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August 3rd, 2012

When it comes to getting the website of a small or medium-scale business hosted, shared web hosting solutions will prove to be ideal because they happen to be dependable and inexpensive. A credible online presence is indeed something that a majority of business owners tends to value no matter how big or small their business is.

Shared web-hosting service means several users sharing a server in order that it would be comparatively less expensive compared to dedicated server hosting packages. Typically the price of a shared website hosting package is under $10 every month and some charges only less than $5 every month.

Most shared hosts plans often feature an internet-based control panel like Ensim, cPanel, InterWorx, Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin, or one of the profuse other control panel products on the market. Larger hosting corporations usually develop and disburse their own control panel to their hosting purchasers.

When you get multi-user hosts the host is mostly accountable for all the server management, security updates, installing server software, doing frequent backups, tech support, and anything more related to the upkeep of the servers. This is ideal for someone that only owns one site and has no idea the easiest way to do any of the complicated stuff related to owning hosting. Shared website hosting can be done in 2 other ways including IP-based and name-based although some control panels do permit a mix of both on the same server.

Most hosting includes Linux operating software which is less than Windows or FreeBSD based solutions. What kind of shared web hosting program you go for will rely upon your requirements and what sort of directions you need. Your cost will be significantly lower if you’re a person who is just aiming to purchase enough room for a private blog vs a business who requires an internet site for their company. This is where you might need to do some research and find out what might be the best hosting program for you to personally have online.

However, most of them are mistaken that setting up such a presence will cost them a lot of money. Luckily, businesses that want to put up a website that is ready to be hosted and available to internet users, will considerably benefit from the applications and features offered by shared web hosting service providers. A lot of new people starting this kind of business often times also don’t understand all about the benefits that comes with hosting online and how web shared hosting can help them. Therefore, they end up spending a lot more money because of it.

The reason that webmasters are easily able to afford subscribing to shared web hosting solutions is because the server their website is hosted on is shared with many other users. IP and name based virtual hosting is used by shared web hosting providers, as a result of which having multiple host names becomes possible, all of which redirect back to a single IP address.

What You Get With Shared Hosting Solutions

Apart from sharing the server itself, the expenses of operating and maintaining the server are also equally divided between the multiple users whose websites are being hosted on that single server. This helps to make shared web hosting solutions great for those working on a budget, since they are so cheap. When you start looking at how much money you will save from having this kind of package it might impress you a lot. Other packages can end up costing you a fortune and you should really work hard on saving money because you might need it for other things such as promoting your website after you get it up and going.

Along with providing reasonably priced web hosting services, shared web hosts also make sure to maintain the quality of their service as well. Hence, those in search of shared web hosting solutions, for a small-scale website, should ensure that they obtain the following features when subscribing to a hosting provider.

Unlimited disk space is something every webmaster requires no matter how simple and small-scale their website is. With the growth of their business they might need to use and store more web files, therefore going for hosting providers who are offering limited disk space is not wise. There are also web hosts who make fake claims about offering unlimited disk space when they really are not, so webmasters should be wary of them.

Obtaining unlimited bandwidth from shared web hosting providers is quite rare, nonetheless several web hosts have emerged on the internet that are now offering unlimited bandwidth, too. Webmasters should therefore try to look for them because once the amount of traffic generated by the website increases, typical bandwidth offered in shared hosting plans might prove to be insufficient. If the bandwidth is unlimited you won’t have to worry about space and can do as many things on it as you would like. This can save you from really getting frustrated later when you are wanting to do things but might run out of space from not having enough bandwidth but when it is unlimited then you won’t have to worry about that happening to you.

What Else do you Get?

Truly reputable and quality shared web hosting service providers will provide their customers with unlimited email accounts and sub-domains, too. This will allow webmasters to create as many sub-domains and email accounts, as they want to because often they need to create many. Finally, the control panel being offered by the shared web host also matters and must essentially be easy to use.

Along with the web hosting features they offer, a good shared web hosting service provider should be offering quality as well as timely customer service and technical support. Thus, it is quite apparent that shared web hosting solutions can indeed prove to be ideal for business websites if obtained from the right web host and these are the requirements they should meet.

Shared Hosting Plans – The Pros and Cons

Shared web hosting plans also known as cheap hosting plans are web hosting plans that allow users to share the same web server for their websites online. A number of sites have the same server and they each have their own portion of the server such that each site is kept disjoint from others on the host. It is one of the best ways to economically host a website.

The bandwidth and the space on the server are also shared in this case and so is the cost of hosting among many customers. It is ideal for people who do not wish to get into administration and just want their website running. It is also ideal for people who have a small site and are not very familiar with web hosting and other technical details. Besides that, shared web hosting plans have many advantages.

Share Web Hosting that Works Well

One of the biggest advantages of shared web hosting plans is that they are highly cost effective. Even the costliest host in this case will not cost you more than 30 dollars per month, which is highly reasonable compared to the prices of leasing or buying your own server. This is a very cheap price for what you are after

Anyone can host their own website through a shared host. Any website, however small, can easily be hosted using a shared hosting plan. Most packages have enough help for people who are not familiar with the technicalities of website design and virtually anyone can host their site. The sites are also created quickly which is an added bonus.

Shared web hosting plans also help users focus on the content of the site. As the end user does not have to deal with any hardware or software, the focus can easily be turned on the content of the website. Even in cases where technical issues come up, the administrators will deal with the issues at hand and not the end user.

High security and reliability is also one of the advantages of shared hosts. The space allocated to every website is also more than sufficient and security features are also bolstered to keep users at peace. Shared hosting plans also have some disadvantages, which need to be looked at before you go for one.

A Few More Facts about Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plans do not run on older HTTP/1.0 browsers it was made mandatory to have hosts run on HTTP/1.1 browsers. HTTPS is also not well supported on shared web hosting plans unless you get the right package from the right hosting company. If this is necessary for you, make sure you care getting it from the right company.

It gives the end user very little scope for software development on their website. If you are looking for software development through your website, then it is recommended that you take up a dedicated web host, as it will give you more control over what happens on your site. This option however is also dependent on your technical knowledge.

The configuration is a tiring process and needs to be carefully scrutinized at all points. If there are any issues with permissions then other users may easily gain access to the files on the server. It is important to carefully set the permissions such that only the administrators can access files in the server when using shared web hosting plans.

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