Things To Remember While Choosing A Cloud Provider

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August 11th, 2012

Since cloud computing has gained popularity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a reliable cloud provider. There are so many companies which jump into the market for easy money but the services they provide are not satisfactory. It is important to watch out against such hosts. In order to make an informed decision, you should know some basics about what cloud hosting is.

Hosting means that you buy some space on a server owned by a hosting company and put your website there. This takes your website online and makes it available for others. Hosting companies provide different kinds of packages and features. Some offer to register your domain names as well. The amount of space you get on the server and the costs all depend on the type of hosting you buy. The most commonly used hosting is dedicated and shared.

Shared hosting is mostly for small websites because you get limited bandwidth and disk space. Shared hosting also does not cost you a lot. Dedicated hosting can be very expensive because you get an entire server for your website. This gives you a lot of space to expand your website and accommodate extra visitors. Cloud technology essentially combines the benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting. It offers you unlimited space on a shared server with limited costs. This is possible because the host creates a network of small computers to form a super computer which houses all the servers. This is why it is easy to increase or decrease disk space quickly whenever your website demands. If the traffic becomes too much to handle for the server space you have, the host provides you with more almost instantly.

Which Cloud Hosting Provider Is Right For You?

Since cloud technology has become quite a norm, each big company has adapted and come up with their own brand of cloud hosting and cloud computing. Since industry giants are also endorsing the technology, the competition has stiffened and thus the service being provided to customers has also improved greatly.

Some of the big companies providing cloud hosting and computing are Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc. For further information on the best cloud provider, you should head online. Don’t forget to do a fair amount of research before you decide which company is right for you. There are numerous rating lists available online from where you can choose the best cloud provider.

Tips To Remember When Hunting For A Cloud Web Hosting Provider

There are a number of things you need to remember when looking for a cloud provider. The most important thing is the company’s reliability. Reliability in the IT industry means how much up time the hosting company offers. The best companies offer 100% up time. This means that your website will not be down for users due to difficulties at the company server.

The company should have a good reputation and at least a few years of experience behind it. Make sure that the company you choose has a proper infrastructure. It is quite a nuisance to get tied with an unreliable hosting company which goes out of business and then you have to start all over after shifting your business elsewhere. Remember that a hosting company can make or break your online business. Choose your cloud provider wisely.

What Do The Top 10 Cloud Hosting Companies Have In Common?

There are numerous reasons which make the top 10 cloud hosting companies so successful. Cloud technology has gained unprecedented popularity in the past few years. Its advantages are undeniable and it is the perfect one choice for all. Cloud technology essentially involves resource pools shared by many website owners. There is usually one expert who could be housed in a distant office for all we know, has a bunch of small computers which he uses to create a network. This network then forms a super computer which includes the virtual servers on which your website will run.

Each website requires a space in the servers in order to go online and be accessible to other people on the internet. Hosting provides you with just that. The host charges you a certain fee and gives you some space on his server. This is more or less how all types of hosting works. Cloud hosting is unique because it allows you to change the amount of server space you require. All website owners know that traffic on a website does not remain the same all the time. There are occasions when too many people start browsing through your website, downloading data and accessing pages. If you have limited space on a server, the website will slow down or even experience down time. On such occasions when you immediately require more disk space, all you have to do is inform the host. All depends on whether the company you chose is a part of the top 10 cloud hosting list.

How To Find The Top Cloud Hosting Lists?

Choosing the right hosting company is probably the most important decision you’ll make in your entire career as a web designer. A hosting plan can make or break your online business. There are so many web designers who create excellent website designs and yet they fail to make profits because their website is down all the time. All websites experience problems but for that, any good hosting company will give you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support service.

If you wish to make a profit out of your website, you have to make sure that problems related to the website are solved as soon as possible so that potential customers and visitors do not get annoyed and move to your competitors. For all these reasons, you should head online and look for top 10 cloud hosting companies. These lists help you decide easily which companies are leading in the industry. The top 10 cloud hosting company lists are perfect for new comers who are not familiar with the workings of the IT industry.

Which Companies Offer The Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting has gained a lot of popularity and thus many big companies are coming up with their own cloud computing and cloud hosting packages. It is always great if big industry giants endorse a new technology. Competition quickly improves it and innovation results.

Some of the best cloud computing and cloud hosting providers today are Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc. These companies are extremely reliable and thus using their services leaves no qualms for the end user. When looking for a good cloud hosting company, be sure to first check out the top 10 cloud hosting companies.

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