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September 16th, 2012

Everyone wants Cheap Domain Registration, and it seems like there are a load of places on the internet that offer Cheap Domain Registration. You should always check around however, as there are several categories of cheap on the internet!

New customer deals – many host will offer new customers deals on Cheap Domain Registration, from completely free to free renewals.

There are a huge amount of deals on offer when you first sign up, so make sure you look around and make sure you are getting a good deal when you sign up.

Cheap Domain Registration is a good reason to go with a host who deals with both hosting and domains.

Ringing up – give them a ring and see if there is a Cheap Domain Registration deal they can do for you on that specific day. Even if you do not get Cheap Domain Registration, you may get other benefits such as Cheap Domain Renewal.

Bundle buys – your web host may also offer Cheap Domain Registration as part of a bundle. For example signing up for ‘x’ years hosting gets you a free domain registration.

You should look around their website for these deals, as they are not always openly advertised.

Not using your host

Using Google – for many people their website hosting company does not always offer Cheap Domain Registration. You should always search around the internet for specialist hosts that do offer these services however and there are many great ones out there.

You will find they are often cheaper than normal webs hosts, as they focus only on one thing – providing domain names. They will have much cheaper customer service costs. – from a personal recommendation, are excellent domain name registrars offering Cheap Domain Registration, but without compromising at all on the quality of the actual product and customer service.

They do a lot of very good deals all year round – improving on their already exceptional prices! They also do small hosting offerings – for example blog hosting with everything taken care of already.

Switching hosts – you may also find that a route to Cheap Domain Registration is to change your host – many will offer Cheap Domain Registration deals when you transfer your hosting contract to them.

General Advice

Don’t give up! – There are lots of Cheap Domain Registration deals out there, you just have to keep looking until you find the deal you want at a price you can afford. Make sure you check out a variety of hosts and registrars, and check back regularly to see if they have updated any deals since you have last looked at their website.

Look at adverts – when you do a Google search, it is often worth having a look at the adverts that appear down the side of the page, as many Cheap Domain Registrars will put specialist deals in to attract potential new clients. So next time you search, have a quick look to see if any deals you have not seen before are listed.

Look at 404s – many hosts such as Hostgator offer deals on the 404 pages of websites that are hosted with them – look out for the great deals they offer!

Using the internet to find cheap domain names for sale

Domain names can be an expensive venture – with prices ranging from $3.99 to $25 or more, but cheap domain names can help. There are lots of ways to get the domain you want at the price you need.

Some simple advice for finding Cheap Domain Names is to change the suffix and the prefix on the domain you are using (so instead of trying to find Bike Sales, extended it to Local Bike Sales). Another tip is to change the top level domain (.com, .net etc) you are using. You can even try and integrate it into your brand name (for example, etc.)

The internet is, of course, the best way to find Cheap Domain Names for sale. Using Google you can find a hundred or more domain name registrars. Make sure the company you are using is reputable. Also, remember that you do not have to use the same company to buy your domain name that you are using to host your website.

People often make this mistake and forget that Cheap Domain Names registrars often only do domain names – not hosting. You can also use the internet to try and find vouchers and coupons to get Cheap Domain Names. Voucher websites and affiliate programmes etc, all have really good offers on.

Looking at 404s

Another way to find Cheap Domain Names for sale, is to try and find domains that people no longer want. Type in the exact domain name you want into your address bar and see if an actual website exists.

If it does not you might be onto a winner – go onto WHOIS and look at the domain name, you will usually be able to see the details of who owns that domain name. You can also get their contact details – ring them up and see if they are willing to sell you the domain name cheaply.

If no website exists, but the website is hosted with certain web hosting companies (for example Hostgator), you will often find they have voucher codes on the page for Cheap Domain Names.
404s are a great way to find Cheap Domain Names – remember, just because a domain name is taken, it does not mean you will not be able to make it yours!

Use professionals

Finally, if you really cannot get the Cheap Domain Names you want – it is time to bring in the professionals. There are a lot of domain name brokerage firms on the internet who will specialise in getting you the domain you want at the price you need.

Use the internet to find a company and then tell them your requirements. They will also be able to advise you about the actual domain name you chose, what top level domain to go for, whether the name you have chosen is SEO friendly or it is just one of the cheap domain names for sale.

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