essentially offers two things; cloud hosting and cloud computing. Cloud hosting allows you to share resources from a network of connected virtual servers. You get unlimited server space so that you can shift your website from server to the next according to what your website demands. Cloud computing follows the same technology where all your data, like movies, music, pictures, are stored online in a virtual computer. This virtual computer can be accessed from anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection. Since all your data is stored online, it’s very easy to access and transfer it. You simply need to enter your user name and password and you can get your personalized settings and data on any computer.

The Cloud Hosting Offers Many Benefits

The cloud technology offers many benefits which is why it becoming the choice of many big companies and also smaller ones. For starters, it offers 100% reliability. If one server experiences problems, you can immediately shift to another server and in that way, keep your website running all the time. If your website clogs due to heavy traffic, you can simple shift some of the traffic to another server to balance out the load. You website never slows down due to traffic peaks anymore.

Cloud hosting is an option that all sized companies consider because of its attractive and cheap packages. You are only charged for the amount of computer usage. If you are a bigger company and your website receives more traffic, you are charged more but if you are a relatively smaller company, you are charged less. There are no hidden costs and this drives the overall cost down. Cloud hosting offers security and reliability. You need not invest in extra hardware or IT professionals for upkeep because all this is handled by the host. All you have to do as an end user is to pay your bills at the end of the month and enjoy the efficient service that the cloud has to offer.

How Does The Cloud Work?

The cloud technology offers a multitude of services for the end user. There are four layers to cloud computing; Application, Platform, Infrastructure and the server. The application comes under Software as a Service where you get pre installed software without having to buy expensive licensing. If you go for cloud computing in your office, it will come with a pre-installed Microsoft Office.

The Platform comes under Platform as a Service and it aids in the use of services. The Infrastructure comes under Infrastructure as a Service and offers you virtual space etc without having to buy hardware for it. The last is the server which comes under cloud hosting. These servers are connected together so data can be shared among them. The Cloud technology has gained so much popularity recently because many IT giants, like Google and Apple have entered the market.

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