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August 8th, 2012

Some of the best blogging tools out there are not always the most expensive or the most popular ones. It really depends on what you are after with your blog and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. There are many great blogging tools out there and it can be very confusing when it comes to making sure you have the right ones to help you. Here are the top 3 blogging tools that you should have in your arsenal.

Blogging Tools for Autoblogging

One of the best tools you can have in your arsenal is a tool that allows you to schedule your posts or pull articles from the internet and have them automatically scheduled for you. This will save you from having to write new posts each and every single day and you can still have fresh content on your blog whenever you need it. The best part is that with an autoblogging tool it typically only takes about 15 minutes to get it all set up, then you just let it do what it does to keep the content on your blog posted regularly.

Using Blog Tools to Help with SEO

Another type of tool that you have to have in your arsenal is one that will allow you to gain the SEO advantage to help get your blog listed with the search engines. This is very important because if you do not bother with SEO you could be missing out on quite a bit of free traffic to your blog. With the right blogging tools you can make the SEO of your blog very easy and gain ranking much faster for your blog.

Another Important Blog Tool is one for Social Marketing

The last tool that you should make sure you have is one that will post your content out to many social media sites. One of these tools will actually post your content out to many top social media site, and it is called Onlywire. Another will allow your visitors to tweet your posts or post them on Facebook and share them with all their friends. These blogging tools will help you to gain exposure through viral marketing all over the internet.

Regardless of what your goals are with your blog there are tools out there to help you achieve whatever it is you are after. If you want to make money with your blog, then you should add the above three blogging tools to your arsenal to help you out.

What is Photo Blog Hosting and Why is it Important?

Many people love to take pictures and show them off to the world with photo blog hosting. This can work very well for actual photographers or for people that just want to share their life, trips, and what they have going on with the world. However, if you are going to use photo blog hosting you need to know what you are after and what it is.

Photo blog hosting is a type of hosting that will allow you to put up a blog that contains quite a few images. The problem with most types of hosting is that they can only support so much space and when you max it out with a large amount of pictures you will slow your blog down quite a bit. Have you ever gone to a website where the pictures take forever to load? That is what will happen if you don’t have enough space with your hosting.

With the right type of hosting you will not run into this issue and you will be able to use different widgets and plugins to help you put up all the pictures you want. This is a very necessary thing if you are going to be hosting quite a few images for a business or just for personal use. You want to share your pictures with the world and you need to know how to do so properly.

3 Important Things to Know About Blog Hosting

1. WordPress is your Friend

When it comes to picking a platform for hosting your pictures WordPress is hands down the best choice. They have many options to help you customize your blog with different types of themes, layouts, templates, and plugins to help you get your pictures online. Plus if you are skilled you can go in and change the code of any theme to make it fit you perfectly.

The best part about WordPress is that it is so easy to use and there are many tutorial videos and articles out there to help you learn anything you need to with it. Once you learn how to use the different parts of it once it will be very easy for you to add pictures, add content, and keep up with your blog properly.

2. Space and Bandwidth

When you choose a photo blog hosting company that uses WordPress you also need to be concerned with how much space and bandwidth you are going to be getting. There are some types of hosting that have a limit on how much space you can use and how much bandwidth you can use as well. Even the ones that say they are unlimited are not always the best options.

You need to look into shared hosting, VPS hosting, and even a dedicated server. Compare all the different options and decide on which one is going to be best for you. Every website and blog are different and if you plan to put up a large amount of pictures you are going to want enough space to host them and enough bandwidth to make sure they load fast enough.

3. Paid Hosting or Free Hosting

You have two options for using WordPress and they are to get paid hosting and host your blog on your own domain name or to use the free hosting and host your blog on the WordPress servers. There really is not much to debate here because free hosting is never a good idea, especially with pictures and paid hosting is much better.

If you were to host your blog on the WordPress servers and they decided that they wanted to take your blog down they could. Then, all your hard work and all your pictures would be gone. Plus when you use free photo blog hosting you will not have nearly as much control over your blog and you will not have nearly as much space either.

The Benefits of Paid Photo Hosting

It is much better if you choose to go with paid photo blog hosting because you will actually own what you put up. When you choose a free hosting option you could lose every bit of work you have done in an instant. This has happened to some in the past with free hosting options and you do not want to go through this.

You need to have hosting that will allow you to customize your website or blog however you want and will give you the ability to put up as many pictures as you want and need to put up. Photography is an art form and you need to own your work as well. You do not need to worry about your work being stolen and you do not need to worry about getting shut down by a free host.

Make sure you take the time to compare all the top web hosting companies that use WordPress and choose the one that is going to work best for your blog and website. This will ensure that you have the best chance of success when you have all the benefits of paid hosting for your photography.

You will get more space with your paid photo blog hosting than you will with free hosting options and you will also get more bandwidth. You can actually get hosting that will give you unlimited bandwidth and disk space, but you have to compare that with the other hosting options before you make your final decision on the type of photo blog hosting you are going to use.

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