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September 4th, 2012

Websites are the means to express your voice on the internet and a beginner needs a tool like the HostGator website builder to help. If you do not know how to create a website, you are certainly missing the excitement of having one. It is possible to create a website without coding in HTML.

Many third party solutions are available that operate on a WYSIWYG basis. If you have an idea of how your website should look, you can create it yourself with the help of a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ based HostGator website builder.

After creating a website, you will be in need of a web host to make your website available for others. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase web hosting from a company that gives tools to create your website without any additional cost.

HostGator is one such web host offering with a free website builder for all hosting plans. HostGator has a good reputation as a web host and it is justifying to see such a great website building tool given to its customers without any additional cost.

Choosing the HostGator Website Builder for Your Needs

With HostGator, you will get 4500 free website templates. To create a website, all you need to do is choose one of those templates and get going. You can perform a simple search on the theme of your website and use one of these templates, if you have no design-related ideas in your mind. With the HostGator website builder, you can create a professional website, personal blog or anything in between.

HostGator has established its name by providing its customers with cost-effective hosting plans that are packed with serviceable features that each site owner wishes to forge ahead in the quick moving and competitive communication medium that’s the Web. Since the firm’s start in 2002, it has received numerous awards, validating it’s accomplishment in providing a trustworthy web-hosting service to its thousands of clients internationally.

Once they keep growing, you should expect more inventions, thanks to their expert development team, to come your way Thru the years hostgator has helped different sorts of folks all across the globe with their hosting wants. Except for the hosting plans that they have on offer, which could fit any need, budget and life-style, they have also invented tactics by which a customer will be in a position to simply develop their site even without learning any technical know how of site building. Now any person can construct their own site by utilizing the HostGator site builder feature that comes free with any hosting plan availed from the company. If you are interested to make your very own internet site for nothing then you need to find out the best way to use HostGator site builder on their internet site.

With its simple to understand interface and the big selection of templates from dating themes to business layouts, that you can make a decision from, you’ll be in a position to make a full working web site in just one or two hours. All you actually need to do is to sign in to the site builder page to start. Step one in learning the way to use HostGator site builder is to select a template for your internet site. Depending on your own preference and the general theme of your internet site, you can select templates from a selection or classes like fashion, vacation, design studio and hotel.

It is important that you select a template that may best represent your site so that Web spectators visiting it is going to be excited to look around. After selecting a template for your site the following step is preparing and deciding on the sorts of pages you ought to have. With a bit of help from the simple to use interface, you won’t need to stress about handling the pages of your site anymore. All you have got to do is click your selected pages sets, edit the layouts and you can finish up with an internet site that’s customized to fit your preferences. Once you are done with the pages, it’s then time to encode the content that you need on your pages. Formatting is a breeze, as you’ll discover that it is simply like utilizing the word revising programs being employed by many individuals in their day-to-day lives. You also will be able to add on some additional features on to your internet site eg the rss feed button by clicking on it.

Flash-based websites can also be created using a HostGator website builder. To search for a suitable flash-based template, select Enhanced Flash Templates from the drop-down menu after entering a keyword related to your website’s theme.

Many people think that it is necessary to learn HTML to create a website. This is not true; you can create a website even if you do not know HTML. Do not let this misconception stop you from having online presence for your business or personal website. If you are worried about security of your new website, you can always purchase an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address from HostGator itself or any other trusted third party, to run your website.

If you are planning to create a business website to sell products or services, then this is necessary. This will create trust with your website’s visitors and allow them to complete the purchase in a secure environment.

More Features with the HostGator Website Builder

In addition to these free templates, HostGator also provides advanced training on search engine optimization to get more visitors to your website. All of these templates are created by professional web designers and are fully functional. In addition to that, you can add shopping cart, forum, or CMS based blogging platform on a sub-domain to your main website.

You can achieve this by using Quick Install option in CPanel. Apart from its website builder, with all these additional features HostGator is certainly the best bang for your buck. Free around the clock support is another advantage with HostGator. If you need any assistance with the HostGator website builder, you can always contact HostGator support by phone, email or through live chat support.

Using the Top HostGator Website Templates

The best templates for websites are the HostGator website templates and all HostGator customers get them. Templates come in various sizes and are also available in flash and they continue to grow. Putting up your own website is not an easy task and you need any help you can get from templates and design tools.

