Choosing a Linux Hosting Service

Head Surfer
January 20th, 2012

What should you ask yourself when looking for a good Linux Hosting Service? There are the most obvious things:

Reliability of the network
Age of the host
Location of the company

But there are some less obvious questions you should ask:

Availability of support
Location of support

Some web hosts outsource their support. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer poor service (Server Sitters is known to be one of the leaders of Webhosting Support in the world) but if a Webhost outsources their work outside of their own country, there can be language barriers that can cause frustration and diminish the Webhosting experience. The last thing you need when faced with an already frustrating problem, is trying to get help from a support team who clearly doesn’t know the product and who you can barely understand.

Linux Hosting is by far the most common Webhosting available on the Internet today. Balance the pros and cons when you make your decision and you will have a very satisfactory experience.

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