What is Cheap Personal Web Hosting?

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August 5th, 2012

Typically, cheap personal web hosting will come in the form of shared hosting. This is the cheapest hosting out there and if you are just looking to put up a website or blog for your own personal needs, then it is probably all you are after. There is a big difference between hosting for personal needs and for making money.

When you are trying to make money cheap personal web hosting may be fine in the beginning, but it will not be for the long term. This type of hosting is meant more for someone wanting to put up information about their family, honor a loved one that has past, wants to update the world on their travels, or wants to keep an online journal.

Most of these things can be done for free, but if you choose cheap personal web hosting you can get the tools to put your site or blog up in a better way and it will be more secure. With free hosting, you don’t always get the option to use your own domain name and you really don’t own the website or blog either.

How to Find Cheap Web Hosting

There are many companies that offer cheap personal web hosting and you can get it from nearly every single one of our top ten hosting choices listed on this website. FatCow is the best choice because they give you the most value for each dollar you spend with their very cheap hosting package. Another very good choice is WebHostingPad because they are the cheapest out there right now.

You just need to be aware of what you are getting and make sure you will get the tools you need. If you are trying to make the design part of the website you want to put up much easier, make sure you get a really good and easy to use site builder with your cheap personal web hosting package. Another design tool that can make it easy for putting up a blog is WordPress.

Even though you are only using this hosting for personal needs you still want to make sure you are getting an adequate package of hosting. This can help you to get the security you need and use the domain you have in mind. Many companies can provide you with everything you need and it will only cost you between $2 and $10 a month.

Paying for your cheap personal web hosting on a yearly basis will save you money and with many hosting companies, you can pay for up to 3 years at a time for an even larger discount. Some will even give you a few free months of hosting when you choose the cheap personal web hosting and pay for more than one year at a time.

Another benefit you get from companies like FatCow and HostMoster, when you get cheap personal web hosting from them is a free domain name. This is perfect if all you want to do is put up one website or blog. You can keep this free domain for the life of your hosting account and you will never pay a single penny for it.

Which Company is Best for Personal Hosting?

Out of all the choices we have reviewed, FatCow is the best choice for cheap personal web hosting with HostMonster coming in a very close second. These are two of the best choices for shared hosting on the internet and they offer a very fair price for what you get. They both will give you a free domain name and they both have cheap personal web hosting that is perfect for just one website.

What do Smart Consumers Think About Cheap Web Hosting?

Smart consumers are always a bit skeptical when something is cheap and that includes cheap web hosting. It is not always up to the higher standards they may have compared to something that costs a little more. Hosting does not come in a physical package, so it is not as simply as eliminating the pretty package to get the cheaper price.

There are many things to be skeptical about with cheap web hosting. Some of the smart consumers will flat out tell you that it is worth the extra few dollars a month to be sure you are getting great hosting. When you first start a website or blog and your goal is to make money, you want to be sure, you are getting good hosting and not just cheap web hosting.

By getting the right hosting, you are setting yourself up for success instead of inevitable failure. This is very important and anybody with a hosting account can tell you how important the company backing you up is. If you don’t get the right hosting account, you may end up with struggles down the road. This will not help you much and you want to be sure you are getting the best possible hosting for your needs.

The Downfall of Cheap Hosting

There are many things that can go wrong with cheap web hosting, but there are many benefits if you get a top company. If you choose a low grade or new hosting company, you may end up with a company that does not provide the type of features or support you need. This can be a struggle and can really make life a bit of a pain when you are trying to make money online.

Getting the top choice for your hosting needs if far more important than getting cheap web hosting. The price of the hosting, most likely, will tell you the quality of the hosting. There used to be a larger discrepancy from good hosting companies to those that were not so good, but many have lowered their price considerably to stay competitive.

The major problem with cheap web hosting is the support you don’t get. Sometimes the servers are low quality, which is not good, but more often than not, it is the company that is low quality. This does not help you get the foundation you need for your hosting and it certainly does not allow for the things you are trying to do to happen smoothly.

Avoiding Bad Web Hosting

The easiest way to avoid bad cheap web hosting is to go with a company that has a very good reputation online. When you choose a company that gives you everything you need and will allow you to do all the things you are trying to do, then you have one that will help you to become successful. However, choosing a low rate company will not do this for you.

Pick three of the top rated hosting companies that fit your budget and take the time to compare them. Read the reviews, look at the features, and choose the one that you fell most confident in. This will help you to get good hosting and to avoid the mistake of getting a bad cheap web hosting company.

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