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August 6th, 2012

The best way to build a free website for business is to select a cheap hosting company that provides a free domain name on signup. Most reputable hosting companies offer free site builders that will enable a business to build a professional website using the free domain name given by the hosting company.

Selecting a free hosting option to build a business website is a poor option and is not There are two possible choices for a free website to build your business. You can opt for a paid hosting service or for a free hosting service for your website, and the differences between them are enormous.

Options with Paid Hosting Service

The free domain name that is given is provided as an incentive for trying the hosting service and, depending on the host, the annual renewal of the domain may be paid for by the host for as long as the client remains with the particular host.

The domain allows the client to personalize it to a name that is relevant to his business product. When using proper SEO techniques, the domain name will have in it the main keyword the client is optimizing his website for in the search engines.

Although the hosting service is providing extremely cheap hosting (as cheap as $3.95 a month) and is also providing free site builders, they are by no means fly by night companies that have just happened upon the hosting market.

The good news is that many of these companies are well known and are reputable companies that find themselves in a very competitive hosting environment, and the cheap hosting fees are the result of that competition. That works to the advantage of anyone looking to build a free website for business or even for personal use.

Because of the reputation these companies enjoy in the industry, you are afforded an adequate amount of disc space and bandwidth for a business now starting out. With time, and as the site grows, the client will have the option of upgrading his plan to satisfy the site’s need for a greater amount of disc space and bandwidth, and other features that he may desire.

Other important features offered are 24/7/365 technical support. 99.9% uptime guarantee and many other features that are associated with state of the art web hosting companies.

Among these feature are site builders that are so simple to manipulate that even a novice can create very stunning and professional looking websites. The processes involved are as simple as working with a word processor. There are many other features available and things to think about when you have a website that is for free.

Having a free internet site is a great and cost-effective tool. Not only have you got instructions to help, but you receive free hosting also and much more. Everything that’s given to do to build up your web site is comprehensible. A free web site will help with making sure that get started and that you begin to make sales online before considering investing into a full specification internet site. When you start making sales then you might want to think about going over to a site that is not free so you can take advantage of the features and other things.

The best merit of free web site building is that it’s for the ones that have very little to no awareness of design and technical logic. Follow the rules they give you step-by-step. Enroll in your free site building account. After you’ve finished the 1st task, select the class of which your service or enterprise falls beneath and continue to select a template and design. Use it on where it is most need and start setting up your internet site pages If you do not have a web site name for your internet site, don’t be concerned. Site names are just for additional attention to web site, you are still ready to make a URL that does the same justice as a website name.

Website names cost yearly, while your web site name is free and you can submit it to search sites just as a purchaser would a web site name. Once you are happy with the outward appearance of your internet site, take part in your free site builder’s tutorial to help get your internet site’s URL or web site name on the search websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Enable your stats or download the application so you are able to discover how many site visitors you have, what they downloaded, uploaded and how long they stayed on your internet site.

The interfaces for the building of these websites are very robust and can create business websites with much functionality, construction, and design and they can be completed within an hour or so.

Many hosts provide the Fantastico script within its control panel for the installation of WordPress blogs for those needing to set up the business on a blog. The opportunities for optimization are tremendous with these blogs, and hundreds of templates are available to match any needed business design.

Choosing a Free Hosting Service

The choice of the free hosting is not recommended for a business website for a number of reasons.

Free hosting services provide a very limited amount of disc space and bandwidth and there is no possibility of requesting an increased amount if it is needed. No technical support is provided with the use of the disc space, and there is no guarantee of server uptime or anything else for that matter.

It is very possible that the host may decide at any moment to delete you site from the server to meet its business needs and you will have no recourse in the matter.

To recoup the costs of providing free disc space the host may place ads, pop-ups and images on your website and you will have no say in the matter. Also they will not provide you with a free domain, but instead will give you a URL, which you will use as your website address and in fact, it has the host’s name in it so you will be directing traffic to your host primarily and not your site.

With a free hosting service you will not be able to brand your business or have much control over its very existence. With paid web hosting, you will be able to build a free website for business and enjoy all the advantages and features of hosting with a reputable hosting company.

Browse these webpages for our top picks in web hosting companies that provide free website builders for business.

Starting with How to get a Free Website Domain, the Good

If you want to know how to get a free website domain, then you need to know what might be a good choice when it comes to getting a domain name for free. There are not that many good choices when you want a free domain and you want it to be a good one. Not many free things are worth it when it comes to domains.

The one good choice when it comes to learning how to get a free website domain is to get one from the host you are choosing to go with. This will allow you to have a free domain that will actually worth it. Some hosting packages actually come with more than one domain and it all depends on which package you choose.

Next, How to Get a Free Web Domain, the Bad

When it comes to the bad about how to get a free website domain you need to know there are a few that are bad. Even though not all of the bad has to do directly with a free domain it is important to know if you want to get a domain name. Here is the bad about both free and cheap domains.

The free domain names that are bad for you are those that come in the form of This is actually what is called a sub domain and they are not worth your time unless they are This is the only time you want to have a sub domain name.

You may also get a cheap domain name for about $2 a year that is a step up from a free domain name, but it is still not worth your time. These are the .info domain names and they are not all that trustworthy. Since these are so cheap they have been used many times by scammers and those that send out quite a bit of spam.

These types of domain names do not carry much weight with the different search engines out there either. A .com, .biz, .net, .org, and .us will typically out rank a .info domain name with all of the top search engines. This is one of those times where going cheap really is not worth it at all.

Last, How to Get a Free Domain, the Ugly

There is one last type of free domain that must be discussed and it is absolutely horrible. This is a .tn domain name. It makes you think your domain should only be visible in Tennessee. Even though this is not the case these domain names are like internet marketing suicide.

If you choose to go with a .tn domain name you will probably never get a top ranking in a search engine. These are free for a reason and you have to think of domain names like real estate. A .tn is like being homeless and a .com is like having a huge estate.

With everything you have just discovered you should now know that the only good answer to how to get a free website domain is to get one with your hosting package. If you choose to go another way when you learn how to get a free website domain, then you could be making a huge mistake.

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