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August 5th, 2012

Have you found that it is a bit hard to find cheap internet hosting that you can actually trust and use for your project. This is not something many people want to search for because they know there are numerous choices out there. It takes time to find the best possible cheap internet hosting for a project and many people don’t have the time.

It is not easy to get really good hosting without spending a few dollars on it. If you are stuck with a small budget, you need to know how to get the best cheap internet hosting without wasting days searching for it. You certainly want to find the right hosting for your project, but you also have to stick to your budget.

Budget hosting is not always a good choice, but if you get it from a great company, you can get very good hosting for a very low price. Some of the cheap hosting choices are going to give you every feature you need along with the support you desire. However, many of the choices out there simply are not that good.

Eliminating the Cheap Hosting that is Not Good

There are ways to make sure you get the right hosting for your project without spending a fortune. You just have to be able to eliminate the worst choices and only compare the best choices for shared hosting. Since shared hosting is the cheapest, this is what you will be looking for and many great companies offer strong shared hosting packages.

The easiest way to be sure you get cheap internet hosting from a top company, is to use the top ten hosting list we have established for you. This list will give you plenty of great choices and we stand behind each and every one of them. There are hundreds of companies out there and a small percentage of them are worth the money you spend.

It is better to stick to the top choices and get the hosting you need from a high quality company, then to deal with trying to get it from a lower level company that does not support you well. If you notice many negative reviews about a company, then you should avoid them. Also, if you don’t see them on the top ten lists out there, you may want to avoid them.

Top hosting companies get reviewed and put on these lists for a reason. You need to be aware of what these reasons are and why they are important. Most of the time it is all about the value you are receiving for your dollars. If you choose our number one choice, for example, you will pay under $4 a month and they give you all the best support along with a top shared hosting package.

Internet Hosting for the Beginner

One of the key factors you have to be aware of when you are looking for cheap hosting is how user-friendly the hosting is. If it is difficult to use, then you may struggle to even figure out what to do. However, if you get a control panel that is easy to navigate and very self-explanatory, you can get your website or blog up very fast and easy.

The best choice for one of the most user-friendly control panels is FatCow hosting. This is our top choice for hosting, but it is also one of the easiest to use. They also give you the benefit of hosting your account on a Linux server for better security and a higher level of performance from your cheap internet hosting.

Very Cheap Web Hosting for the Smallest Budget

Many beginners are afraid to spend any money on hosting, but if you know how to find very cheap web hosting, this may change. There are many benefits to using cheap hosting compared to free and many times free hosting can cause you many issues. Beginner constantly post in forums wanting marketing help when the first step, their hosting, has not been taken correctly.

You don’t need a huge sum of money to get started with hosting and you can buy an entire year for under $50. If you cannot even afford $50 to start out, you can get a monthly plan and spend under $20 to get things started. This is very cheap web hosting and you can even use our coupon code section to get even cheaper hosting.

Using very cheap web hosting is a great way to get started compared to free hosting. There are many benefits you get from using cheap hosting that you simply don’t get with free hosting. You do need to be sure you are getting good hosting with the support of one of the top companies, but this is a great way to avoid the downfalls of free hosting.

The Benefits of Very Cheap Hosting

Compared to free hosting, very cheap web hosting is a much better choice. With free hosting, you cannot use your own domain name and this is a problem. If you are using a free hosting choice like Blogger, which is owned by Google, then you have no control over your blog. This is not a good way to make money online and not a good way to build a blog or website.

You may never have a single issue with Blogger, but the odds are very good that you will. Since you don’t own the domain name your blog is on, you don’t have any control over whether it stays live or not. If Blogger decides they don’t like your content or anything else, they can eliminate your account and you will lose everything you built.

On top of that, Blogger sites don’t rank nearly as well as using your own domain name. Now, you may be thinking, “what I need a domain name, too?” This means more money out of your pocket, but it does not have to. Most of the best very cheap web hosting will give you a free domain name for the life of your hosting account.

Of course, if you plan to make money online, you are going to need more than just one domain name, but one will get you started. Then, you can invest the profits you make from the one website or blog back into your business for more domain names. This brings up another point and when you are searching for hosting, you should find unlimited domain name hosting so that you can host all you domains under one account.

There are many choices for very cheap web hosting and you need to be sure you get one that is right for you. Having paid hosting is one of the keys to online success and without it, you will have to work harder, and you risk the possibility of losing all your work. This is not anything you want to be a part of and you are better off with very cheap web hosting than free hosting.

The Web Hosting We Recommend

We could simply tell you to choose the top rated hosting company on our website, since they are under $4 a month, but when you need very cheap web hosting, there are two choices that might fit better. First, if you can afford to pay for a full year or two upfront, you can get your cheap hosting from WebHostingPad. They only charge $1.99 per month and they are listed in our top ten choices.

The other option is for those that need to start with just one month of hosting. The only company in our top ten web hosting companies that offers a month-to-month payment plan is HostGator hosting. They are one of the largest and best out there and you can get very cheap web hosting from them on a monthly basis, if necessary.

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