The Cheapest Unlimited Hosting Dilemma

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August 4th, 2012

If you are looking for hosting on a budget, then you may be looking for the cheapest unlimited hosting. This can be a good option for those on a budget or just starting out. There is a dilemma, however because you may be choosing between one company offering a price that is $1 more than another, and this can get confusing.

For example, our top rated hosting company, FatCow Hosting, offers their cheapest unlimited hosting package at a little under $4 a month. Our fifth ranked hosting company, WebHostingPad Hosting, offers their cheapest unlimited hosting at $1.99 per month. So, do you go with the top hosting company or the fifth top hosting company and save a few dollars?

Some will go with the cheapest unlimited hosting simply because it fits into their budget and that is understandable. WebHostingPad is still a very good hosting company, but they may not even be the cheapest out there. However, any company that can beat $1.99 per month you should be skeptical about.

This is not even the regular price for WebHostingPad hosting. It is a current offer that they have going on. Usually they sell their hosting for $4.95 per month and have specials on a regular basis for $2.99 or $2.75 per month. This is still very cheap and the dilemma remains, do you go with the top choice or the fifth top choice and save some cash?

We Recommend Unlimited Hosting from Our Top Company

We have made your decision easier by ranking the cheapest hosting companies for you. When we did this, we took into account the price and what you get for that price. With FatCow you get more for the few dollars a month you will spend than you do with any other company, we could find under the $5 a month price range.

If you want to save more money, then you can’t go wrong with the other choice, but if you want the best overall hosting company and the confidence they provide, then you have to be willing to spend a couple extra dollars every month. This is not that much to afford and it can make a huge difference in your overall hosting experience.

Hosting is the foundation of your business online and you want to be sure you take the time to choose the right type and company for you. Don’t just assume the cheapest unlimited hosting is good hosting because the company may not be reliable. We have given you everything you need to make your decision and the companies we recommend are reliable hosting choices.

Even with our recommendation, it is important to be sure for yourself. You want to take time to compare a few choices and get the right hosting company for what you are after. This can be a hard thing to figure out, but with the help of our reviews and the real customer reviews at the bottom of every hosting review, you can find the right company for your hosting needs.

What to Expect from Cheapest Hosting

You should not expect the world when you are paying such a little price for your hosting. You can expect that you will get good hosting however, as long as you choose a top company for that hosting. You will get many features to help you along the way and you will have everything you need to put up your website or blog, but don’t expect cheapest unlimited hosting, to be the best in the world.

Cheap Unlimited Hosting for the Determined Beginner

If you are determined to be successful and you only have a small budget, then starting with cheap unlimited hosting is a great way to go. Making money online is not always easy, but if you don’t have to worry about your hosting, you can concentrate more on what you are able to do. There are many great ways to make money online and you need to be aware of how a beginner can get started.

Those that are not afraid of a little work can start by getting cheap unlimited hosting, which should include the ability to host more than one domain name. If you get this hosting from a top company you will have a good foundation to build your online income on. Now, you just have to choose a marketing method and get to work.

The cheap unlimited hosting is the first part and many beginners will never make it past choosing the hosting. They will go back and forth between a few companies and they will never choose because they are afraid that it is the first step towards possible failure. Put that out of your mind right now and understand that you are going to have some failures along the way.

You will buy and develop domain names that don’t make you any money or make you much less, than you expected. However, if you are determined and armed with cheap unlimited hosting you will also have some domains that you buy and develop that will make you much more than you ever thought possible. This is the balance that you will have to find and it is all about testing and trying.

Choosing your Unlimited Hosting

An easy way to choose cheap unlimited hosting is to use the top ten web hosting list we have on our website here. This will help you to find the right company that will provide you with all the necessary features along with great customer support. You don’t have to choose the top company on the list and we actually recommend that you compare a few of them by reading the reviews first.

Then, you should choose the one that you believe fits best with you and what you are trying to accomplish. Another thing to be aware of is that most of these companies want you to pay for a full year or more of hosting up front. If you cannot afford this, then try HostGator hosting. They offer a monthly payment plan that will allow you to get started for a much lower price.

After you have your hosting account, you will need to choose a marketing method and get started by learning how to use it. You want to have a plan in place before you buy your domain names and start to develop them. If you choose the right hosting company, you will also get a free domain name to help you get started with your journey to making money online.

There are many marketing methods you can use ranging from forum marketing, article marketing, blogging, blog commenting, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and much more. These are all very powerful and you need to choose the one that is best for you. Take the time to research each potential method a little before you decide.

We recommend starting with article marketing because within it you will learn how to properly write and use search engine optimization techniques. This is very useful knowledge that will give you marketable skills for freelancing and more. Starting with a free guide can help and there are many good free article marketing guides out there.

Putting Cheap Hosting to Work for You

Now, all you have to do is follow the steps in the marketing guide you download, stay focused, and build your first website or blog. Even if the first one does not make you much money or it takes a month or two to make anything from it, you have learned valuable skills you can use moving forward. It may take a few websites or blogs before you find one that makes money and this is why cheap unlimited hosting is so important.

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