BlueHost and HostMonster – Which Web Hosting Provider Is Better?

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September 5th, 2012

BlueHost and HostMonster happen to be two very renowned web hosting service providers and usually many people find themselves stuck when they need to decide which one is better. What most people do not know is that Matt Heaton is the owner of both of these well-known web hosting companies and currently both of them are operating under him.

One of the main things in running a site successfully has a trusty web-hosting service. A successful website hosting portrays the worth of a domain that may help you to make a market out of your business. When you’re looking to launch an internet site, you must look at some website hosting reviews before you select a hosting supplier. To have a site it’s important to have a web-hosting service and there are a large number of folks all around the globe who are looking at buying a webhosting service. Website proprietors would be required to save the info of their internet site to the servers which have been supplied by the website hosting firms and the servers would control the internet site and make it identifiable to folk all around the planet on the web.

There are that many corporations that are providing website hosting services so it can be often tricky to select the best website hosting company. In that circumstance, hosting reviews can truly help you evaluate different options and select a best possible option because thru these reviews, you would get neutral ideas from varied folk about different webhosting service suppliers. It is crucial to consider the plan for your site before reading the website hosting reviews as you should comprehend exactly what your internet site really wants. If you’re making a business web site then you need to read reviews of those corporations that are providing top hosting plans for business web sites.

When you are reading thru the reviews between Bluehost and HostMonster online you could be in a position to ask about them. If that is the case you can search and see if you can contact the person who wrote the review and ask them questions. This will help you understand much more about that actual hosting supplier and will help you understand if a writer of the review is trusty or not. If you do not want to bother doing all of that then hopefully this comparison will help you to know and learn as to what one could be the best for you to have.

The reason why I am comparing these two hosting companies is because they are known and used the most online. They both have a high reputation but a lot of people don’t understand the differences between the two and what all they do plus they do not have a clue about what kind of features they have with their packages. The pricing and many other things might differ from one another and so finding out the differences can actually help you in many ways.

For this very reason, these two companies have several things in common, yet the fact that their names are different is not the only thing they have that is not the same and so you should really research and see what company might be the best one for you to go with because you might like one over the other hosting company and sometimes it might just be about what all they have and can offer you to help with making it easier for you to put together your site. Hence, pointing out these differences should help people decide which web hosting provider is better for their needs.

How Old Are BlueHost and HostMonster Providers?

It was in 2003 that Matt Heaton established BlueHost, becoming its CEO as well. Then, HostMonster came two years later and the company was set up in 2005. Simply because BlueHost came before HostMonster, allowed the company to build its reputation and have a substantial number of clients by the time HostMonster came into existence. Therefore, as far as the age and reputability of these two companies are concerned, BlueHost is certainly operating at a much larger scale and is far more popular.

Price and Promotions Offered by the Two Companies

Overall, both BlueHost and HostMonster offer affordable priced web hosting packages, however BlueHost offers its web hosting service with a discount therefore it costs customers $2 less. Hence, those on a budget might feel inclined to select BlueHost not only for its reputability, but because of its cheaper service, as well.

Why Are BlueHost and HostMonster Separate Companies Rather than One?

Over time, many customers have wondered why Matt Heaton has not merged BlueHost and HostMonster into a larger one, since both are owned by him and are offering the same type of service. The fact is that this is some sort of a marketing strategy that has been carried out by Heaton and is why he continues to operate the two companies separately.

While BlueHost has built the reputation as a top-notch web hosting company, HostMonster has become known for its cost effectiveness. What is even surprising is that Matt Heaton now owns a third web hosting company by the name of FastDomain, offering people in need of web hosting with the cheapest web hosting alternative.

Bottom Line About BlueHost and HostMonster

As mentioned, BlueHost’s web hosting packages are cheaper than HostMonster; therefore, this is one thing that makes BlueHost a much more feasible choice over HostMonster. However, in comparison to BlueHost, HostMonster also offers its customers more features. Since both companies are owned by Matt Heaton, he has maintained a similar quality standard for both companies.

Both of these web hosting service providers are also equally reliable and offer exceptional customer service too. All of these factors and benefits therefore make the decision all the more difficult for those who want to select either one of these companies. Both BlueHost and HostMonster are valuable web hosting providers and people can determine which one they should be choosing based on own requirements and their overall budget.

HostMonster Testimonials For the Top Company

As a business owner, you will find that choosing the best web host to run and maintain your site is essential for your online success and reading the HostMonster testimonials will help. When considering a large host for services, reading HostMonster testimonials prior to choosing their services, or a competitor’s services, is something that the business owner should do.

By reading what other consumers and business owners have to say about the services that HostMonster has to offer, you can figure out if they are the right host for you. These HostMonster testimonials will help you to make the right decision for your hosting. If you don’t take your time with this type of decision, you may find yourself with hosting that is not all that good.

What to Expect from the HostMonster Testimonials

The HostMonster testimonials are a great way for business owners to gauge the quality of services the web host will offer. These testimonials are offered by real customers and clients that use the host, and therefore a business owner reading them will get an idea of the quality of their services.

They can provide insight about prices the host charges for services, what services they offer, how accurate and what type of quality the site can expect to get. You can also find out what type of marketing services HostMonster will offer to their clients, for a flat monthly rate or fee.

Choosing to read HostMonster testimonials from a third party site, rather than directly from the company’s site is something a business owner should consider. This will ensure that the remarks and testimonials are truly unbiased, and that they are exactly what the consumer has said, and not what HostMonster has interjected about the services they have to offer to their customers.

This will also ensure that the individual business owners, who are considering HostMonster for services, will have several reviews and bits of information about the services they offer. With this information, it will be easier to determine whether or not they are the web hosting company to choose for service.

The Right Company Found Within the HostMonster Testimonials

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about without having to run and operate your own hosting. For this reason, hiring a well-known nationwide web host to do the job is something that should be considered. However, as a business owner, you also want to ensure the quality of the hosting services, and the quality of the package they will provide for your website.

For this reason, reading as many HostMonster testimonials as possible, prior to choosing the host, is something business owners will find extremely useful and beneficial when choosing their host. These testimonials will show you everything you need to know about the company and the experiences they have provided for other customers.

As there is, so much competition in the hosting market, by reading testimonials the business owner can get clear indications of the types of services, and the quality of their hosting capabilities. This will also ensure the business owner has completely unbiased reviews and testimonials, about what types of services they can expect, and the quality hosting they can expect.

Knowing what the HostMonster testimonials say, and knowing what other business owners who use their services have to say, is the best indication a business owner can get, when deciding which host to choose for services.

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