With business booming due to e-business, the Web is being deluged by many web sites. Nowadays everyone appears to have a site that works alongside their business. Site designing in earlier days needed understanding of HTML code that needed to be technically talented and skillful. Today, with a bit of help from HostGator, things are a lot smoother and more streamlined compared with how they were before. These days you can simply get free templates, which you need to use to build up your internet site. HostGator offers this feature with each hosting plan. With HostGator, it’s easy to get a massive range of free templates, which you need to use to form your internet site from the start.

You may either add some alterations to the present template, or use it the way that it is. The inventive design of the internet site is the most significant aspect when you wish high-traffic on your internet site. HostGator offers its buyers a range of templates so helping them with the site designing process. It happens to be one of the best website hosting services available on the internet with value-added service. With raised competition in this sector, it becomes an indispensable need that HostGator paces its miles ahead of its hosting rivals. HostGator provides its purchasers with over 4,450 different web site templates under 120 different classes.

With such a massive assortment of templates freely one can be fairly confident of a great selection from HostGator. Making certain that shoppers get their required templates, HostGator also makes certain that the templates they’re providing are up to the mark, pro and meets the demand of the shopper. When HostGator supplies the user with template decisions, it also guarantees that all classes, from canine training to tree trimming and product pages, are obviously outlined for the purchaser to use. Once you’ve chose a template class, the next step is to choose whether you would like a boosted flash template or an internet site template. Doing this implies that it is currently simpler for you to display your products or services in front of your consumer-base. In a similar fashion , when you’re advertising, you want to snatch the customer’s attention.

Selecting the templates along these lines will be of real help for advertising your internet enterprise. Another feature of HostGator is that it provides free templates listed under individual designers. This helps the purchasers simply choose which kind of designer will work the best for their sort of company. There might be more than one designer whose work will match the sort of company you own.

The entire design of the site must so match the services or product they are endeavoring to sell. Just having a look at the internet site should right away show what your industry is about. Second , it’s also vital the designers don’t overdo or over-compensate the look of the template. Flooding the template with different photographs, colors or fonts won’t help to make your internet site appealing. Designers utilize a restricted amount of such attention grabbers, yet make it tasty enough and straightforward for the users.

If you want to create web pages the way you want your customers to see them, then you need some help. With the HostGator website templates you will be able to get what you need to build your site faster and easier. HostGator not only maintains, but also welcomes and provides a custom template to help choose according to our business, products, and services.

Why HostGator Website Templates Make a Huge Difference

HostGator customers receive value-added services offered on the choice of the professional staff that can be customized to fit your business. This pattern has become a famous addition for web hosting plans and is primarily due to the proposal, relevance, simplicity, and ease of use.

HostGator moves ahead of competitors by offering customers hosting with more than 4 thousand different templates, web pages, and over 120 different types. This gives you a large variety of design options and you will be able to do everything you need to with a template. All the different categories of templates are custom designed to fit what you need.

Once a client chooses a template type, then they can decide whether they want to use an extension template flash template or another one for their websites. With the HostGator website templates it becomes much easier to display products, offers, and nice services in front of their customer base. Choose a template that draws the attention of customers while advertising your business online.

The free templates appear in the individual designer part of the control panel. This is especially useful for customers, because they can determine what type of design is best suited for your type of business. It is possible that there will be more of a designer, whose work would fit with the type of client.

Web design should conform to the goods or services the company is looking to sell. When viewers look at this site, you can actually see what the company is all about. It is not a very good idea to fill the template with many images, fonts and colors as the site will lose its appeal. Designers should use a limited number of tricks to attract attention and with the HostGator website templates design is simple.

A Few Final Thoughts About HostGator Website Templates

By creating a website, you will be able to attract new business and gain profits. Patterns do comes into play here and you want your site to be easily recognized by visitors. The appropriate format of the templates can help customers get a public resource and a good site.

HostGator has a dedicated team to develop a template for their clients. They provide customers with the ability to choose the best template for their needs from a huge library. You will also have access to use the clip art they provide to help you attract more attention to your site. It is easy to see why using HostGator website templates can help you out.

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