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August 27th, 2012

Cheap File Servers are a brilliant idea – keeping your data secured, backed up and always available. However, depending on what you will be using your file hosting for, you need to keep a few things in mind. The requirements of a small business and a large conglomerate are vastly different, and not every Cheap File Servers will offer the same services, it is all about finding the right service for you. From Small business, to home users to large corporations – below is some guidance about what to look for, to make sure you get the best value and use for your money.
For small business, you should consider:

Easy integration – unlike major corporations, you cannot afford to get a new, bespoke system created for you, so you need any Cheap File Servers to easily integrate into your computer system.
Regular Backups – Your data needs to be safe, make sure the company does backups at least every day, if not more. Check they are using safe back up servers too.
Expandable – You probably have big dreams – make sure your Cheap File Servers can handle any potential expansion you want, with minimal disruption to your business.
Reliable, minimal downtime – You need constant access to your files, look at downtime rates to ensure your company guarantees you will never leave a client in the lurch.

For Home Users

Lowest price – for home users, cost will probably be your main consideration. Going for the lowest price Cheap File Servers should not mean you compromise on the service you get, as home users will typically have low spec requirements.

Room for Photos – you will likely be trying to share and secure at least some photos, try and look for Cheap File Servers that understand this. Maybe find one that offers extra space for photos.

Easy to share – Look for options that give you ability to share access to your data with Grandpa and Grandma in a simple, easy to understand way.

For Big Business

Super secure servers – for any large company, securing private data is always a major concern. Make sure the Cheap File Servers you are choosing, offer strong encryption options to make sure you have not only your own trust in them, but also your client’s trust in them.

Safe location – Would you want a pile of paper in an unsecure location? Make sure your servers are stored in a safe, underground, clean, well monitored and well run organisation.

High network power – the last thing you want is a serious downtime to hit the hour before a major presentation, when someone in Japan is trying to send your New York office the slides.

Easy access – you need to be able to access, work on, upload and download your files from anywhere in the world and from a range of devices. Make sure you have the ability to do this, and on a payment plan you can afford too!

The Basics of Cheap File Hosting

With the advent of the internet, it has become more and more important for people to share documents and files over the internet and an abundance of Cheap File Hosting companies have popped up around the web.

For many people these seem like a great solution – but do not be completely fooled by the great price and apparent ease of use – there are several thing you need to look out for. Below we have outlined the basic things you need to consider when getting your Cheap File Hosting solution set up. Hopefully this will detangle the world of Cheap File Hosting!

There are a few basic things, non technical, to look out for when selecting your Cheap File Hosting Company. We will get onto the more technically advanced things such as accessibility later, but first some “aesthetic” details.

Look at the website of the company you are thinking of using– they say never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to the internet it can be a pretty useful guide to the quality of a company! Make sure it is using a reputable domain name (such as .com, .net etc.) – and that the website look professional.

Check they have a full set of contact details available on the site – give them a call if you are not one hundred percent sure.

While this may seem quite over the top – remember it is your personal documents and files you are giving to someone, you need to have trust in them.

What your Cheap Hosting Company Should Offer

When considering Cheap File Hosting, think about where you will be needing to access your files from. For many people, a Cheap File Hosting Company will be able to offer everything they need – basic access from their computer. However, for people who do need slightly more flexible, consider whether you will be able to access your files from multiple types of devices.

Another thing to consider is backups of your data. Check to see how the Cheap File Hosting Company you are considering keeps your data secure. Also, you may look for a service that automatically sinks your data to your online hosting – although this may not be Cheap File Hosting.

Make sure the customer service of your Cheap File Hosting company is up to scratch. Send them a quick “test” email and see how quickly they respond, what their quality of English is like, and how well they answer your question. If you are not happy – be warned, if this is how they treat a potential customer, think how they treat an existing client!

What to look for in advance, high specification

For those who need more advance, yet still Cheap File Hosting, you need to make sure your company has the network power to be able to keep your data safe, secure and accessible. Get someone with technical knowledge to look through their network specifications and check it will meet all your requirements.

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