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August 15th, 2012

When you make a decision to use the best cheap reseller hosting, you really need to be aware of what you will be using in terms of web hosting. Finding the best cheap reseller hosting is not always the easiest thing, and with regards to reseller hosting, when you find the best one, it will usually not be the cheapest option out there. So, as you can see, looking for something that is both the best and cheap at the same time is not the easiest thing to do anywhere, not just in web hosting.

But, the best cheap reseller hosting is a kind of hosting that not only doesn’t cost much, but also provides you with all the options that you will be needing in order to run your website well. In order to locate the best cheap reseller hosting, you will need to take the time to truly compare the hosting options given by various web hosting companies. Since there are many choices available, you will need to be quite careful and to take your time. Don’t rush into a decision and don’t go with a certain best cheap reseller hosting provider just because they have a nice looking home page or because you thought that their video ad was funny.

The principal thing that you need to be aware of is that it is a good idea not to simply limit yourself to only one type of web hosting until you have completed your research. By looking up different web hosts, you will be able to compare the options offered by various other hosting types and not simply look for the best cheap reseller hosting. Some other hosting options include shared hosting, cloud hosting, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. They are all worth looking at if you are a serious webmaster that wants to make some good money on the internet.

What to Compare When You Look for Cheap Reseller Hosting

1. Storage Space

When you search for the best cheap reseller hosting, one of the main concerns that you should have is whether they will be giving you enough space to store your website with all of its content. Remember, that the more content (pictures, web pages, video, interactive media, etc) you have, the more storage space your website will need. If your site is one where users can add their own content, such as leave comments, upload pictures or videos, etc. then you need to consider the fact that the size of your website can grow exponentially once it becomes more popular and more people start to use it.

2. Available Bandwidth

Bandwidth is also an important part of selecting the best cheap reseller hosting, because you will have many problems with your website if the bandwidth allocated to it is not sufficient. Take care to really understand the options that are offered to you and remember that even if a web host says you have “unlimited” bandwidth, they don’t necessarily mean it. Many hosting companies will tell you that they need to charge you a higher price or will tell you to take your site elsewhere if it grows and places too much of a strain on their servers.

3. Different Types of Web Hosting

There are 3 major kinds of web hosting, which are shared, dedicated and VPS. You will need to make a decision as to which one of these hosting types is the best one for your business or the project that you are putting together. Be careful with shared hosting, as it is only recommended if you have a relatively small website. But VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions are good if you plan to expand your business. Do take note, however, that these hosting types tend to cost more each month than a shared hosting plan.

4. Support Options from the Web Hosting Company

One of the principal reasons as to why it is not usually a good idea to use the best cheap reseller hosting is that their support may not be optimal. In that case, you will be much better off bypassing best cheap reseller hosting and instead going directly with one of the top web hosting companies which can provide you with various support options, such as by telephone, email, live chat, etc. Their support should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. How Reliable is Your Web Host?

This is another question to ask yourself and will sometimes make you want to skip over the best cheap reseller hosting and instead go directly to a larger web host. Reliability is important for any webmaster that uses his website to earn money. Remember, for every minute that your site is inaccessible, you are losing money and customers. By going with a reliable web host that has proven to have low amounts of downtime, you will be able to run your business in an efficient way without constantly having to worry about whether your site is going to go down today. Even the best cheap reseller hosting providers will have a hard time rivaling with the top web hosting companies on the internet when it comes to reliability issues.

The Final Choice Regarding the Best Cheap Hosting

When you are seeking to make a decision regarding whether you would go use the best cheap reseller hosting, you will need to take a look at what a regular host can offer you that a reseller hosting company cannot offer. Remember that when it comes to web hosting, it is better to spend a bit more money every month and use a company that will always be reliable and better than even the best cheap reseller hosting company.

Your website needs to have a place to be hosted and you will end up using a hosting company either ways. By making the wrong choice, you will soon be disappointed and realize that you should have spent a bit more money and went with a better host. Sure, the decision is yours, but the facts suggest that there are far better options than using the best cheap reseller hosting.

Things to Know About Affordable Reseller Hosting

Unless you are planning to start a hosting business and sell the affordable reseller hosting that you have found, it will simply be a waste of time. By doing just a bit of research, you will be able to find many other options which will be much better than hosting that you can get from a reseller. A web hosting reseller is actually little more than a middle man that will sell you hosting from another hosting company.

Should you decide to use affordable reseller hosting, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of before making that decision. You will need to consider the needs of your website and you should definitely know what features your website will require. By analyzing what you will need for your website, you will thus be able to make a far better decision when it comes to selecting hosting for your site.

A Few Things you Need to Know Regarding Affordable Hosting Plans

One of the main things that affordable reseller hosting providers do not tell you about their services is that you will often not be able to upgrade your plan. The reason behind this is because the affordable reseller hosting service provider has purchased a certain quantity of web hosting space from another host and they don’t usually have enough to let you upgrade.

Obviously, this can make things quite hard for you if you are an internet marketer or a business owner. If you are going to make use of affordable reseller hosting, then you have to be certain that you will not be needing more space that you have previously purchased from the hosting company, because an upgrade plan may not always be offered to you.

Another important issue any webmaster needs to understand is that when you select an affordable reseller hosting company, their reliability may not be as good as if you had gone directly with the web host. When you use affordable reseller hosting, remember that you are dealing with a middle man and not directly with the actual company that is selling you the web hosting plan. If your site goes down, you will have to contact the reseller, who will then get in touch with the web hosting company. This simply adds an additional layer between you and the actual web host’s technical support staff and can delay resolution.

Normally, you will need to contact the web hosting reseller by email and then wait for them to see your message, and then take action on it and contact the hosting company to try and get the problem resolved. Since affordable reseller hosting companies are usually small operations that do not have a dedicated support staff, it can take several hours or even days before they see your email and then contact the web host. This means more time is wasted trying to get your site functioning normally again. If you were using another hosting option and dealing directly with the web host, then you could have simply contacted them by phone or live chat and get your issued fixed in just a few minutes.

Some Other Options to Use Instead of Reseller Hosting

There are plenty of hosting options available to you that you can use instead of affordable reseller hosting. All of these include going directly to the web hosting company, such as one of the top 10 hosting companies of 2011. You will be able to get shared hosting, VPS hosting and if you need it, you can even get an entire dedicated server. Some companies will also offer you cloud hosting and even free hosting options, however you should take note that free web hosting can be just as bad, if not worse, then going through a reseller. Therefore, a free hosting plan, just like affordable reseller hosting, is not a very good choice for someone who is serious about making money on the internet.

What it all basically means is that you have plenty of great hosting options available to you and you will need to make a comparison between them before you make a decision on which one you will be using for your web site. By taking your time and deciding on the right hosting plan, you can feel confident that you have made the right decision by knowing that you are not using affordable reseller hosting.

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