A Guide To Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting

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August 16th, 2012

Cloud dedicated server hosting may be all you need to kick start your online business. By saving precious capital from hosting when you launch a website, you can invest it elsewhere and thereby create a niche for yourself in the world of e-commerce. This article will show to you how cloud hosting is the best option available to you.

So what exactly is cloud hosting? In plain hosting, there are numerous servers which are separate from each other. When you buy a plain hosting plan, you either get access to a portion of a server on just one entire server for your website. So, in case that server experiences some technical problems, you have no option but to sit and wait for it to be fixed so that your website can go back online. In cloud hosting, the many servers are all connected together in a sort of network. This connection allows data to flow freely from one server to the next. With cloud hosting, if one server experiences any issues, you can always shift your website to another server. Cloud dedicated server hosting is both cheap and offers unlimited server space, thus combining the advantages of both shared and dedicated hosting.

Why Is Dedicated Server Hosting Your Best Option?

Cloud dedicated server hosting is currently leading the hosting market because its efficiency has not been matched by any other hosting plan yet. It offers 100% uptime by offering multiple servers. If one fails, you shift to another. Cloud hosting is also the best option because it’s cheap. The average cloud hosting package is much cheaper than a dedicated hosting package. You are charged according the server space you use per month.

There are no extra costs and you pay only for what you use. There is no need to invest in extra hardware for the extra server space or to hire server experts who can maintain those servers for you. The cloud hosting company manages all this for you. They update their hardware regularly to give the end user fast browsing and service. Licensed software can be extremely expensive, but you can use such software by extracting them from the shared resource pool. Add all these points together and you save enough capital to be invested elsewhere. As a small business owner, you can use that capital for greater website design or a multitude of other services.

Cloud Server Hosting For You

Many people still have their fears when it comes to cloud hosting because it’s a relatively new technology. To their advantage many big industry names have also entered the cloud market. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon etc offer their own range of cloud dedicated server hosting. This has driven up the competition and improved services even more. Also, these companies bring legitimacy to the market and their reliable name gives people the confidence to try this new technology out.

Cloud hosting offers great customer support service, which is available 24/7 to answer your queries. If you have recently entered the web design business, this service is especially important for you. You will no doubt face many issues with your website from time to time so customer support service should guide you through your problems. With cloud dedicated server hosting, this service will be offered to you.

Finding Quality Cloud Web Hosting

All of us a part of the virtual world but only few are able to hire quality cloud web hosting services. The main reason is that there happen to be countless players in the market and it has actually become difficult to choose between different web hosts. Every web host claims to provide quality cloud web hosting services, the truth is only known after actually experiencing those services. Usually cloud hosting is confused with cloud storage, which is a different but another very important concept that people usually miss out on.

There are web hosts that take up the responsibility of providing backup services for your online data that can otherwise crash. Most of us know how frustrating it is when one’s old stored files and data drain down the hole. Once it has happened only then we realize how important it is to keep backing up our data. Quality cloud web hosting servuces, on the other hand, is a new sort of traditional web hosting that takes up the responsibility to keep up any entity’s web site. The main purpose is to make the site function properly even when too many visitors are trying to use it.

Why Quality Cloud Hosting Is Important?

For any entity, having quality cloud web hosting services is very important because they distribute the resources being used by the company among different servers physically available. This reduces the burden on one particular server or hardware that was being used previously. This results in huge amounts of people visiting the web page without any sort of delays. A cloud is only created when a number of servers are joined together to share the load.

A stand alone server obviously does not have enough power to provide such services. This balance that can only be created by cloud web hosting is the main reason that makes it important for all sorts of organizations. Every company, be it small or large, will upload and download thousand MBs of data every day, so size of the firm does not matter or is irrelevant when deciding if quality cloud web hosting services should be deployed or not. The best part is such high quality services are provided on lower costs. The reason for lower cost is that it uses less computer hardware thus making the overall expense less. Many tech experts believe that cloud web hosting is able to pull a better job than the usual services.

Quality Web Hosting Is The Only Solution

As mentioned earlier, experts have already given their world declaring cloud service to be at par. It is way more reliable and environment friendly too. The robotic mechanism allows less usage of machines making hardware emit thirty percent less carbon emissions. This change being brought is nothing but phenomenal as companies have been using this technology for a fairly long time now. But when choosing the best service provider even in cloud hosting, very careful analysis needs to be done as many web hosts only claim to provide cloud web hosting but in real they don’t even have the actual infrastructure. So it is better to be careful and carry out a survey while looking for quality cloud web hosting services.

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