Why People Choose the Cheapest Blog Hosting

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August 4th, 2012

There are many reasons why people choose the cheapest blog hosting, but the main one is, of course, the price. However, with the knowledge you will have after reading this post you will know better than to just choose the cheapest blog hosting you can find. There are many things to consider and you must start by understanding what leads people to this decision.

What normally happens is someone makes the decision to try building and making money from a blog. They have a regular job, so this is going to be somewhat of a hobby for them. This leads to research, which leads to finding out they need a domain name and hosting. Both true and very necessary, but not the easiest decisions to make.

Now, they go on to research a potential subject and they find the domain name they want. It is available, so they make the purchase (since it is super cheap to register a domain name), then they do one of two things. Either they buy hosting from the domain registration company, which is usually a big mistake for a blogger, or they start to look for a hosting company for their blog.

They usually settle on the cheapest blog hosting because they don’t understand what they need or what a good hosting company is. On top of it all they are not 100% confident they will ever make money from their blog, so they are afraid to invest much money into it. Some will even choose free hosting over the cheapest blog hosting because of this. By the way, free hosting is another huge mistake.

The Disadvantages of Blog Hosting

If you find yourself caught in this web and you end up with hosting that is less than a few dollars a month, then you need to be aware of what you are really getting. Sometimes you can get away with the cheapest blog hosting if it comes from a highly reputable hosting company. Other times you will get low-grade hosting that is not reliable, is not supported correctly, and will cause you plenty of headaches. This could be why your blog is not successful.

Most new bloggers don’t understand the commitment they need to make to be successful with blogging. Those that understand it takes time and is not going to happen overnight can still get roped into a bad hosting deal. Hosting is the foundation upon which your blog sits and it needs to be a very strong and supportive foundation.

The major disadvantage you will find with the cheapest blog hosting is the lack of support. The best hosting companies may charge you a few dollars more per month, but they will also provide you with better support when you need it. Chances are, with a top hosting company for your blog you will need less support, anyway.

Another huge disadvantage of the cheapest blog hosting is the speed and resources. If your blog takes forever to load, then visitors will leave before they ever see it. With low-grade hosting your blog will load slower and will bounce more visitors. This is not what you want if you plan to be successful with your blog.

How to Avoid the Cheapest Hosting

The easiest way to avoid the cheapest blog hosting is to choose one of the top blog hosting companies on the internet. There are many to choose from and three of the top choices are BlueHost, HostMonster, and HostGator. They are all very reputable and will provide you with the necessary tools and support you need for your blog.

The best part is you will not have to pay much more than you would with one of the lesser hosting companies. HostGator actually lets you pay monthly whereas the BlueHost and HostMonster will ask you to pay at least a year up front. Either way they are only a few dollars more each month than going with the cheapest blog hosting and they are much better.

What Exactly is Cheap Blog Hosting?

Cheap blog hosting is a type of hosting that gives you the right platform for your blog and gives you all the advantages you need from a host. The problem is many of the cheaper hosting packages don’t give you the things you need for your blog. This is a huge issue and you need to make sure you get the right hosting for your blog.

Can you get cheap blog hosting that is actually good? Yes, you can, but you have to know what to look for if you are going to find the right hosting for you with the right benefits. The price should not matter all that much to you because cheap blog hosting is not going to vary much in price from one host to another.

Most likely, you are going to be looking for a shared hosting package. This is the cheapest type of hosting out there for blogs and websites. It will cost between $3 and $20 a month depending on the host and the package you choose. The more you spend on shared hosting, the better and more secure the package will be that you get.

Finding Good Blog Hosting

Finding good cheap blog hosting is not all that hard if you start with an industry site that rates the top hosting companies. Now, you cannot just go with the top choice they have on their list because it may not be exactly what you need. There are many choices that are very good on the top ten list of blog hosts in this site and all of them will have a good cheap blog hosting package.

The key is to get the hosting you need and that starts by looking at what each host offers. If you have plans to create a very high traffic blog, then you will need to choose a hosting company that also offers VPS and dedicated server hosting. These are upgrades you might need later on with your blog if you start to see a large amount of traffic.

Another thing you want to look at is the real customer reviews. These will give you a glimpse into what the hosting company is actually going to provide for you or not provide. This is very important because many of the customer reviews will tell you the truth about the company, whether it is good or bad.

Finally, before you settle on the right blog hosting for your new blog you need to look at the support they offer. They better have an email, online chat, and phone option or you don’t want to use them at all. On top of that it is a good idea to test at least one of these types of support. Fast and professional support usually means the hosing company has reliable servers and hires very professional employees.

Choosing cheap blog hosting is not always easy, but if you follow the tips above you will be able to get the right hosting company for your blog much quicker. Make sure you compare at least a few of the different hosting companies on the top ten list and you can certainly find the right one for your needs.

Avoiding the Worst Cheap Hosting

You must avoid the worst cheap blog hosting out there. There are a few types of hosting that are not all that good and one of them is any type of free hosting. This might seem like a good idea, but anything in the hosting world that is free will have tradeoffs. Don’t choose free hosting unless you really enjoy headaches.

Also, any company that has not been in business for at least 2 years will not do the trick for you. This is the benchmark for a good hosting company and if they have not lasted for at least two years, then you don’t want to take a gamble on them. There are too many other good hosting companies with cheap packages to waste your time with a new company.

If you take your time and you actually compare a few companies while you are shopping, then you will be able to get the right hosting for your new blog. This will give you the foundation you need and you will be able to start off on the path to success with good cheap blog hosting.

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